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Zinyak is the main antagonist of Saints Row IV and the secondary antagonist of Enter the Dominatrix.

Humanity is dead, my friend. The time has come for you to follow suit.
— Zinyak, during his final showdown with Playa.[7]


Zinyak is an extraterrestrial warlord and the leader of the alien race known as the Zin. Serving as the main antagonist of Saints Row IV, he invades the Earth and kidnaps Playa,[4] who is now the President of the United States, and puts them into a simulation of Steelport.[8][9]

The supreme alien commander speaks with an upper class English accent and is described as being a fan of literature.[10] Indeed, he states in his Text Adventures that it was his love for literature that inspired him and ultimately lead him to Earth. He makes several references to this throughout the game: he can be heard reading the entire first chapter of Pride and Prejudice;[11] he quotes an entire passage of Macbeth,[12] and later in the mission the text adventure consists of several elements of Edgar Allan Poe's works; he compares his final confrontation with Playa to that of Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet; and in a post-credits scene, Zinjai reveals that Zinyak used time travel to "build a menagerie of his favorite humans" before destroying Earth, and among them abducted English novelist Jane Austen (who serves as the game's narrator).


Saints Row IV[]

Zinyak abducts Shaundi.

Zinyak is first introduced when he and his Empire begin their attack on Earth. He comes in through the ceiling of the presidents press conference and abducts Kinzie Kensington and then Shaundi before disappearing.[13] He also appears later in the destroyed gunship where he fights Playa and eventually triumphs over them. After Playa is defeated, Zinyak puts them and all their friends into their own virtual simulations based on their worst fears.[4]

Once Playa begins to openly defy their simulation based on pleasantry and order, Zinyak takes notice. He remarks that he should've known that a "prison of peace could never hold a sociopath" like Playa, who insists that they're a "puckish rogue". He then throws Playa into a Zin-dominated version of Steelport, threatening to destroy the Earth if they attempt to escape.[8] Later, when Playa escapes, Zinyak carries out his threat and Earth is utterly destroyed. But this only hardens Playa, who goes back into the simulation to rescue the other Saints and then get revenge by killing Zinyak.[14]

Zinyak talks to Playa throughout the game[12] telling them that they will fail and that fighting will cause the extinction of the human race in an effort to discourage them and break their will.

Zinyak putting Keith back into his simulation for breaking the deal they made.

After all the Saints have been rescued (including (to everyone's surprise) Johnny Gat[15]) Zinyak contacts Keith David and manages to convince him to turn against the Saints with the promise that in exchange, Earth will be restored. However, when Keith bears witness to Playa being brutalized by two Zin, he has a change of heart and saves his friend, only to be put back into his own simulation moments later by Zinyak.[16]

After saving Kinzie,[17] the Saints eventually succeed in completely disrupting The Simulation.[18][19] They then proceed to fight their way through Zinyak's ship.[20] After donning a suit of Zin power armor which can replicate their Super Powers from the simulation, Playa makes a dramatic entrance into Zinyak's throne room and insists that they're still going to "rip his goddamn head off".[21]

Zinyak prepares to fight Playa.

Broadcasting to the entire Zin Empire so that his subjects could watch their leader extinguish humanity's last hope, Zinyak calls upon his own giant Mech Suit to fight Playa. However, he quickly resorts to a more cowardly tactic once his suit starts taking considerable damage; retreating behind a force field and relying on explosive C.I.D.s to cover him.[21]

Not willing to give in, Playa uses Telekinesis to throw the C.I.D.s through the shield and back at Zinyak, causing even more extensive damage to his mech. Realizing that the situation was beginning to look bad for him, Zinyak summons his minions to wear down Playa, but the other Saints quickly arrive on Xors to back their leader up by distracting the Zin reinforcements.[21]

