There are 50 Weapons in Saints Row 2.


Melee weapons often give a small advantage over pistol-whipping opponents in close combat.
All pistols from Saints Row return. Completing all 6 levels of FUZZ in Projects District unlocks unlimited Pistol Ammo.
SMGs appear to be in effect machine pistols, and quickly kills most enemies with simple, short bursts. Complete all 6 levels of Snatch in the Downtown District to get unlimited SMG Ammo.
Shotguns are perfect for close-combat, as well as shooting clusters of enemies. Although accuracy and power degrade over range, some shotguns are still effective at medium distances, making them solid all-rounder firearms. Complete all 6 levels of Drug Trafficking at Wardill Airport to get unlimited Shotgun Ammo.
Balancing firepower and range, rifles are often the best choice in any firefight, packing a considerable punch, as well as being accurate enough to line up head-shots at a distance.
The only real drawbacks are a limited ammo capacity, coupled with a high rate of fire, the rifle demands control to avoid running out in the middle of a firefight. Completing all 5 Hitman lists unlocks infinite Rifle Ammo,
Weapons which are either rare enough or devastating enough to be limited to a single class. All offer such devastating power, ammo is often limited, but used correctly, can do colossal amounts of damage in a very short time. Unlimited Rockets can be Unlocked by completing Ultor Family Fun Day on the Corporate Warfare DLC. Unlimited Sniper Ammo counts as Unlimited Rifle Ammo.
Thrown weapons are often the most flexible of weapons, whether used offensively to clear out a room, or defensively, to cover retreating in a speeding car. When on foot, throwing is controlled by both triggers, allowing for Long and Short throws.
Some thrown items, which do not immediately explode, knocks enemies over, with the exception of the Satchel Charge (only working on sitting NPCs), which sticks to a target until detonated remotely.
Weapons Mounted on Vehicles, all equipped with infinite ammo.

Dual Wielding

Dual Wielding is an option for all Pistols and SMGs, by either picking up a second gun, or by selecting them from the Weapons Cache.

  • Dual Wielding doubles the number of bullets fired before reloading.
  • Firing from vehicles is limited to a single gun.
  • Fine Aim is available with dual wielded weapons.
  • The Kobra's laser sight is turned off when Dual Weilding.
  • Dual Samurai Swords are not true Dual Wielded weapons, it is a special weapon, and it is not possible to pick up a second Samurai Sword.
  • Saints Row 2 is the only game in the series which allows going back to single weapon after dual wielding them.



  • Hoods to unlock the weapon in Stores
  • Trigger style
    • 1 - single
    • 2 - burst
    • 3 - rapid
    • 4 - continuous
  • Damage
  • RF - Ragdoll Force
  • RD - Refire Delay
  • Magazine or clip size
  • Picked up ammo (maximum)
  • Range
  • MR - Melee Range
  • Spread - related to accuracy
Weapon Cost H T D F RD M P R MR S Notes


