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"Zero Saints Thirty" is the first mission in Saints Row IV.

Cyrus is ready to launch a nuke at Washington. We need to take him out.
— Quest description


Sometime after the "Save Shaundi" ending of Saints Row: The Third, Playa, Pierce and Shaundi travel to meet the MI6 agent, Asha Odekar, and assassinate Cyrus Temple, ex-commander of STAG, who is now a terrorist and plans to destroy Washington using a nuke.

Fighting through the numerous amounts of terrorists inside, killing Cyrus and disabling the warhead in mid-air, Playa lands in the White Crib via the roof, becoming the new President of the United States.

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Zero Saints Thirty - go to Comm Room objective.png

This mission automatically starts upon starting a new game. It is not possible to exit this mission, only to restart it.

The mission begins with a scripted sequence of the characters avoiding a truck.

Follow Asha
Checkpoint "Enter Compound"

After the player is given control of Playa, the group moves down the corridor following the truck and come across a terrorist urinating.

Execute terrorist

Asha executes one terrorist with a Knife, leaving the other for Playa while Pierce and Shaundi wait behind.

To complete this objective, the terrorist must be executed with a Melee knife attack without being alerted.

If either terrorist is alerted, the objective is skipped.

If not killed or alerted, the terrorist encountered urinates indefinitely.[2]

Kill terrorists

Once the first terrorist is either killed or alerted, another walks into the room and can be killed using a Knife Melee attack or with the Spec Ops SMG. Asha kills terrorists if they approach or attack her.

Go to Comm Room

Once both terrorists are dead, Asha approaches a console and opens a pair of large blast doors, which Matt Miller says should be near the missile. At this point, Pierce and Shaundi rejoin the group. Terrorists open fire on the group, near explosive barrels which can be targeted to defeat them quickly. Alternately, Shaundi, Pierce, and Asha can take them out.

It is possible to simply run to the blue marker, ignoring enemies.

Either way, the objective is then to advance forward through several waypoints, with more terrorists along the way.

Checkpoint "Go to Comm Room"

At the second waypoint, there is a Checkpoint. The corridor shakes and it is revealed the compound is being bombed.

While approaching the fourth waypoint, an explosion takes place further down the corridor, throwing Playa backwards, and collapsing the corridor.

Pierce opens a door to the side which leads to a room with more terrorists, and he kicks one.

Checkpoint "Fork in Road"

At the sixth waypoint, there is another Checkpoint. Asha tells the group to split up, taking Pierce over some rubble to the right while Playa and Shaundi going left through a door with an alien hand logo.

The seventh and final waypoint is located past a large room containing another group of terrorists, who can again be sprinted past without killing them. The waypoint is located up the stairs and along a platform.

Get in Position

Pierce and Asha are waiting alongside two doorways, and there is a marker beside Pierce's door.

Breach Door
Checkpoint "Breach the Door"

After entering the marker, Playa takes position alongside the door, and there is no alternative but to press the Action button.

Kill terrorists

After kicking down the door, Cyrus runs out of the door at the rear of the room. Time slows down and the viewpoint switches to Fine Aim, as 4 terrorists open fire. The 4 marked terrorists must be killed to complete this objective, but Playa is not required to kill them. There is a 5th terrorist sitting down listening to music who is not marked, and does not need to be killed. If left alive, he continues listening to music and does not react.

The time slow-down also affects the menu animations and glitch-effects.

Chase Cyrus

After opening the rear door, a terrorist knocks Playa to the ground, and Asha takes him out. She then helps Playa up.

Checkpoint "Kill Cyrus"

The waypoint is located along a walkway. After entering it, there is a scripted sequence where Playa runs along the walkway and jumps off onto Cyrus below.

Playa drops their weapon upon landing, and Cyrus kicks Playa in the face. Playa then grabs Cyrus and there is an optional quick time event to press the Jump button to slam Cyrus' head into the floor. Whether or not this is done, Cyrus elbows Playa, then pulls out a knife. Playa dodges the Knife several times, grabs Cyrus' arm, then Cyrus headbutts him and stabs him with the Knife.

