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Zinyak Attack Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


He may not be the prettiest galactic overlord but he's your galactic overlord. Honor the glory of Emperor Zinyak by donning one of three Zin outfits: the trooper, the Warden, or even the magnificent cranial ridge and flowing cape of Zinyak himself.
— Description of the Content[1]

The pack comes with Zin based costumes. Included in this pack are:

  • Two Zin Soldier Outfits. The pale milky coloured one is a male Zin, and the pink coloured one is a female Zin.
  • A Warden Outfit.
  • Zinyak costume. The Zinyak mask and body can be worn separately.


  • There are no female Zin in the game, although 2 Zin soldiers talk about their wives.[2]


Universe DLC pack UI

Zinyak Attack Pack unlocked

Zinyak Attack Pack Cover

Zinyak Attack Pack promo

Zinyak Attack Pack promo - riding bikes

Playa dressed as a Warden in the White Crib

Playa dressed as a Zin Soldier

Playa dressed as a Zin Soldier with a real Zin Soldier beside them

Playa dressed as a Warden

Playa dressed as Zinyak


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