Weap melee fist
Unarmed, damage depends of attack.
Animation changes depending on fighting style.
1melee02Pimp Slap
Weap melee pimpslap
1 2000 250 0 0 20 2 1.8 Mesh: p_foamfinger
Flags: instant ragdoll
Only available through cheating or multiplayer. Giant foam hand.
Weap melee denonator
1 0 0 1 20 2 Mesh: detonator
Cannot be purchased. Used in "Reunion Tour", does nothing outside of that mission.
1melee04Samurai Sword
Weap melee sword
100 0 1 100 0 0 1 2 1.8 Mesh: p_samurai_sword
Used by the Ronin. Available while riding a motorbike. Has custom executions, counters, and combo-attacks.
1melee05Dual Samurai Swords
Weap melee sword
1 100 0 0 20 2 1.8 Mesh: p_samurai_sword
Cannot be Purchased. Used in "Kanto Connection", and can be kept but not used outside of that mission.
1melee06Pepper Spray
Weap melee pepperspray
50 5 4 10 100 100 50 1.5 1.4 Ammo: Pepper
Mesh: p_pepperSpray
Flags: unlimited ammo, no human shield
Unlocked through Crowd Control. Incapacitates victim for several seconds. Used by Civilians and police.
1melee07Stun Gun
Weap melee stungun
200 2 1 15 250 100 1 15 8 1.4 .25 Description: Glock
Ammo: Stun Charge
Mesh: PistolStunGun
Flags: unlimited ammo, instant ragdoll, causes convulsions.
Used by Civilians and police. When equipped, homies use guns.
Weap melee nightstick
75 0 1 60 0 0 20 2 1.8 Description: One-handed bash weapon
Mesh: p_tonfa
Used by Police. The first weapon available in the game.
Crowbar - Saints Row 2 icon
20 0 1 100 0 0 20 2 1.8 Description: One-handed bash weapon
Mesh: p_tire_iron
Strong but slow. Used by the Saints.
1melee10Geiger Counter
Weap melee geiger
1 100 0 0 20 2 1.4 Mesh: giegercounter
Used in "Waste Not Want Not", and can be kept, but causes glitches when equipped outside of that mission.
Weap melee knife
50 0 1 100 0 0 20 1.5 1.8 Description: Shank Ya
Mesh: p_butterflyknife
Due to a programming error, uses the butterly knife model instead of p_knife model
1melee12Butterfly Knife
Weap melee butterflyknife
50 0 1 105 0 0 20 1.5 1.8 Description: Shank Ya
Mesh: p_butterflyknife
Used by Gang Members and Civilians. A pocket knife, properly known as a balisong.
1melee13Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat - Saints Row 2 icon
50 0 1 110 0 0 1 2 2 Description: Swing, battah battah battah!
Mesh: p_aluminumbat
Flags: instant ragdoll
Aluminum baseball bat. Knocks victims to the ground, kills in 2 hits.
Weap melee machete
75 0 1 115 0 0 20 1.5 1.8 Mesh: p_machete
African bush knife used for deforestation and decapitation. Used by the Sons of Samedi.
Weap melee sledge
125 5 1 115 0 0 20 2 2 Mesh: p_SledgeHammer
Flags: instant ragdoll
Used by the Brotherhood. Works the same way as the Baseball Bat and has the same hit animation.
1melee16Shock Paddles
Weap melee shockpaddles
1 120 0 0 20 2 1.8 Mesh: p_shockpaddles
Flags: unlockable, revives humans, causes convulsions
Unlocked through Ambulance EMT.
Weap melee chainsaw
0 1 500 0 0 200 2 1.9 Mesh: p_chainsaw
Flags: unlockable, lethal melee
Unlocked through Crowd Control. Special kill animation.


2pistol1VICE 9
VICE 9 - Saints Row 2 HUD icon
250 0 1 100 150 100 12 15 100 1.4 4 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Pistol
Mesh: p_beretta
Flags: dual wieldable
Used by some gang members.
Weap pistol kobra
3 100 250 120 15 15 200 1.4 3 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Pistol
Mesh: p_Holt55
Flags: unlockable, dual wieldable
Unlocked through FUZZ.
NR4 - Saints Row 2 HUD icon
250 2 1 150 150 150 12 15 120 1.4 3 Description: Glock
Ammo: Pistol
Mesh: p_glock21c
Flags: dual wieldable
Used by police.
2pistol4GDHC .50
Weap pistol gdhc
3000 5 1 200 250 400 8 15 135 1.4 3 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Pistol
Mesh: saharafalcon
Flags: dual wieldable
2pistol5.44 Shepherd
Weap pistol shepherd
2000 5 1 200 300 500 6 15 150 1.4 2 Description: Magnum Handgun
Ammo: Pistol
Mesh: p_Colt_Anaconda
Flags: dual wieldable


3smg1T3K Urban
Weap smg t3k
1000 0 2 70 60 75 50 40 175 1.4 4.5 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: SMG
Mesh: p_tec9
Flags: dual wieldable
Used by the Sons of Samedi and Ronin.
3smg2GAL 43
GAL 43 - Saints Row 2 HUD icon
0 2 80 60 60 50 40 200 1.4 4 Ammo: SMG
Mesh: p_Gal43
Flags: unlockable, dual wieldable
Unlocked through Snatch.
3smg3SKR-9 Threat
SKR-9 Threat - Saints Row 2 HUD icon
2000 5 2 90 60 60 40 40 175 1.4 4 Ammo: SMG
Mesh: p_skr-9
Flags: dual wieldable
Improved version of the SKR-7 Spree. Used by the Sons of Samedi and Ronin, and by Shaundi during "Bad Trip".


