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Zombie Uprising completion screen

Zombie Uprising is a Minigame Diversion in Saints Row 2.


Gameplay from the Diversion.

It can be started by using the Television in any Crib, and at arcade machines in several bars and clubs around Stilwater, but the game cannot be played at those locations before unlocking the Red Light Loft.

The objective is to kill 345 zombies. There are 6 Waves, in each round the number of zombies to kill is indicated by a number on the HUD.


There are 4 female survivors alongside the player, who act independently and sometimes attack zombies.

They are periodically downed, with a notification to save them as with Homies. Rescuing them does not change the outcome of the game, as they are relatively weak, but they do provide a distraction for the zombies. Rescuing them uses 1 Food item.

They respawn at the start of each round, and are armed with a Knife, Baseball Bat, Machete, and Crowbar. They drop their weapon when grabbed by zombies and cannot pick up other weapons.


Gameplay from the Diversion.

Zombies grab, and bite, causing a large amount of damage, and are only escapable via Quick Time Event.

There are several different types of zombies.

Regular Zombies
They bite, hit and can run or walk. Main type of zombie, present at all levels. There are 3 types, 2 male and 1 female.
Large Zombies
Massive Headless Zombies who appear in Wave 2. Tougher than regular Zombies, they cannot be killed with a headshot, but also cannot bite. Their head is not fully severed, and is hanging down their back, but shooting it has no effect.
Flaming Zombies
Running Regular Zombies who are permanently on fire who appear in Wave 3. They can not die from the flames, but can set other Zombies alight, killing them.
Exploding Zombies
Small female zombies who appear in Wave 4. These fast Zombies explode when they get too close to survivors or the player. If exploding zombies are set alight or shot, they explode.


Wave Count Notes
1 10 Normal zombies only
2 20 Large Zombies added
3 40 Flaming Zombies added
4 65 Exploding Zombies added
5 90
6 120



Zombie Uprising can be played using the Television in every Crib, as well as various locations around Stilwater.

Zombie Uprising arcade machines
Pretzel machines

There are 3 Pretzel machines with an attached Zombie Uprising trigger. Shooting the Pretzel machines disables the trigger. These are the only known locations of pretzel machines.


If the Zombie Uprising machine, Television, or Pretzel machine are destroyed, the Zombie Uprising prompt is unavailable until those items reset.

All locations are controlled by the "Arcade" level object, changing the "zombie" flag for this object affects all prompts.

All locations with a "Press X to start Zombie Uprising" prompt have a tubular distortion in the air, including all machines, or Pretzel machines, and both TVs.[3][4] This distortion is also present at all Poker and Blackjack locations. The distortion itself comes from whatever the first entry is in effects.xtbl, which by default is "minigun_barrel", which is the rotating barrel effect for the Mini-Gun. The effect is attached to the trigger, rather than the object itself, as removing the "zombie", "poker", or "blackjack" flags from those objects removes the effect.

Distortion at location without machine


  • In the Dungeons
  • Lucifer
  • Return Of The Zombies
  • Voice Of Darkness


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Name Location Uses Notes
Chainsaw Right of start. 10 Can only be used on Normal Zombies.
Baseball Bat Left of start. Dropped. 15 Used by survivors.
Crowbar Right of start. Dropped. 10
Machete Dropped.
Sledgehammer Left of start.
Knife Used by survivors only. 10
NR4 Right of start. 114
VICE 9 Dropped.
T3K Urban Right of start. 120
Tombstone Left of start.
K6 Krukov Right of start.
Mini-Gun Right balcony.
Flamethrower Right back room in the building accessed by the forward stairs.
Hand Grenade Dropped 2


Main article: Tips

  • Collect all weapons immediately.
  • There is limited ammunition available, and melee weapons break after several uses.
  • Both flaming zombies and the player character can set zombies on fire.
  • The stairs can be used as a bottleneck.
  • Zombies can not climb.
    • Jump on a grass patch with a wall in front of it.
    • The area that is on the left of the stairs has 4 or 5 ledges.
    • The fountain is filled with damaging toxic acid, but the center of the fountain has a safe area.
    • To the right of the stairs are ledges the zombies cannot reach. When standing on the third ledge and close enough to the railing, the zombies swarm on the stairs in a pack. They are close together that a flaming zombie burns all the other zombies.
  • Activating cheats before entering the game causes them to be active while playing Zombie Uprising.


  • The setting for the game is Old Stilwater, an area which can be explored outside of the Zombie Uprising game.
  • Regardless of Playa's gender in the main game, the character in Zombie Uprising is always a white male biker, named "Zombiekiller".
    • In Co-op, the second player is named "Zombiekiller_female", however, this character is defined as a hispanic male Biker who uses the Ronin melee style.
  • Taunts and Compliments can still be used, and use the selected voice.
  • The achievement is named after George A. Romero, famous for his zombie movies.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, there are Zombie Uprising 2 arcade machines inside the Broken Shillelagh, but they cannot be used. They can sometimes be found next to Saints Row 3 arcade machines. These models are re-used in Saints Row IV.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the zombie models are used as mannequins in Let's Pretend.
  • The fire-proof effect from Playa wearing the "Fire Fighter Suit" outfit is active during Zombie Uprising, although the Zombie Uprising character does not wear it.
  • It is possible to exit Zombie Uprising using a Mission Exit Glitch by repeatedly Pausing while quitting the activity. There are two benefits of this glitch: a shortcut to Old Stilwater, and all weapons are automatically removed, leaving Playa unarmed.[5]
    • After exiting, if Zombie Uprising is then started again, exiting Zombie Uprising takes Playa back to the previous location and restores all weapons.
    • Getting Smoked after glitching out of Zombie Uprising does not trigger a Smoked screen, and the game must be saved and reloaded to continue.[6]
  • Zombie Uprising is the only Diversion with an end-screen, which are normally used only for Activities.
  • The persona file lists personas for 6 female and 6 male survivors, but there are only 4 female survivors defined in the activity files.


  • It is possible to escape Old Stilwater during Zombie Uprising.
  1. Enable the Low Gravity cheat.
  2. Kill Zombies until one drops Hand Grenades.
  3. Jump on top of the fountain, and across on top of the hotel entrance.
  4. Stand in the corner of the hotel sign, facing the corner.
  5. Throw 2 grenades into the corner, and jump to be launched above the roof.
  6. Walk around and fall off the roof and through the map.


End screen background for Zombie Uprising



Merhman's Zombie Uprising prompt