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Wheel Woman is a character in Saints Row.


Wheel Woman is unlocked as a homie after completing the first mission of the game, "Canonized".


A member of the 3rd Street Saints, Wheel Woman is a driver for Playa. Her name implies that she is the getaway driver of the 3rd Street Saints.

She does not appear in any mission in Saints Row.


The HUD when Wheel Woman is driving

Wheel Woman has the unique ability to drive vehicles for the player, giving the player the opportunity to perform drive-bys with any weapon and instruct her on where to drive. She is, however, a slow driver.

After Wheel Woman is recruited as a follower, she drives any car Playa enters. As she approaches any intersection, a directional prompt appears on-screen. While driving in a two-lane road, it is possible to change lanes without an on-screen prompt. While in the lane furthest from a turn, it is not possible to turn in that direction.

If Wheel Woman is dismissed while driving, it is still possible to control the vehicle. It is not possible for Wheel Woman to enter a vehicle as a passenger, and she is automatically dismissed when using the Taxi Service.

If Wheel Woman hits a Five-O, or otherwise attracts Police attention, Notoriety is not affected, and the Police do not stop pursuing her.


  • Her real name is never revealed.
  • When Playa stands around with her recruited, Wheel Woman randomly mentions that she could be having sex with her boyfriend.[Reference needed] Also, if Playa calls her when she is busy, one of her replies is "I'm having casual sex right now so call back later".
  • Wheel Woman is replaced in Saints Row 2 by Driveup Homie.
  • The internal name for Wheel Woman is "wheel_man". Her model is the "wheelmanvar" variant of the TS_X_F_Thug-01 model, which uses the WF_3SS1 persona, shared with one of the white Saints Female Thug variants.
  • In the Japanese version, Wheel Woman is referred to as "Driver (female)": ドライバー(女).


Saints Row homie head - Wheel Woman

Wheel woman.png

Wheel Woman - character model in Saints Row

Wheel Woman unlock screen in Saints Row

Wheel Woman unlock screen in Japanese Saints Row