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There are 25 Weapons in Saints Row.

  • Of those, 7 do not return in later games.
  • There are 4 melee weapons.


Weapons are a central part of Saints Row and are essential throughout the entire game and help in every activity except Racing, Insurance Fraud, Demolition Derby and Tagging.

With ranged weapons, Aiming is achieved through a cross-hair centered on the screen, much like a in a First-Person Shooter.

They are easy to acquire from Friendly Fire, dead NPCs, or from a Crib.


  • M - Magazine/Clip Size
  • T - Total Ammo which can be carried
  • P - Picked up Ammo from dropped weapons (maximum)
  • R - Range
  • D - Delay to refire
  • A - Attack power (Damage)
  • F - Ragdoll Force
  • S - Spread, related to accuracy.
  • C - Cost
  • U - Crib count for availability of weapon
    • X means the weapon is not available based on Crib count
    • U means the weapon is Unlockable
Weapon Ammo M T P R D A F S C U Notes


Fist icon.png
none X Values are not known as Fists are not technically a weapon.
Nightstick icon.png
melee 2 160 50 X Description: One-handed bash weapon
File: p_tonfa
Dropped by Police
Knife icon.png
melee 1.5 180 10 1 Description: Shank Ya
File: p_knife
1melee3Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat icon.png
melee 2 160 10 1 Description: Swing, battah battah battah!
File: p_batwood
Crowbar icon.png
melee 2 180 20 2 Description: One-handed bash weapon
File: p_tire_iron
1melee6Pimp Slap
Pimpslap icon.png
melee 1 20 200 X Description: Pimp slap for pimp hat
File: p_brassknuckles / pimphat
Available with cheats and multiplayer only


2pistol1VICE 9
Vice 9 icon.png
bullet 12 500 15 100 200 100 150 6 100 1 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: cut_pistol
NR4 icon.png
bullet 12 250 15 120 300 150 150 2 400 2 Description: Glock
File: p_glock21c
Dropped by Police
2pistol4.44 Shepherd
Shepherd icon.png
bullet 6 250 5 150 500 400 300 2 1200 3 Description: Magnum Handgun.
File: p_Colt_Anaconda
2pistol3GDHC .50
(desert eagle)
GDHC50 icon.png
bullet 8 250 15 135 400 200 250 3 1000 4 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: saharafalcon
2pistol5Gold Plated GDHC .50
Gold Plated GDHC 50 icon.png
bullet 15 100 20 200 300 400 250 3 50 U Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: saharafalcon_gold
Unlocked by Airport Hitman


3smg1T3K Urban
T3K icon.png
bullet 50 600 75 175 75 75 60 4 500 2 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_tec9
3smg2SKR-7 Spree
SKR-7 Spree icon.png
bullet 50 600 50 175 50 90 60 6 650 3 Description: MAC 10.
File: p_mac_10
3smg3Platinum T3K Urban
Platinum T3K Urban icon.png
bullet 65 300 20 200 75 150 60 4 200 U Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_tec9b
Unlocked by Projects Hitman


4shotgun1AS12 Riot
AS12Riot icon.png
bullet 7 100 12 60 400 150 600 9 2000 1 Description: spas 12.
File: p_spas_12
(pump action shotgun)
Tombstone icon.png
bullet 8 100 10 60 1000 280 450 6 1000 2 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: cut_shotgun
Dropped by Police
4shotgun312 Gauge
12 gauge icon.png
bullet 6 100 13 50 1100 330 600 8.5 1300 X Description: Sawed-off DBL Barrel Shotgun.
File: p_dblb_shotgun
4shotgun4Platinum AS12 Riot
Platinum AS12 Riot icon.png
bullet 15 100 20 60 400 450 65 9 100 U Description: spas 12.
File: p_spas_12b
Unlocked by Chinatown Hitman
4shotgun5Pimp Cane
Pimp Cane - Saints Row icon.png
bullet 16 100 20 60 1000 900 450 7 10 U Description: Swing, battah battah battah!
File: pimpcane
Unlocked by Snatch.


5rifle1K6 Krukov
K6Krukov icon.png
bullet 30 500 40 200 125 130 90 3 2000 X Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: cut_ak47
5rifle2AR-40 Xtnd
Ar-40 Xtnd Rifle icon.png
bullet 40 500 40 200 100 175 120 2.5 2500 4 Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_m32
MacManus icon.png
bullet 5 50 10 500 1500 500 600 4 2000 X Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_sniper


6launcher2RPG Launcher
RPG icon.png
projectile 1 12 7 300 2000 1500 3000 U Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_rpg
has light attached
6launcher1Platinum RPG
Platinum RPG icon.png
projectile 1 20 20 300 2000 1500 1000 U Description: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
File: p_laser_rpg
has light attached
Unlocked by Hitman (All)


7thrown1Molotov Cocktail
Molotov icon.png
thrown 1 100 20 25 25 300 U Description: Thrown weapon, explodes into fire on impact.
File: p_molotov
7thrown3Hand Grenade
Grenades icon.png
thrown 1 30 15 25 1000 300 U Description: Light the fuse and let it fly.
File: hand_grenade
Fuse: 2000
Larger explosion
7thrown2Pipe Bomb
Pipe Bomb icon.png
thrown 1 30 15 25 1000 250 U Description: Light the fuse and let it fly.
File: p_pipebomb
Fuse: 2500


Along with items defined as weapons, there are many other items defined in the game.