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Playa proceeds to destroy Zinyak's protective shield, followed by his mech; leaving him completely exposed and vulnerable; true to his word, Playa moves in to try and decapitate Zinyak with his own hands. Even as the Saints leader is in the process of removing Zinyak's head from his body, he defiantly claims that his minions would avenge his death and exterminate humanity for good; at which point, his head is ripped off, spinal cord included. Impressed by this feat, the whole of the Zin Empire bows down before Playa, who then assumes control of the Zin Invasion Fleet as its new emperor and supreme commander.[21]

Assuming all of the Saints' Loyalty missions have been completed, it is revealed by Zinjai, Zinyak's second-in command, that Zinyak told Keith a half-truth; the Zin do not possess the means to restore Earth but they do have time travel technology that could enable the Saints to revisit Earth before its destruction. Zinjai then shows Playa the many humans in stasis Zinyak had collected from across history, including his favorite author, Jane Austen.[21]

Enter the Dominatrix[]

Of course originally they just booked me for a guest appearance, but I just chewed up the scenery so much they had to keep me. Of course I DID have to insist on several changes...well for instance in ETD - that's short for Enter the Dominatrix - the Zin arrived with much fanfare, assaulting the city of Steelport...
— Zinyak talking about Enter the Dominatrix

Zinyak does an interview for Jane Valderamma on the The Ship Crib concerning the cut DLC Enter the Dominatrix in the style of a mockumentary. He compliments his performance, stating that he was kept on because he had "chewed up the scenery".[22]

Zinyak about to be executed by Playa.

In an alternative timeline to Saints Row IV, Zinyak launches an attack on Steelport with his Zin forces. Playa later confronts Zinyak at where the Syndicate Tower once stood. Despite his long health bar, it only takes one shot to bring Zinyak to his knees. Playa then beats up Zinyak, and shoots him in the head, killing him, while Zinyak complains throughout the scene's commentary track. After his death an AI known as The Dominatrix takes control of the Zin, and places the Saints into a virtual simulation of Steelport.[23]


  • As noted in the official description,[Reference needed] he was originally to appear in a standalone expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third titled Enter the Dominatrix. However it was cancelled and merged with Saints Row IV instead. In the same official description, "alien warlord" Zinyak is noted as having "eyed Earth and its precious natural resources and females [...] for centuries".
  • He is the first non-human antagonist in the Saints Row series.
  • In real-life, Volition[24] has a Zinyak Twitter account, which posts in-character as Zinyak.[5]
  • Zinyak is the host of Klassic 102.4 in Saints Row IV, often speaking of his own morality, reading the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice, and reciting Romeo and Juliet with Jane Valderama. He still hosts the radio station even after his death.
  • Even though he dies in the final mission of Saints Row IV,[21] during the curtain call, Zinyak appears and does "the worm".
  • Zinyak's name is spelled Zin-Yak on TV screens.[25][26][27][28]
  • The manner in which Playa kills Zinyak is likely a reference to the Predator series, in which the titular Predator aliens remove the spines and skulls of their prey to be used as trophies.
    • It could also be a reference to the Mortal Kombat games, wherein the character Sub-Zero kills his opponent in such a fashion in one of his Fatalities.
  • There is an outfit of Zinyak in the Zinyak Attack Pack (which consists of his head and body).
  • In a way he can be considered as an "evil counterpart" to both Playa and Matt Miller with the former starting out as a nobody before rising to the top of ruling an empire and the latter for trying to imprison Playa's mind inside a virtual world that would render them brain dead and leave their body to rot.
  • In the second DLC for Saints Row IV, How the Saints Save Christmas, an achievement can be unlocked called "He's Still on the Naughty List" which requires Playa to fire presents at the Zinyak statue on Magarac Island and into his giant hand.[29]
  • At one point during Pierce's Loyalty mission,[30] Playa and Pierce are driving, singing along to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend", when Zinyak hijacks the radio signal, and starts singing along in a deep opera voice to the dismay of Playa and Pierce. Zinyak calls them Philistines.
  • Zinyak is featured under Z in The ABCs of Saints Row.[31]
  • Because of the modding patch Zinyak's head is stuck to Playa's hand even in the dancing scene.
  • Zinyak speaks with a British accent.


