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Zombie Gat
Zombie Gat face closeup
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Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV







Zombie Gat is a character in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Zombie Gat - sniper zoom on face

Johnny Gat is Unlocked as a Zombie by completing the game.[1] Unlike other Zombie Homies,[2] Gat is not unlocked after calling Eye for an Eye. Like the previous Zombie Homies, he arrives in a Reaper when called up.

All enemies/pedestrians die instantly from a Zombie Gat punch. Zombie Gat does not discriminate between fighting Zombies or Humans.

Zombie Gat is featured in a cutscene in Saints Row IV, where he attempts to attack Shaundi while she is grieving over Gat in her Simulation.[3]


  • Zombie Gat's injuries, for the most part, reflect on his state during death, as there is blood on his shirt, being shot at by several of Loren's henchmen.
  • Despite having a unique zombie icon in the cell phone, he uses a non-zombie icon when recruited as a Homie.
  • Zombie Gat is not invincible and sometimes gets killed if he takes a lot of damage. He has 20000 hitpoints, and is second in hitpoints to Professor Genki, who has 32768 hitpoints.
  • Scott Phillips confirmed that Johnny Gat was killed.[4]
    • In Saints Row IV, Gat's death is retconned and Zombie Gat is featured in Shaundi's nightmare simulation.[3]
  • Zombie Gat is one of three homies who are resurrected as Zombies in the Saints Row series, the other two being Zombie Lin and Zombie Carlos.
    • Out of all of the three zombie homies, Zombie Gat looks and acts the most human, though he does have qualities synonymous to Zombie Carlos and Zombie Lin.
    • He walks like a normal human, as does Zombie Carlos.
    • He doesn't normally use any weapons, like Zombie Lin, who uses her own arm as a blunt object. Although, he still uses vehicle weapons.
    • Unlike Zombie Lin and Zombie Carlos, Zombie Gat occasionally says coherent words.
  • When Zombie Gat is a Homie, a disembodied voice occasionally pleads for cover fire.
  • It is rarely possible for Zombie Gat to pick up a weapon and use it. With a weapon he is basically a homie of Johnny Gat, albeit with a zombie appearance.
  • Unlike Zombie Lin and Zombie Carlos, Zombie Gat will attack anyone he sees and doesn't need to be provoked.
  • There is an alternate version of a dead Gat in Saints Row IV which has his chest open, and has the same bloodstained jeans as Zombie Gat.


  • Zombie Gat - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • The unlock screen for "Zombie Gat"
  • Zombie Gat needs to be revived
  • Zombie Gat as a Homie
  • Zombie Gat - closeup of face
  • Zombie Gat's Jacket
  • Zombie Gat close-up
  • Zombie Gat promo image
  • Zombie Gat in the cellphone
  • Zombie Gat in Saints Row: The third
  • Shaundi attacking Zombie Gat in Saints Row IV
  • Johnny Gat - zombie - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Johnny Gat - zombie gat - m03 with closed mouth - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Johnny Gat - dead - character model in Saints Row IV

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