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Xmas BB Gun
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Miracle on 3rd Street

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Miracle on 3rd Street

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Saints Row IV

Xmas BB Gun is a weapon in the How the Saints Save Christmas DLC for Saints Row IV.

Fires a ricocheting pellet that's deadlier than it looks.
— Weapon Description[1]


The Crimson Cowboy is the only costume for the Xmas BB Gun. It can be upgraded 5 levels each in Damage, Projectile Speed, and Rate of Fire. The ultimate upgrade is Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.[2]

It is unlocked after completing the first mission, Miracle on 3rd Street, in How the Saints Save Christmas.

The Crimson Cowboy BB gun is a single shot weapon that does a moderate amount of damage to targets in comparison to other rifle class weapons, ricocheting around and damaging or killing multiple amounts of targets. The Crimson Cowboy favors attacking multiple targets as opposed to attacking single targets, else the projectile cannot do it's full damage potential.

The Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise ultimate upgrade does not have a single benefit, but shares 3 ultimate upgrades from 3 other weapons. The ultimate upgrade shares the health regeneration, bonus Cache and bonus XP from the Dominator, Sniper Rifle and Thumpgun. The Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise ultimate upgrade is also cheaper than any of the other weapons upgrades solo, so there is a substantial saving in Cache. While the XP bonus for the Thumpgun's more expensive ultimate becomes completely useless, the Cache and health regeneration remain permanently useful.

The Crimson Cowboy does require a DLC purchase to be unlocked, unlike the Bounce Gun, in which the Crimson Cowboy functions most similarly to, but the Crimson Cowboy does benefit from Rate of Fire upgrades and a powerful ultimate upgrade.


  • Can hit multiple targets.
  • Can kill many targets in little time if Damage, Projectile Speed, and Rate of Fire upgrades are purchased.
  • Ultimate Upgrade provides alternate means of earning Cashe, XP and restoring health.
  • Requires DLC purchase.
  • Relatively Slow Rate of Fire.


  • The Xmas BB Gun shoots bullets that bounce from target to target, similar to the Bounce Rifle.[3]
  • The Crimson Cowboy is a reference to the classic movie A Christmas Story, in which the main character requests a, "Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle" for Christmas. Shaundi describes the Crimson Cowboy similarily.[4]
  • This weapon has caused friendly fire issues to both Playa and Future Shaundi, both were shot in the eye as a result of the projectile hitting an armoured target (Clawz's Sledge and RoboRudolph respectively) and ricocheted back at them[5][6]
    • The BB Gun causes temporary damage to Playa as they use the gun in the Simulation and heal quickly[reference?], while Shaundi used the gun in real life and her eye injury was permanently, so she needed an bionic eye as replacement for losing her left eye.


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