Why hello, Mr. President.
— Zinyak, during the "Meet the President" trailer.[32]

Ladies and gentlemen this is not a time for fear, but a time for celebration. Today, the best and brightest among you will find salvation within the Zin Empire.
— Zinyak, addressing the people of Earth in "The Saints Wing"

My friends, each of you are guilty of crimes against the Zin Empire, but today is your lucky day? today you get to be a part of a new work release program? Swear your fealty, and I will empower you to be wardens of simulation 31. You will have one purpose: Torment the President of the United States.
— Zinyak, releasing the Wardens upon the simulation.[8]

A reminder to all my subjects: Anyone who refers to Toccata and Fugue in D minor as "The Dracula Song" will be executed.
— Zinyak on 102.4 Klassic FM before the song plays.

Before you I place a choice. Walk through the blue door and continue to face yet more failures at saving those closest to you. Your race will live on borrowed time and will, through your violent arrogance, wind up extinct. Walk through the red door, however, and I will release the humans whom I have collected. I will give them amnesty and even a ship from my fleet to do with as they see fit. However, in choosing this door, you will willingly submit yourself to execution. This is the moment where you can prove to be the savior of humanity, or its absolute destroyer.
— Zinyak, goading Playa during "Miller-Space".

This is your life as it led you to this point. All your past violence, crimes, and losses on display to remind you of one simple fact: Regardless of what I have done to your world, YOU were its greatest threat. The evidence is irrefutable. How many have died because you decide driving on the sidewalk is faster than the road, because you used a rocket in place of a bullet, because you wouldn't submit to MY rule? In the end you only hurt those you are trying to protect. In the end, there is only one truth. The human race would be much safer without you in it.
— Zinyak, criticizing the player's actions by way of Playa during "Miller-Space".

Zinyak laughs
Zinyak: "Look at you... Mercutio to my Tybalt..."
Playa: "Don't be too excited, Tybalt dies at the end."
Zinyak: "I'm surprised you knew that."
Playa: "I didn't, Kinzie told me over the radio."
Zinyak sighs
Zinyak: "Well, at least you're honest."
Playa: "Always. That way you know I'm not lying when I say I'm gonna to rip your goddamn head off."
— Zinyak and Playa, during their final confrontation in "Grand Finale Part Four".
To paraphrase the writer William Shakespeare; all that lives must die, even a Saint.
— Zinyak, quoting Hamlet during "Grand Finale Part Four".


Supreme Overlord Zinyak and Saints Row IV website promo with description

Zinayk close up

Zinyak in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV

Zinyak giving a broadcast from Saints Row IV "War for Humanity" Trailer

Zinyak in the second mission of Saints Row IV, "The Saints Wing"

Zinyak creates The Simulation

Zinyak looking at a holographic Zin ship over Steelport

Zinyak addresses the Wardens

The Wardens pledge their loyalty to Zinyak

Zinyak in Johnny Gat's flashback. Which occurs during the events of "I'm Free - Free Falling"

Zinyak recaptures Kinzie in "When a Plan Comes Together"

Zinyak on his throne with Zinjai in the background

Zinyak's mech suit

Zinyak, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Grand Finale Part Four - Zinyak after dancing

Zinyak, commenting to Jane Valderamma about his role in Enter the Dominatrix

Zinyak in ETD

Unlocked achievement for delivering presents to the Zinyak statue in How the Saints Save Christmas

Zinyak is featured under Z in The ABCs of Saints Row

T-shirt "I Love Zinyak"

Unused Zinyak homie head

Zinyak - warden stance - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak - wardenCS with different body - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak - compressed - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak - wardenplane - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak DLC - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak mech front - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak mech left - character model in Saints Row IV

Zinyak mech rear - character model in Saints Row IV


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