There is a quick time event to press the Action button. There is no on-screen indication of how many times the button must be pressed, or any on-screen feedback when the button is pressed. If it is pressed fewer than 5 times, Cyrus stabs Playa in the head, then idles in the same pose while Playa's body flashes blue. If it is pressed more than 5 times, there is another scripted fight sequence.

Both Cyrus and Playa grab guns and there is a quick time event to press the Fire button. If it is not pressed, Cyrus shoots Playa in the head then idles in the same pose. If it is pressed once, Playa shoots Cyrus and sends him flying into a vat of red bubbling liquid, which turns blue without explanation. Cyrus' hand emerges holding a button, which he then presses.

Get to missile silo
Checkpoint "Jump on Rocket"

After Cyrus dies, it is immediately revealed that Cyrus launched a nuke. Asha, Pierce, and Shaundi continue to stand up on the walkway at the location of the previous checkpoint. After walking towards the silo, Kinzie realised the nuke is targeting Washington D.C., and assumes that Playa is going to jumps on it as it takes off.

There is no timer, and not going to the missilo silo results in the music looping indefinitely.

After reaching the second waypoint at the missile silo, Playa jumps onto the launching nuke.

Climb Rocket
Checkpoint "Climb Rocket"

A series of quick time events are displayed in order to climb and up the nuke, dodge falling debris and sabotage it.

  • Shaundi immediately says goodbye without pressing any buttons.
  • After climbing up part way, there is an optional prompt to press the Jump button to dodge debris.
  • After dodging or being hit by the debris, Kinzie says goodbye.
  • After climbing some more, there are optional prompts to press the Action button to open a panel and Fire to rip out wires. Whether or not the buttons are pressed, Playa does so, Pierce says goodbye, and there is a prompt to press the Jump button to jump past the open panel.
  • After climbing some more, there is another piece of falling debris, with optional prompt, and Matt says goodbye.
  • After climbing some more, there is another panel to open, with optional prompts, and Asha says goodbye.
  • After this, Kinzie says the warhead is disabled, and there is a prompt to press the Jump button to jump off the missile.

After pressing the button, Playa jumps off, the nuke explodes in the background, and Playa does a thumbs up towards the screen.

The title screen of Saints Row IV plays, then Playa crashes through the roof of the Oval office and lands in the president's chair, and the mission completion screen plays.

After the mission completion screen, Player Customization begins, with an autosave before the next mission, "The Saints Wing".


It is possible to fail the mission by getting Smoked[3], or with a special "Cyrus killed you!" failure message after being killed by Cyrus.[4]



