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The Z Style Pack is a downloadable content pack in Saints Row: The Third.


Live the high life of Zimos himself by adding a weapon to your arsenal and an outfit to your wardrobe with the Z Style Pack. You won't go unnoticed in the bold and pimpalicious outfit good enough to be called The "Z". Arm yourself with the super flashy Bling Shotgun and your bullets won't be the only thing that makes an impact.
— Official Description[1]

While the main line is generally "Who doesn't wanna be Johnny Gat?", there are more than a few citizens of Steelport that also want to be Zimos. With our new "Z-Style DLC Pack", you can dress up in a specially tailored version of Zimos' suit, and carry around a brand new signature weapon, the Bling Shotgun. Take a look at the video below and see if you've got enough style to rock these new threads.
— Site Description[reference?]

The Z Style Pack comes with one suit, and the Bling Shotgun. Can be purchased online via PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft Points.[2]


  • The suit has a different design from Zimos', with a Fleur-de-lis' patterned on them.
  • Even though you can "live" like Z, you can not have his auto tuned voice (there was going to be an auto tuned voice option for the player, but it was disabled).
  • Though it is tricky it is possible to have Zimos himself carry a Bling Shotgun by switch it with a dropped shotgun, which causes the Bling Shotgun to be dropped, allowing Zimos or any friendly NPC a chance to grab it, allowing them to equip it (however the tricky part is them actually picking it up). Once Zimos (or friendly NPC) picks it up, go to an either Friendly Fire or Crib to re-equip the Bling Shotgun. Zimos or follower still has the Bling Shotgun in their possession, as long as they don't pick up another weapon.
  • All the clothing in the Z Style Pack (hat, glasses, shoes, rings, earrings, and suit) become available for purchase at all stores. Purchasing the clothing pieces separately allows one the customize its color.


Z Style Pack unlock screen

Playa with Zimos, wearing the suit and holding the Shotgun

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