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Grand Finale Zinjai
Zinjai in Saints Row IV.[1]
Appears in

Saints Row IV
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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Zin Empire
3rd Street Saints Post-SRIV



Voiced by

Mark Allen Stuart[4]

Zinjai is a character in Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[5]

Excellency, I'm Zinjai, your personal steward.
Zinjai Grand Finale
— Zinjai, introducing himself to Playa following Zinyak's ultimate defeat.[1]


In Saints Row IV, Zinjai is a Zin who serves as lieutenant and servant for the game's antagonist, Zinyak. He is initially introduced in the collectible Text Adventures, and ultimately makes a physical, if brief, appearance at the very end of the game, during Playa's final confrontation with Zinyak. Following the battle, Zinjai appears again during both the ending and a post-credits scene should the player have completed all Loyalty Missions.

Under Zinyak's command, Zinjai builds the Simulation: "a vast interconnected web of simulated worlds designed not only to contain the best and brightest in the universe but to break their wills and make them subservient to [Zinyak]";[3] as such, he is responsible for Virtual Steelport (otherwise known as Simulation 31) and the various other simulations tailored to each of the Saints' personal fears. After Zinyak cruelly tests Zinjai in his own creation to see whether it works, Zinyak then proceeds with "culling the universe of its [...] cultures", culminating with Earth.[6]

In the game's ending, Zinjai assumes the role of Playa's servant and reveals Zinyak's time travel capabilities, giving the Saints a chance to visit Earth before its destruction.[7] Furthermore, he discloses that Zinyak was a long-time collector of his favorite humans; while traveling through the Mothership, Playa and Zinjai come across and release Jane Austen.[8]

Physically, despite being described by Zinyak as a "plucky young soldier",[3] Zinjai appears timid and frail and lacks the bulky frame of his fellow Zin; he constantly has his hands clasped together, his back slightly arched, and his head lowered; this is a common visual trope used to highlight a subservient role.


Saints Row IVEdit

Zinjai originated from Zinburgh, and at just three years old, he faced his brother in a duel to the death; Zinyak notes that duels to the death are used in some cultures as greetings.[3]

I was not about to appoint someone as my military surrogate and manservant who was unable to appreciate propriety and tradition. I knew that if anyone were to even attempt to fill my proverbial boots that they had to be able to do so in any conceivable situation. So it was I constructed a battery of examinations designed to test his etiquette across all manner of occasion. They really were brilliant, if I do say so myself.
— Zinyak, during "Chapter 8: The Great Zin Expansion" of his Text Adventure.

While in charge of the military, Zinyak decides he needs a second-in-command – "someone who could be my eyes and ears and also tend to my every whim without question" – and he finds that characteristic in Zinjai: a "plucky young soldier [...] who stood cranial crown and shoulders above the rest". Zinyak puts Zinjai through a quiz to determine his understanding of basic etiquette, and he passes the test in spectacular fashion. After formally naming Zinjai as his "lieutenant/servant", Zinyak sets about "culling the universe of its weakest cultures first", starting with the Kjoertnerfer Tribes of Central Alspazia.[3]

I tasked Zinjai with overseeing the Simulation's construction [...] Zinjai was not eager to partake in the Simulation but after a brief, though intensely painful, discussion, he saw the benefits of the architect being the first to walk into his own building [...] For hours, I heard Zinjai's screams echo throughout the ship, like the mellifluous song of a child in mourning, and I knew then that the Simulation was my raison d'être.
— Zinyak, during "Chapter 8: My Defining Moment" of his Text Adventure.

Becoming increasingly disappointed with simply destroying other cultures, Zinyak tasks Zinjai with building the Simulation, designed to contain what Zinyak deems the "best and brightest in the universe" and to break their wills and make them subservient to him. Around this time, Zinyak kills the Galactic Overlord and Head Emperor Supreme of the Zin Empire and assumes the title for himself.[6]

Zinjai behind Zinyak in unknown mission in the Grand Finale quest

Zinjai stands behind Zinyak's throne as the latter converses with Playa.[1]

To test the Simulation, Zinyak forces Zinjai to experience it himself; after several hours of hearing his screams echo through the ship, Zinyak releases Zinjai, who gives his "most whole-hearted approval" towards it. When asked about Zinjai's personal nightmare, Zinyak states, "To be honest, Zinjai didn't tell me what his deepest fear was and I didn't press the matter", instead content to have the Simulation: his reason for existence.[6]

Following the destruction of Earth, Zinyak has Zinjai make sure that the entire Zin Empire is watching his final showdown with Playa.[9]

So do I get a manservant or what?
— Playa, upon defeating Zinyak and claiming the throne of the Zin Empire.[1]

Grand Finale - Playa and Zinjai look at Jane Austen

Zinjai shows Playa Zinyak's collection of favored humans that he abducted throughout history, including Jane Austen.[8]

When Playa defeats Zinyak, Zinjai announces himself as their personal steward and answers their questions regarding the restoration of Earth; Zinjai explains that while the atomization of Earth cannot be undone, time travel would allow the Saints to see the planet again before its destruction. He further mentions that Zinyak "made it a point to go back and build a menagerie of his favorite humans",[7] one of them being Jane Austen, who Playa and Zinjai find and release once "the novelty of shaping history [wears] off".[8]

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

Zinjai contributes to Kinzie's birthday party by baking a cake. He soon helps Asha Odekar spin CID for pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and giggles when the blindfolded robot bumps into the board. Subsequently, Zinjai is stunned to witness Playa being sucked through a portal into Hell.


  • In "Grand Finale", Zinjai is present when Zinyak asks him if the empire is watching; he takes Zinyak's goblet and returns to his position behind Zinyak's throne. However, after a few cuts show the Zin and the Saints watching on computer terminals from afar, the scene then shows the throne collapsing into the floor and Zinjai has completely disappeared.


Zinyak: "You're adorable. Zinjai!"
Zinjai: "Yes, your excellency?"
Zinyak: "Is the empire watching?"
Zinjai: "Of course, your excellency."
Zinyak and Zinjai, during Zinyak's final confrontation with Playa.[1]

Playa: "So do I get a manservant or what?"
Zinjai: "Excellency, I'm Zinjai, your personal steward."
Playa: "Alright ZJ, I need you to level with me. How technologically advanced are the Zin?"
Zinjai: "In our experience we are the most advanced culture in the known universe."
Playa: "Zinyak told a friend of mine that he could restore Earth, was he lying?"
Zinjai: "A half truth, your Excellency. Earth has been atomized, there is no undoing that. However, time travel would allow you to see Earth again before it's destruction."
Playa: "Whoa, whoa, whoa... Time travel?"
Zinjai: "Zinyak was fascinated with Earth culture, he made it a point to go back and build a menagerie of his favorite humans."
Pierce: "Don't tease me your Excellency."
Playa: "Let's go on a field trip."
— Playa and Zinjai, following Zinyak's defeat.[1]

Narrator: "When the novelty of shaping history wore off, the Saints remembered the words of Zinjai..."
Playa: "Is this all of them?"
Zinjai: "It's hard to say, Your Excellency. Zinyak was a long time collector."
Narrator: "...and that my friends, is how I first met the Saints."
— Playa and Zinjai release Jane Austen from Zinyak's captivity.[8]


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