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{{infobox mission
|支线 = y (only use this when using the template for side missions)
|过场 = y (only use this when using the template for cutscene-only "missions")
|怪咖 = y (only use this when using the template for strangers and freaks)
|caption=Vincenzo Cilli
|任务给予人=Vincenzo Cilli
|目标=Leones dealer
|maxkillcount = 5
|任务步骤={{BP}}Go to Leone dealer
{{BP}}Go to Chinatown
|地点=Atlantic Quays; St Marks; Chinatown
|任务失败因素={{BP}}Player Character Death
{{BP}}Go to Chinatown
|first=[[Leone Dealer (GTA LCS)|Unnamed Leone Dealer]]
|last=[[Leone Dealer (GTA LCS)|Unnamed Leone Dealer]]
|解锁=[[Dealing Revenge]]


Vincenzo Cilli
出现于 侠盗猎车手:自由城故事
任务给予人 Vincenzo Cilli
地点 Atlantic Quays; St Marks; Chinatown
花费 $1
目标 Leones dealer
Maximum number of enemies to kill: 5
• ­Go to Leone dealer

• ­Go to Chinatown

• ­Player Character Death

• ­Leone dealer dies

解锁 Dealing Revenge
解锁自 N/A