  • The title "Zero Saints Thirty" is an allusion to the film Zero Dark Thirty, which involves al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. The character models for terrorists in this mission are named "Al Qaeda Militia",[5] and there is an unused voice in the game files labelled "Osama bin Laden",[6] the "Kill Cyrus" checkpoint is also internally referenced as "Kill Osama",[7] and there are multiple unused subtitles talking about killing Osama,[8][9] indicating that the antagonist in this mission was originally Osama bin Laden.
  • Cyrus has a difference voice, and the character model is poorly animated with no facial expressions or lip sync, further indicating that this was a late change.
  • The opening helicopter scene is an allusion to the film Predator, in which "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard also plays.
  • The scene where Playa breaches the door and kills terrorist in slow-motion is a reference to the Medal of Honor games and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • The scene where the first terrorist is executed bears some resemblance to the lethal takedown move from Splinter Cell: Black List.
  • Cyrus Temple's death scene is an allusion to the Terminator's death in the film Terminator 2.
  • "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith plays while Playa is destroying the nuke. This is an allusion to the film Armageddon, which features this song during a similar scene where the main character sacrifices themselves to save their friends.
  • Playa not being customizable until after the mission and instead being fully disguised is similar to the first mission of Saints Row: The Third.[10] Instead of having a default voice, Playa doesn't speak at all.
    • Playa's inability to speak in this mission is reasoned by "dead radio batteries".
    • As the player of the game is ostensibly playing Playa, the dead batteries should not prevent the player from hearing "themselves".
    • When Playa is running towards the missile silo at the end of the mission, Kinzie says that Playa is sacrificing themselves, so as not to imply any sex of Playa at the start of the game before Player Customization occurs.
  • The blast door computer shows a Commodore 64 screen.[11]
  • If Asha is kept away from the console by constantly attacking her, she still announces "we're in" and the doors still open.
  • Despite this mission ostensibly taking place in "the real world", various visual glitches appear on-screen, such as when taking damage, or low on health. Zin-hand logos also appear on usable doors.
  • The clothing worn by Playa, Shaundi and Pierce in this mission is also called "Zero Saints Thirty", and is available to buy as an outfit at Planet Zin stores.
  • This is the first time Pierce does not wear a hat.
  • When Keith David is unlocked, the description underneath says "You ready for this Playa?". This is the same line Julius says to Playa in the first mission in Saints Row.[12]
  • Much of the equipment inside the base, including trucks and crates, bear STAG markings. Ultor's zombie gas canisters are also present.
  • In the living quarters is at least one copy of Boy Toy featuring Shaundi.[screenshot?]
  • Time spent in this mission counts towards the "Time spent with homies" Challenge, making this the earliest possible challenge which can be completed. Spending 2 hours in this mission completes the challenge, and unlocks the Abduction Gun.
  • Playa has infinite Sprint during the mission.
  • The United States flag in the "Adoration of America" unlock screen has 48 fleur-de-lis. The real flag of the United States has 50 stars, representing the 50 states in the union.
  • The terrorists in the opening cutscene use Varsitys, which is the first appearance of the vehicle since Saints Row 2.
  • While the unusable trucks at the beginning of the mission resemble Flatbeds, these are different, larger, and cannot be damaged.
  • During the opening cutscene, Asha leaves her binoculars on the ground when she takes off after Playa.
  • The Arabic signs and graffiti are literal mistranslations similar to engrish.
  • The Statistics do not count any of the kills during this mission.
  • There is an unused objective to "Hold Position".


  • For the "Execute terrorist" objective, there is still only one target.
  • During the exploding corridor scripted sequence, the other player is teleported there, regardless of where they are.
  • If one player runs ahead to the "Go to comm room" objective, Asha and Pierce stay behind with the other player. Their climbing dialogue is started immediately, rather than when they reach the location, and they both disappear when their dialogue finishes.
  • The "Get in position" objective requires both players to get in position, and there is a marker next to each door, rather than just the left door. Players already in position are invulnerable.
  • Only the host can trigger the "Breach door" objective.
  • When either player triggers the door ambush at the rear of the comm room, the scripted sequence plays for both players, but the other player is restored to their previous location.
  • When either player triggers the fight with Cyrus, the scripted sequence plays for both players, but the quick time events are only available to the player who triggered it. At the end of the battle, both players are downstairs.
  • When either player enters the nuke room, the scripted sequence plays for both players. The climbing sequence is available for both players, but the audio is played for both whenever either player reaches an audio trigger. The final quick time event triggers the scripted sequence for both players.


Cutscene #1[]

