Saintsrow 维基


說明 密技 註釋
馬上給 cheese $100,000
Instantly adds random weapons to the player's inventory. letsrock Minus Explosive weapons.
擊斃 goldengun 不包括車輛或直升機上的機槍。
無限耐力 runfast 也可以利用升級獲取此能力
車輛永遠不會損壞 vroom style="width: 150px; "
修理當前駕駛車輛 repaircar
增加尊敬和錢($100,000) whatitmeanstome
增加通緝 pissoffpigs
移除所有警察通緝 goodygoody
增加幫派通緝 lolz
移除所有幫派通緝 oops



Ambulance(救護車) giveambulance
Anchor(新聞車) giveanchor
Attrazione giveattrazione
Bootlegger givebootlegger
ChallengerSNG的坦克) givechallenger
Commander givecommander
Condor(STAG運兵機) givecondor
Eagle giveeagle
Estrada giveestrada
F-69 VTOL(STAG垂直起降戰鬥機) givevtol
Gatmobile givegatmobile
Justice givejustice
Kaneda givekaneda
Kenshin(警用摩托) givekenshin
Knoxville giveknoxville
Miami(船) givemiami
Municipal(垃圾車) givemunicipal
N-Forcer givenforcer
Peacemaker(警車) givepeacemaker
Phoenix() givephoenix
Reaper givereaper
Sandstorm givesandstorm
Shark(小型摩托艇) giveshark
Specter(STAG小型垂直起降戰鬥機) givespecter
Quasar givequasar
Status Quo(加長林肯) givestatusquo
Taxi(計程車) givetaxi
Titan givetitan
Toad givetoad
Tornado(武裝直升機,跟踪導彈) givetornado
Vortex givevortex
Vulture(大型武裝直升機,導彈沒有鎖定目標導航的功能) givevulture
Widowmaker givewidowmaker
Woodpecker givewoodpecker


45 Shepherd givesheperd
Apoca-Fist giveapoca
AR-55 givear55
AS3 Ultimax giveultimax
Baseball Bat(球棒) givebaseball
Chainsaw(電鋸) givechainsaw
Cyber Blaster givecybersmg
Cyber Buster givecyber
D4TH Blossom giveblossom
Electric Grenades giveelectric
Flashbang() giveflashbang
Gravedigger givedigger
Grenades(手榴彈) givegrenade
Incinerator giveflamethrower
K-8 Krukov givekrukov
KA-1 Kobra givekobra
GL G20 givelauncher
McManus 2015(狙擊槍) givesniper
Mini-Gun() giveminigun
Molotov Cocktail(燃燒彈) givemolotov
Nocturne givesword
RC Possessor(載具控制器) givercgun
Reaper Drone givedrone
Riot Shield giveshield
RPG Launcher(追縱式火箭筒) giverpg
S3X Hammer givehammer
SA-3 Airstrike giveairstrike
Satchel Charge(黏性炸彈) givesatchel
Shock Hammer() giverocket
Sonic Boom(音波槍) givesonic
Stun Gun() givestungun
TEK Z-10 givetek
The Penetrator givedildo
Viper Laser Rifle(雷射步槍) giveslm8


晴天 clearskies
陰天 overcast
小雨 lightrain
大雨 heavyrain


Bloody Mess (Bodies explode upon taking damage. Instant kill. Essentially, a gorier version of the 'goldenguns' cheat.) notrated
路人死後上天堂 fryhole
Vehicle Smash (Vehicles are crushed like a tin can on collision. Similar to the Challenger/Crusader's effect of driving over cars.) isquishyou
路人全部喝醉 dui
滿街吉祥物 mascot 請注意,這個代碼可以讓玩家完成的吉祥物殺害“輕鬆挑戰。
滿街妓女和皮條客 hohoho
滿街殭屍 brains Despawns other vehicles. You can see other vehicles in the distance but as you get close they'll disappear.

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