4shotgun1AS14 Hammer
Weap shotgun as14hammer
10000 18 3 175 300 275 12 8 50 1.4 9 Ammo: Shotgun
Mesh: p_as14
Weap shotgun tombstone
2500 0 1 280 450 1000 8 8 60 1.4 6 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Shotgun
Mesh: p_shotgun
Carried by the police, likely to be the first shotgun picked up.
4shotgun3XS-2 Ultimax
Weap shotgun xs2ultimax
3 300 450 250 12 8 75 1.4 9 Ammo: Shotgun
Mesh: p_Ultimax
Flags: unlockable
Unlocked through Drug Trafficking.
4shotgun412 Gauge
Weap shotgun 12gauge
1500 5 1 330 600 500 6 8 50 1.4 8.5 Description: Sawed-off DBL Barrel Shotgun
Ammo: Shotgun
Mesh: p_dblb_shotgun
Used by the Sons of Samedi.
4shotgun5Pimp Cane
Pimp Cane - Saints Row 2 icon
1 400 600 1000 16 8 60 1 6 Description: Pimp blast those hos
Ammo: Shotgun
Mesh: pimpcane
Flags: unlockable
Unlocked after "Pyramid Scheme". Used as a cane while walking.
4shotgun6CKH Riot Special
bean_bag_gun (unused)
4000 1 5 1200 750 8 10 10 1.9 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Bean Bag
Mesh: p_shotgun
Flags: unlockable, instant ragdoll, cutscene only (disabled)


5rifle1K6 Krukov
Weap rifle k6krukov
5000 8 2 130 90 125 30 25 200 1.4 3.5 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ak47
Some gang members, including Saints, wield this during missions.
5rifle2AR-40 Xtnd
Weap rifle ar40xtnd
7500 12 2 150 120 100 30 25 200 1.4 2.5 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_m32
Used in certain missions with infinite reloads. Shares ammunition with the K6 Krukov. Used by law enforcement
5rifle2AR-50 XMAC
Weap rifle ar50xmac
20000 18 2 160 125 75 50 30 225 1.4 2.5 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_AR50
5rifle3AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher
Weap rifle ar50grenade
2 160 125 75 50 1 225 1.4 2.5 Projectile: AR50grenade
Speed: 35
Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlockable
Unlocked through Combat Tricks. Under-barrel grenade launcher uses Thrown weapon inventory.
5rifle4AR200 SAW
Weap rifle ar200saw
10000 12 2 185 140 100 100 30 240 1.4 3.5 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar200
Belt-fed, fully automatic, light machine gun.
5rifle5AR200 SAW (Airborne Assault)
Weap rifle ar200saw
2 400 200 100 100 1 240 1.4 3 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar200
Mounted weapon used in the Side Shooter.


6special1Fire Extinguisher
Weap special fireextinguisher
2 2 50 52 500 1 9 0.9 7 Ammo: Water
Mesh: FireExt
Flags: no human shield
Used in Fire Truck, can be obtained. Refilled at fire hydrants. It takes about 250-300 "ammunition" to kill a civilian.
Weap special minigun
4 200 120 100 200 200 225 1.5 4 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_miniguntest
Flags: unlockable, no human shield
Unlocked after "The Siege". The Mini-Gun is a Special weapon, but appears in the "Rifle" slot. There is a delay as the weapon warms up.
Weap special flamethrower
0 2 400 100 100 255 1 15 1.4 Ammo: Fire
Mesh: p_flamethrower
Flags: unlockable, no human shield
Unlocked through Mayhem.
6special4McManus 2010
McManus 2010 - Saints Row 2 HUD icon
7500 18 3 500 900 750 5 10 500 1.4 4 Ammo: Sniper
Mesh: p_McManus
Flags: can zoom
Sniper rifle with scope. Can shoot parts off cars. Infinite rifle ammo applies to this weapon.
6special5RPG Launcher
Weap special RPGlauncher
10000 18 1 1500 2000 1 3 300 1.5 0 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Projectile: rpg_projectile
Speed: 55
Ammo: RPG
Mesh: p_rpg
6special6Annihilator RPG
Weap special annihilatorRPG
0 1 2000 1000 1 3 300 1.5 0 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot
Projectile: AnniRocket
Speed: 8
Ammo: RPG
Mesh: p_annihilator
Flags: unlockable
Unlocked through Mayhem. Laser guided and can lock on to targets.