Narrator: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every now and again a situation arises that defies explanation."
Narrator: "And so it was with the ascension of the Third Street Saints."
Narrator: "When the Saints made their presence known to the world in 2006, they were decried for being pretenders to the throne."
Narrator: "The people were confused. Were the Saints sociopathic killing machines hell-bent on destruction?"
Narrator: "Or puckish rogues living a life of mirth and whimsy?"
Narrator: "The Saints needed clarity of purpose, and so the course was set..."
Narrator: "More fun, less mercy killing."
Narrator: "This simple choice revitalized the Saints, transforming them from a degenerate street gang into beloved pop culture icons."
Narrator: "But even then the Saints were not satisfied..."
Narrator: "For it's one thing to be revered as a hero, it is another to be a hero."
Narrator: "And that, my friends, is where our journey begins."
— Introduction
An Eagle is shown flying over a desert
Pierce: "Boss, you sure this isn't a set up?"
Playa tries to speak over the radio, but there is only static
Pierce: "Didn't catch that boss."
Playa tries to speak over the radio, but there is only static
Shaundi: "The mic is dead? Are you fucking kidding me?"
Kinzie Kensington: "I'm sorry, I forgot to check the battery because I was busy coordinating AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASSINATION!"
Pierce: "Hey, can we go back to the part about this being a set up?"
Kinzie Kensington: "It's not a setup, the intel is good."
Shaundi: "You trust this lady?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Asha's one of the good guys. Oleg knows her from the KGB days."
Pierce: "Oh, she's tight with the KGB, I feel a lot better."
Kinzie Kensington: "Look, Burt and I worked with her too. She's fine."
Pierce: "Oh yeah, I'm sure she's great at putting someone in a fucking body bag that doesn't mean that we should?"
Shaundi: "Showtime."
Asha Odekar: "We're three minutes behind schedule, we need to move."
Pierce: "You're a real people person, aren't you."
Asha Odekar: "I'm sorry, is this a counter terrorist operation or a Saints Flow shoot?"
Shaundi: "I'm Shaundi."
Asha Odekar: "Asha Odekar. Follow me."
Asha Odekar: "We're here."
Asha Odekar: "I didn't expect them to be all business."
Shaundi: "We know what's at stake."
Asha looks at Pierce
Asha Odekar: "Do you."
Pierce: "Look lady, this muthafucka knows how to get shit done. Don'tchu worry about me."
Shaundi: "What's security look like?"
Asha Odekar: "My tech guy bought us a 10 minute window. If we move fast we'll only need to worry about the guards on foot."
Pierce: "How many of those are there?"
Asha Odekar: "Don't know about the numbers inside, but there were about eight marching the perimeter...on my signal we- oh hell."
Asha Odekar: "We gotta move!"
Asha Odekar: "So much for subtlety."
Shaundi: "Don't worry about it, honey. Subtlety's not really our thing!"
Asha Odekar: "Come on, this way."

Cutscene #2[]

Asha Odekar: "Base, are you there? What are we walking into?"
Matt Miller: "The intelligence I'm looking at suggests--"
Asha Odekar: "Hold on... Hide, truck on its way."
Kinzie: "Wait a minute. Your handler is-- was that Matt Miller?"
Shaundi: "Kinzie, be nice. But seriously what the hell?"
Asha Odekar: "Matt Miller is a brilliant hacker, a venerated agent of MI6, and a key member of our operation."
Pierce: "And the fact he tried to kill us...?"
Asha Odekar: "What's past is past. We are all working together now. Let's focus on the job."
Matt Miller: "As I was saying--"
Asha Odekar: "Hold that thought, Matt. Guards ahead."


