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"Weekend at Tera's" is the first of three missions in the Ultor Exposed DLC.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Knowing of the 3rd Street Saints' vendetta against Ultor, Tera meets The Protagonist inside the Saints Hideout and tells them she knows about "some things Ultor wants to keep buried".[1]

Tera directs The Protagonist to dig up several bodies around Stilwater that Ultor buried. Tera explains that she once worked as a microbiologist at The Pyramid, where Ultor were experimenting with nanites in the hope of increasing a miner's lung capacity, but she quit when she learned of what Ultor were doing to the volunteers. Tera asks The Protagonist to drop the bodies off at Channel 6, where Jane Valderamma will run a report on the events and severely discredit Ultor.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

The days of TPing and feces in a flaming bag are over. This morning, Channel Six was the victim of the latest childish prank spreading throughout Stilwater: body disposal. Hopefully this ghoulish trend of exhuming rotting corpses and leaving them for neighbors to find will be a short lived one.


Weekend at Tera's - Bodies Recovered counter

Gameplay from the mission.

The mission marker to start the mission is located at the Saints Hideout; it can be started anytime after completing "Three Kings".

Get in the truck

Use the provided Alaskan to drive to four separate locations to collect the six buried bodies.

The Alaskan can be damaged, but cannot be destroyed. Submerging it in water fails the mission, it is not possible to abandon it.

Recover the first set of bodies
Kill the Ultor Guards
Get back in the truck

The first location, which has two bodies, is guarded by just three Masako guards.

Recover the second set of bodies
Kill the Ultor Guards
Get back in the truck

The second location has another two bodies, and is guarded by five guards.

Recover the fifth body
The Ultor Guards have the body

Upon nearing the third location, the Masako have already loaded the body aboard a Bear and attempt to escape.

Stop the APC without destroying it

Chase after them and continue to shoot at the APC until its health empties.

Kill the Ultor Guards

When the Bear stops, the two Masako soldiers inside attack on foot. Kill them to get the fifth body.

Get back in the truck
Recover the last body
Kill the Ultor Guards

The final location holds the sixth body. Eighteen guards need to be killed here, including one in an Oppressor and a 3 who arrive in another Bear.

Dump the bodies at Channel 6

Once everyone is dead, drive to Channel 6 headquarters in the Downtown district within 1 minute and 40 seconds to finish the mission.

There is an automatic level 3 police notoriety.

It is not possible to exit the Alaskan during this portion of gameplay.



  • The name of the mission is a reference to the film Weekend at Bernie's.
  • The bodies use the same models as the zombies in Zombie Uprising.
  • The bodies are attached to the bed of the Alaskan, but can be knocked loose.


"The Enemy Of My Enemy" cutsceneEdit

Tera: "Hey, thanks for meeting me. I appreciate it."
The Protagonist: "You kiddin' me? I'm not passing up a chance to hurt Ultor. Whatchu got for me?"
Tera: "I know about some things Ultor wants to keep buried."
The Protagonist: "Honey, I got shit to do. I don't have time for poetics."
Tera: "Hey, who's being poetic? I'm talkin' about bodies."
The Protagonist: "Well why didn't you say so?"
— "The Enemy Of My Enemy" cutscene


Tera calls The Protagonist
Tera: "Hey, did you find the first body yet?"
The Protagonist: "It's been, like... thirty seconds. What's the rush?"
Tera: "Well, I'd like you to find the damn things before a Masako team comes after me."
The Protagonist: "How do you know about these bodies?"
Tera: "Does it matter?"
The Protagonist: "Seeing as I'm about to get shot trying to get 'em, hell yeah."
Tera: "I used to work for Ultor."
The Protagonist: "How? I didn't think Dane had girls like you on retainer."
Tera: "I worked at The Pyramid as a microbiologist, you judgemental prick."
The Protagonist: "A what?"
Tera: "Read a book."
The Protagonist: "What the fuck?"
The Protagonist calls Tera on the phone
The Protagonist: "Tera..."
Tera: "Calling to apologize?"
The Protagonist: "What the hell did you do to these people?"
Tera: "I guess you found the first one, huh?"
The Protagonist: "What was left of him..."
Tera: "Ultor's been experimenting with nanites. The hope was to find a way to increase a miner's lung capacity. When I saw what they were doing to volunteers, I..."
The Protagonist: "I understand."
Tera: "When you get 'em all, drop the bodies off at Channel 6. Once the media runs this story, Ultor is finished."
— After recovering the first two bodies

Your Move, Valderamma" cutsceneEdit

Tera: "Did you have any problems?"
The Protagonist: "Nothing I couldn't handle."
Tera: "Good."
The Protagonist: "So now what?"
Tera: "We wait for Jane Valderamma to pick up the story."
The Protagonist: "You think she's gonna run it? Channel 6 didn't exactly go crazy over the Zombie Lin story."
Tera: "No one cares about an undead gang member, but everybody hates a big corporation."


  • The Protagonist and Tera meet in the Saints Hideout
  • The Protagonist and Tera discuss Ultor in the Saints Hideout
  • The Protagonist and Tera meet outside of Channel 6 headquarters, where they discuss the events of the mission
  • Tera states that everyone hates big corporations
  • Gameplay from the mission


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  2. Cutscene: "Your Move, Valderamma"
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