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There are a variety of Weapons in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


There are 20 weapons in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1] Some are new costumes for previous weapons, others are new weapons with only a single costume, and 7 are special weapons based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Weapons are accessed, purchased and upgraded through 10 Sinterpol Armory kiosks located around New Hades. All non-reward weapons are available from the beginning of the game.

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Image Weapon Costume Availability
SRGooH weapon melee Gods Hammer.png Gods Hammer[2] Gods Hammer[2] Rally Blackbeard
SRGooH weapon melee Omega Omega Omega.png Hazing Paddle[3] Omega Omega Omega[3] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon melee Uriels Edge.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Envy[4] Uriels Edge[4] Collectible - "Access the Secret Chamber" Quest
SRGooH weapon pistol 45 Fletcher.png Heavy Pistol[5] .45 Fletcher[5] Default weapon
SRGooH weapon pistol Energy Caster.png Hand Crossbow[6] Energy Caster[6] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon pistol Gallows Dodger.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Pride[7] Gallows Dodger[7] "Kill Dex" Challenge
SRGooH weapon smg Exodus 10.png Organic SMG[8] Exodus 10[8] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon smg Brimstone Belcher.png Rapid-Fire SMG[9] Brimstone Belcher[9] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon smg Diamond Sting.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Greed[10] Diamond Sting[10] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon shotgun Damned Impaler.png Pump-Action Shotgun[11] Damned Impaler[11] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon shotgun Ultor Soulsweeper.png Semi-Auto Shotgun[12] Ultor Soulsweeper[12] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon shotgun Boom Chicka.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Lust[13] Boom Chicka[13] "Collect Blackbeard Chests" Challenge
SRGooH weapon rifle Ultor LMG.png Automatic Rifle[14] Ultor LMG[14] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon rifle Lava Cannon.png Automatic Rifle[15] Lava Cannon[15] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon rifle Armchair-A-Geddon.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Sloth[16] Armchair-A-Geddon[16] Collectible - "Take A Break" Quest
SRGooH weapon explosive Ultor Rocket Launcher.png RPG[17] Ultor Rocket Launcher[17] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon explosive Lil Croaker.png Lil' Croaker[18] Lil' Croaker[18] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon explosive Ark Of The Covenant.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Wrath[19] Ark of the Covenant[19] "Kill Satan's Top Agent" Challenge
SRGooH weapon special Umbral Rifle.png Sniper Rifle[20] Umbral Rifle[20] Sinterpol Armory
SRGooH weapon special Skull.png Skull[21] Jester's Skull[21] DLC
SRGooH weapon special Last Supper.png 7 Deadly Weapons - Gluttony[22] Last Supper[22] "Visit All Three Tacos Malos" Challenge


  • In the Gat out of Hell demo at PAX Prime, there were only 19 weapons.[23]
  • An Ultor-branded RPG appears in a trailer for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[24]
  • The Weapon name and Weapon costume name are reverse in the user interface compared to Saints Row IV
    • In the radial weapons inventory in Saints Row IV, the first line says ".45 Fletcher", while the second line says "Heavy Pistol". In Gat out of Hell, this is reversed.
    • In the Weapons Cache in Saints Row IV, the first line says "Heavy Pistol", while the second line says ".45 Fletcher". In Gat out of Hell, this is reversed.


Radial menu in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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