The Terrorists get out of the truck
Terrorist #1: "*Arabic*"
Asha Odekar: "Hold position."
Asha Odekar: "Let's take 'em out quietly."
Playa takes out the Terrorist
Terrorist #1: "*pained sounds*"
Terrorist #2: "*Arabic*"
Asha Odekar: "Matt, you were saying?"
Matt Miller: "The nuke is stashed deep in the compound. It's likely primed and ready to go."
Kinzie: "Getting booted from the US sent Cyrus Temple off the deep end but teaming up with terrorists? Seriously?"
Asha Odekar: "Stand back. I'll hack the door."
Asha hacks the door
Asha Odekar: "And we're in. Get my back."
Matt Miller: "You should be nearing the missile."
Kinzie: "Cyrus has soldiers everywhere so be alert."
Cyrus Temple: "Attention, please. Attention, please."
Asha Odekar: "Quiet. Let's listen."
Cyrus Temple: "Well hello, Saints, glad you could make it."
Shaundi: "God, I hate this guy..."
Asha Odekar: "Don't take it personal."
Pierce: "Why would we?"
Cyrus Temple: "I should have killed you in Steelport."
Asha Odekar: "Or maybe take it personal..."
Cyrus Temple: "You ruined Steelport, ruined America..."
Asha Odekar: "Ugh. Monologuing..."
Cyrus Temple: "Our leaders failed America by letting you live. Time to destroy Washington and start over. Nothing can stop me now. Especially you."
Asha Odekar: "Heh."
Pierce: "Cyrus has seriously lost it."
Asha Odekar: "Alright. Let's keep moving."
— Upon entering the Comm Room
Asha Odekar: "Matt, Kinzie, what's going on?"
Kinzie: "Shit. Our side's bombing the compound."
Pierce: "Uh, we're still in here!"
Kinzie: "I'm not dropping the bombs!"
Shaundi: "Just get them to stop!"
Matt Miller: "I'll do what I can. But work quickly."
— When the compound is bombed
Shaundi: "What the fuck?!"
Shaundi: "Where to now then?"
Pierce: "Don't sweat. I got this."
Pierce attacks a Terrorist
Pierce: "C'merebitch."
Pierce: "This way, people."
Asha Odekar: "Every mission has its bumps."
Pierce: "Bump? You call that a bump?"
Asha Odekar: "You're alive, aren't you?"
Asha Odekar: "Pierce, come with me. You two go through that door."
Shaundi: "On it."
Asha Odekar: "Let's see how you can handle yourself, Mr. Celebrity."
Asha Odekar: "We'll be on mic."
Pierce: "Handle myself. Shit. I can HANDLE myself."
— Asha and Pierce split from the group
Matt Miller: "You should be really close to the missile silo now. Stay alert. Cyrus is such a berk when it comes to security."
Asha Odekar: "No sign of the target but we're looking at a stockpile of explosives and chemicals here. I can't tell what kind."
Pierce: "It's explosives and chemicals, lady. What else you need to know?"
Pierce: "Yo! We're here! The target is just ahead!"
Asha Odekar: "Target's in the next room!"
Pierce: "Dammit!"
— Upon meeting up with Pierce and Asha
Asha Odekar: "Don't move... SHIT."
Asha Odekar: "He's heading out the back!"
Shaundi: "Let's deal with this first!"
Asha Odekar: "In line! Let's go!"
— Upon bursting into the room.
You all right?
— Asha Odekar, after Playa is knocked to the ground

Gameplay (Cyrus fight)[]

Shaundi: "There he is."
Asha Odekar: "Quick! Get ahead of him!"
Cyrus Temple: "Still an insolent child!"
Cyrus Temple: "C'mere, you hoodlum!"
Cyrus Temple: "I'm ending you, Saint! Once and for all!"
Cyrus Temple: "You're not leaving here!"
Cyrus Temple: "Best to just give up now!"


Kinzie: "Dammit. He launched a nuke!"
Kinzie: "That missile is targeting... Washington!"
Matt Miller: "What are you doing?!"
Kinzie: "Don't you get it? The boss is sacrificing themself to save us all! This is our final chance to say goodbye..."

Gameplay (Missile climb)[]

Shaundi: "I remember when we first met. I was just a fun-loving girl in dreadlocks but you... you saw me as more than that."
Kinzie Kensington: "We snap at each other sometimes, and I don't always understand your methods, but there's no one I'd rather follow into battle."
Pierce: "You said, "Hey Pierce, how would you like to be the face of the Saints" and I was all...I...I...OH MAN I'M GONNA MISS YOU."
Matt Miller: "Had I any idea you would be so willing to sacrifice yourself to save the world, I... suppose I wouldn't have tried to kill you."
Asha Odekar: "Well, we just met but, um, you seemed, y'know, nice."
Kinzie Kensington: "The warhead's disabled but it's still moving, Boss..."
Kinzie Kensington: "Boss, you're right over the--"
The warhead explodes.


Unh! One dead motherfucker!
— Pierce (Labelled "Snap Neck")

Asha: "What--this is an MI6 operation!"
Pierce: "WE brought YOU into this, lady. This is a Saints operation."
Shaundi: "Kick his ass, Boss!"
— Labelled "Cat Walk Run"


I'd wager Osama bin Laden is using this compound as a stockpile for a sustained assault.
— Unused subtitle

Osama bin Laden, you are wanted for crimes against humanity directly responsible for the deaths of--
— Unused subtitle

From an early age, my father instilled a pride and patriotism in me that carried me far in life. I dedicated myself to serving the Crown. I don't regret it, though it's not been without its challenges. One of those challenges was working with the Saints in taking down Osama bin Laden.
— Unused alternate Asha Audio Log subtitle discussing this mission