Weap thrown flashbang
250 0 1 1 0 1 5 25 Projectile: flashbang
Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000
Ammo: Flashbang
Mesh: p_flashBang
Stuns people in the blast radius, effective for groups of enemies. Used in "Veteran Child'"".
7thrown2Molotov Cocktail
Weap thrown molotov
100 8 1 25 0 1 5 25 1 Description: Thrown weapon, explodes into fire on impact.
Projectile: molotov
Speed: 35
Ammo: Molotov
Mesh: p_molotov
Creates a fire.
7thrown3Pipe Bomb
Weap thrown pipebomb
250 10 1 1000 0 1 3 25 1 Description: Light the fuse and let it fly.
Projectile: pipe_bomb
Speed: 35
Fuse: 2500
Ammo: Pipe Bomb
Mesh: p_pipebomb
Creates a non-flammable, concussive explosion with shrapnel.
7thrown4Satchel Charge
Weap thrown satchel
1000 0 1 1000 0 1 2 25 Projectile: satchel
Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000
Ammo: Satchel Charge
Mesh: p_SatchelCharge, p_schlchgremote
Detonates on command. Unlocked through Hitman, cannot be bought. Available in "Jailbreak" and "Elysian Fields Trailer Park"
7thrown5Hand Grenade
Weap thrown grenade
500 12 1 1000 0 1 5 25 1 Description: Light the fuse and let it fly
Projectile: grenade
Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000
Ammo: Grenade
Mesh: hand_grenade
Weap thrown fireworks
1 1000 0 1 15 25 1 Description: Light the fuse and let it fly
Projectile: pyroBox
Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000
Ammo: Grenade
Mesh: pyroBox
Used in "Thank You and Goodnight!". Model used in chinatown, and explodes into fireworks when shot, but cannot be picked up.


8vehicle1Water Spray
Septic Spray
Weap mounted spray
Blaze, Oring
Septic Avenger, City Waste Truck
2 10 800 75 50 40 225 2.5 Ammo: Water, Sewage
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo
Sprays sewage, water or steam from a roof-mounted cannon.
8vehicle2Mounted .50 cal
Weap mounted minigun
Bear, Commander, Bulldog
2 160 125 75 50 40 225 2.5 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo
A .50 Caliber Machine Gun
8vehicle3Mounted .50 cal
EDF Scout - Mounted .50 cal icon
EDF Scout
1 160 400 75 50 40 225 2.5 Projectile: rpg_projectile
Speed: 55
Ammo: RPG
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo
Laser Tracking like the Annihilator, but can be shot rapidly.
Weap mounted tornado
Tornado, Vulture, AB Destroyer
2 250 900 75
100 40 225 4 Projectile: rpg_projectile
Speed: 55
Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo, has alt fire
A mini-gun and a pair of rocket launchers.
8vehicle5Mounted .50 cal
Weap mounted minigun
Parrot, Corsette,High Rise
2 700 125 75 50 40 225 4 Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo
A .50 Caliber Machine Gun
8vehicle6Mounted .50 cal
Weap mounted minigun
2 800 125 75
50 40 225 3 Projectile: AR50grenade
Speed: 35
Ammo: Rifle
Mesh: p_ar50rpg
Flags: unlimited ammo
A .50 Caliber Machine Gun

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons are scenery or multiple objects in Saints Row 2 that can be used as weapons, but cannot be stored in weapons cache. All IWs can be used to hit, lunge, and propel to inflict damage.

