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The White Crib, or the White House[1] is a building in Saints Row IV.


This is where The Protagonist operates along with the 3rd Street Saints after becoming President of the United States.

It appears only in the second mission The Saints Wing, where it is invaded by the Zin Empire, led by Emperor Zinyak.[2] At the end of Zero Saints Thirty, The Protagonist crashes into the Oval Office after saving Washington from a nuke launched by Cyrus Temple.

After being sent into Virtual Steelport, The Protagonist asks Kinzie if the White House was destroyed, and that they should get Ultor to help rebuild it as the ultimate crib. Kinzie replies that she is unsure whether it was destroyed.[3]


There are photos of each of the Saints along the walls.

There is a photo of Gat above the Fireplace in the Oval Office.

Items in the White Crib include:



  • When The Protagonist crashes into the Oval Office at the end of Zero Saints Thirty, the logo for the Great Seal of the United States is actually the logo for the Saints, despite the fact they haven't entered office yet.
  • The White Crib is based on the real life White House which houses the real President of the United States.
  • It is the first real life location in the Saints Row series.
  • When using glitches to explore the outer parts of the Washington D.C. map, it covers a large area such as the President's garden, as well as several small streets surrounding the area with Pedestrians walking around.



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    Do you think the whole White House was destroyed?
    — The Protagonist in The Fundamentals

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