I didn't know much about Asha Odekar before she helped us take down Osama bin Laden but, in the years since, I've come to know her as one of the best soldiers I've ever met. If I'm going to take down Zinyak, I want her in my crew.
— Unused Playa subtitle discussing this mission from The Case of Mr. X

Kinzie (used line): "Cyrus has soldiers everywhere so be alert."
Kinzie (unused line): "Bin Laden could be anywhere so be alert."
— Comparison of Kinzie's used and unused lines from this mission.
Evil Playa (used): "But what's done is done. You can't stop this. You never could. You fail. That's what you do. That's why you got that shit assignment babysitting a gang of thugs as they hunted down Cyrus Temple."
Evil Playa (unused): "But what's done is done. You can't stop this. You never could. You fail. That's what you do. That's why you got that shit assignment babysitting a gang of thugs as they hunted down bin Laden."
— Comparison of used and unused lines discussing this mission from The Case of Mr. X
Playa: "Same ol' stuff: killed bin Laden, became President, that sorta thing."
Playa: "The usual shit. Killed bin Laden, became President..."
Playa: "Uh, well, uh... I killed bin Laden, got elected President. Uh, rolled back the national debt... Ooh, flew Air Force One."
Playa: "Well y'know. Killed bin Laden, became the President of the United States. Rolled back the national debt... Ooh, got to fly Air Force One."
Playa: "Eh, y'know. Killed bin Laden, became the President of the United States. Rolled back the national debt... ooh, got to fly Air Force One."
Playa: "Where do I start? Killed bin Laden, became the President, cut the debt... oh, flew Air Force One!"
Playa: "Killed bin Laden, got elected President, flew Air force One... Pretty standard stuff."
— Unused Playa lines
Playa - Female 1: "Matt's really changed, y'know. Joined MI6, helped us with bin Laden...he can be a useful guy."
Playa - Female 2: "Matthew has turned his life around. He joined MI6, helped us with bin Laden, and, you must admit, he is useful."
Playa - Female 3: "Matt turned a new leaf after Steelport. Hooked up with MI6, helped us nail bin Laden -- he's a useful guy."
Playa - Male 1: "Matt turned himself around after Steelport. He joined MI6, helped us with bin Laden, and, y'know, he's useful."
Playa - Male 2: "Matt changed after Steelport -- joined MI6, helped us with bin Laden, and, y'know, he's useful."
Playa - Male 3: "Matt changed his ways after Steelport. He joined MI6, helped us kill bin Laden, and, y'know, he's useful."
Nolan North: "Okay, maybe it's just me, but I'm kinda gettin' used to Matt. He DID help us out back with Bin Laden, and he's helping Kinzie out here. I don't know, maybe that whole MI6 training changed him. Then again, maybe I'm just glad he isn't trying to kill us anymore."
— Unused Playa lines from Power Up CID


Playa in the mission intro cutscene

Zero Saints Thirty intro - oil field.png



Shaundi and Pierce

Playa, Shaundi, Pierce and Asha

The Protagoist, Asha and Shaundi

Playa killing the guards

Playa killing the last guard

A stealth kill being preformed on a terrorist in the mission

Playa and Pierce ready to breach the door

Playa taking out the guards after the door breach

"Chase Cyrus" objective

Cyrus Temple being beat down by Playa

Cyrus launching nuke before his death

Playa grabbing the warhead in the mission

Playa jumping off the warhead

Playa giving the thumbs up after disabling the warhead

Playa landed in the White House

Zero Saints Thirty - go to Comm Room objective

Failure Screen for the mission

Failure screen if killed during the QTE

Concept art of the Zero Saints Thirty outfit

Bunker sign

Bunker terrorist sign 1

Bunker terrorist sign 2

Bunker terrorist sign 3

Bunker graffiti

Bunker icbm graffiti

Stealth kill icon

Zero Saints Thirty - blast door terminal

Al Qaeda Militia - character model in Saints Row IV

Al Qaeda Militia 2 - headphones - character model in Saints Row IV

Playa - Saints team 6 male - character model in Saints Row IV

Playa - Saints team 6 pc - unused character model in Saints Row IV

Playa - Saints team 6 female with helmet - unused character model in Saints Row IV

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