Ui act question

See Improvised Weapons for a full list

Weapon Locations Notes
Traffic Signs On any paved and finished street Long and heavier than most of the other Improvised Weapons.
Bones Next to lake on Mount Claflin. Looks like a Hockey Face Mask, but when moved it changes to a human skull.
Barrel Many open areas, such as in the Factories District, or the Nuclear Power Plant. Explosive barrel of toxic waste. Can be swung or thrown. Is not explosive after moving it.
Newspaper Stand Sidewalks in most districts. Coins bounce up and can be picked up for money. Strong, but heavy and slow to swing.
Pay Phone Most Paved Streets near Newspaper Stands Coins bounce out and can be collect as Cash.
Mail Box Located out the front of all suburban homes. Same strength as the Newspaper Stand.
Hockey Stick Only Available in the Prison Fight Club. Same Strength as the Boom Box.
Fence Post Outside of the many houses. Same Strength as the Hockey Stick.
Bottle Multiple isolated places. Same strength as Garbage.
Lawn Gnome Backyard of the house on the prison island. Same strength as a handsaw
Fire Hydrant On almost all streets. Water gushes out of the pipe below when it is picked up.
Parking Meter Parking Lots and street side. Coins bounce out and can be picked up for Cash.
Blow-up Doll Multiple isolated places. A sex toy.


All of these objects can be modded to be held, but are not defined as weapons as they have none of the usual weapon statistics
The PC version of the game can be modified to use these models in place of normal weapon models

Name Category Filename Notes
saintsrowcd Collectible Items SaintsRowCD Touch: give_collectible_item
scr_video_camera Cutscene/Mission scr_video_camera Flag: dont drop.

The Video Camera from FUZZ. Incomplete definition.

SatchelBarrel Cutscene/Mission barrelflammable
piracy_package Cutscene/Mission box From deleted Piracy activity
VooDooDoll_Lo Cutscene/Mission voodoodoll_lo Flag: dont drop.

Mr Sunshine's Voodoo doll.

LighterCUT Cutscene/Mission lighter, lighterCUT Shaundi's lighter.
Weap unused lighter
cellphone_PC Cutscene/Mission cellphone_pc
chainlink Cutscene/Mission chainlink
video camera Cutscene/Mission video_camera Ammo: Film

Flags: can zoom, dont drop

VooDooDoll Cutscene/Mission voodoodoll Flag: dont drop
rpg_projectile Cutscene/Mission p_rpgprojectile
handmirror Cutscene/Mission HandMirror Mirror used by Maero.
spray paint
Cutscene/Mission p_spraypaint Spray paint can used while Tagging
Cutscene/Mission cut_beretta Higher resolution VICE 9 used in cutscenes. No weapon stats.
ht_barrel Cutscene/Mission barrelflammable
keys Cutscene/Mission p_keys Touch: give_mission_item
Cutscene/Mission bombsml From the mission File in the Cake
Mic_No6_cut Cutscene/Mission mic_no6_cut
NewsclipGala Cutscene/Mission newClipGala Newspaper about Ultor Gala
PipeCUT Cutscene/Mission p_pipe
race_barrel Cutscene/Mission racechekb Racing checkpoint barrels
TVremote Cutscene/Mission TVremote Used by the guard in the opening cutscene
StrongBox Cutscene/Mission strongbox
loa_dust_package Cutscene/Mission cokebrick Touch: give_mission_item. Loa Dust from mission.
spike_strip Cutscene/Mission spikestrip Used by police.
silenced pistol Cutscene/Mission silenced_pistol The Ronin Silenced Pistol used in cutscenes. No weapon stats.
compCam Cutscene/Mission compCam Flag: dont drop.

The computer Shaundi uses.

OOZE Cutscene/Mission ooze The nuclear waste canister
BoxCokeB Cutscene/Mission boxcokeb Box of Loa Dust
ReportersMic Cutscene/Mission mic_no6 Jane Valerama's Microphone
SatchelBomb Cutscene/Mission p_satchelcharge
scr_ProtestViolence Life scr_protestviolence
scr_ProtestUltor Life scr_protestultor
scr_ProtestBurning Life scr_protestburning
scr_Pencil Life scr_pencil
scr_Notepad Life scr_Notepad
Shank Life Shank
SketchPad Life stetchpad
scr_Cigarrette Life scr_cigarrette
SodaCupPlastic Life sodacupplastic
RiceTakeOut Life RiceQ01
RiceChopSticks Life ChopsticksQ01
SpoonPrison Life spoonPrison
jackhammer Life jackhammer
ProtestViolence Life protestviolence
ProtestUltor Life protestultor
ProtestBurning Life protestburning
Squeegee Life squeegee
PoliceWand Life PoliceWand
PokerCards Life pokerCards
Pencil Life pencil
TakeOutBag Life TakeOutBag
PaintPallet Life pallet
PaintBrush Life paintbrush
olcane Life olcane
Limbo Stick Life limbo
Notepad Life notepad
newspaperCover Life newspapercover
newspapera Life newspaper
Mustard Life mustard
MetalMug Life MetalMug
MetalDetector Life metaldetector
umbrella Life parasol Flag: keep, dont drop
Megaphone Life megaphone
magazine Life carmag
WaterBottle Life waterbottle
BlackJackCards1 Life blackjackCards
ShoppingKart Life shoppingkart
umbrella2 Life umbrellaf2 Flag: keep
Life slrcamera, scr_slrcamera Still camera used when idle
purse Life pursemed Flag: keep
Juggler Life juggler
shoppingbag Life shopbagclosed Flag: keep
metalbriefcase Life metalBriefcase Flag: keep
BooksHold Life bookshold
BroomLife Life broomlife
InmateScrub Life InmateScrub
umbrella3 Life umbrellaf3 Flag: keep
Hotdog Life hotdog Used at Hotdog stand, obtainable when Idle.
WaterBucket Life WaterBucket Flag: NoAttach
Harmonica Life Harmonica
winebottle Life bottlewine
Hammer Life HammerB
Catsup Life catsup
FlyerMultiple Life FlyersMultiple
cellphone_NPC Life cellphone_npc
wirelessMic Life micB
FireBreather Life firebreather
PoolCue Life poolCue
signSlow Life sign_slow
DrumstickRight Life DrumstickRight
DrumstickLeft Life DrumstickLeft
CementSpat Life CementSpat
DigitalCamera Life slrcamera
AcousticGuitar Life acousticGuitar
CigarretteLife Life cigarettelife
CoffeeCupPlastic Life coffecupplastic
CoffeeCup Life coffeemug
clipboard Life clipboard
scr_jackhammer Life scr_jackhammer
pcp Life p_pcp
lollipop Life lollipop
quarter Life quarter
Skateboard Life skateboard
inhaler Life p_inhaler
Luggage_Pull Life luggagepull
beer Life beercan
flashlight Life flashlight
O2 Tank Life o2_tank
Binoculars Life Binoculars
AcousticGuitarCase Life acousticguitarcase Flag: NoAttach
walker Life walker
RoninHelmetLife Life RoninHelmLife Flag: NoAttach
DrumSteel Life SteelDrum Flag: NoAttach
waterCan Life waterCan
Bong Life Bong
Laptop Life laptop
InmateScrubBucket Life inmatescrubBucket Flag: NoAttach

dont drop

ConstBarrelLife Life constBarrelLife Flag: NoAttach
CoolerLife Life coolerLife
DumbBellLeft Life DumbBellLeft
DumbBellRight Life DumbBellRight
LaundryBasket Life laundrybasket
CarJack Life carjackA01
fishingRod1 Life fishingPole
HandSaw Life handSaw
HedgeTrimmer Life hedgeTrimmer
BugNet Life BugNet
JanitorKart Life JanitorKart
JewelryBox Life JewelryBox
Lumber Life PostLumber
FlyerSingle Life FlyersSingle
BookOpen Life bookOpen
big_money Money dollarbill100 Touch: give_rand_money
coin Money p_coin Touch: give_money
Charge Launcher
Other p_rpg
cellphone Other cellphone Inv Slot: unarmed
bouquet Other bouquet Flowers used at Aisha's funeral
Police Badge
Other BadgePolice Troy's badge
Smoke Grenade Other p_smokebomb Weapon model used only in Face to Face cutscene.
Weap thrown smokegrenade
Brass Knuckles Other p_brassknuckles
Weap melee brassknuckles
Weapon model used inside Brass Knuckles.


  • If a pistol or a SMG is equipped and any vehicle with a civilian driving it is entered, a special animation is played, where The Protagonist shoots the driver and enters the vehicle, although there is no sound of a gunshot.


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