Item Name Category File Preload Notes
CD_collect Collectible saintsrowcd Yes CD Collection, Touch:give_collectible_item
bor_money Money p_dollarbill20 Yes Touch:give_bor_money
coin Money p_coin Yes Touch:give_money
big_money Money p_dollarbill20 Yes Touch:give_rand_money
beer Other beerprop Yes
bouquet bouquet Other bouquet No
cellphone2 Other cellphone2 No
chairjohnny Johnny's chair Other chairJohnny No
cigarette cigarette Other cigarette No
dollarbill100 100 dollar bill Other dollarbill100 No
down_arrow Other i_manarrow Yes
inhaler Other p_inhaler Yes
lighter SKR-7 Spre Other lighter No no items_3d
lollipop lollipop Other lollipop Yes
magazine Other carmag Yes
newspapera Other newspaperA Yes
olcane Other olcane Yes
photokingjulius photo of King and Julius Other PhotoKingJulius No
photolynn photo of Lynn Other PhotoLynn No
quarter quarter Other quarter Yes
race_barrel Other racechekb Yes
rag rag Other rag No
rpg_projectile Other rpgprojectile Yes
spike_strip Other spikestrip Yes
spraypaint spray paint Other p_spraypaint Yes
stack100 stack100 Other stack100 Yes
walker Other walker Yes
winebottle Other bottlewine Yes
charge_launcher Charge Launcher Other p_rpg Yes no items_3d, Desc: Bang bang! Point and shoot.
donut Other p_doughnut Yes Donut eaten by police
badge_police Police Badge Other BadgePolice No no items_3d, Used in Saints and Martyrs
delivery_goods Delivery Goods Other box Yes Touch:carry_item
stolen_goods Stolen Goods Other box Yes Touch:carry_item
stolen_goods_lc Stolen Goods Other boxcardbrd_lc No Touch:carry_item
stolen_goods_tss Stolen Goods Other boxcardbrd_tss No Touch:carry_item
stolen_goods_vk Stolen Goods Other boxcardbrd_vk No Touch:carry_item
stolen_goods_wr Stolen Goods Other boxcardbrd_wr No Touch:carry_item
big_ass_chain Other goldchain Yes Touch:give_big_ass_chain
bor_chain Other goldchain Yes Touch:give_bor_chain
first_aid_box Other firstaidbox Yes Touch:give_full_health
mp_first_aid_box Other firstaidbox Yes Touch:give_health_percent
single_flag_green Other race-check2g Yes Touch:give_item
keys_car Car Keys Other p_keys Yes Touch:give_mission_item
skeleton_key Other skeletonkey Yes Touch:give_mission_item
jackhammer jackhammer Other jackhammer Yes Used by NPCs
lighterL 40 oz. Other:knife lighter No CS left, no items_3d
spraycancut spray can Other:knife spraycancut No CS no items_3d
watchcase watch case Other:knife watchcase No CS The Streets of Stilwater, left, no items_3d
briefcaseL 40 oz. Other:pistol briefcase No CS left, no items_3d
cellphone Cellphone Other:pistol cellphone Yes CS
cellphone1 Cellphone Other:pistol cellphone1 No CS
cellphone1l Cellphone Other:pistol cellphone1 No CS left
cellphoneL Cellphone Other:pistol cellphone Yes CS left, no items_3d
liquorbottle liquor bottle Other:pistol liquorbottle No CS no items_3d
pimpcup Pimp Slap Other:pistol pimpcup No CS Will's cup in Snatch cutscene, left, no items_3d
camera Camera Other:pistol p_camera No CS no items_3d, Desc: Camera
tanya_pistol NR4 Other:pistol tanya_pistol No CS Has normal weapon stats as NR4, but not defined as inventory item
pcp PCP Other:thrown p_pcp Yes Desc: Dream on, Dream on, Dream oooooon! Dream with me! Dream for the year!
sniper_rifle_cs Sniper Rifle Weapons sniperCS No no items_3d
baseball_bat Baseball Bat Weapons:bat p_batwood Yes
kabob Kabob Weapons:bat p_kab No CS
knife Knife Weapons:knife p_knife Yes
knifel Knife Weapons:knife p_knife Yes CS left
rpg_laser Platinum RPG Weapons:launcher p_laser_rpg Yes
rpg_launcher RPG Launcher Weapons:launcher p_rpg Yes
nightstick Nightstick Weapons:nightstick p_tonfa Yes
tire_iron Crowbar Weapons:nightstick p_tire_iron Yes
pimp_slap Pimp Slap Weapons:pimp slap pimphat Yes Touch:give_pimp_hat, inventory:p_brassknuckles
beretta VICE 9 Weapons:pistol cut_pistol Yes
desert eagle GDHC .50 Weapons:pistol saharafalcon Yes
desert_eagle_gold Gold Plated GDHC .50 Weapons:pistol saharafalcon_gold Yes
glock NR4 Weapons:pistol p_glock21c Yes
glockL NR4 Weapons:pistol p_glock21c Yes CS left, no items_3d
magnum .44 Shepherd Weapons:pistol p_colt_anaconda Yes
magnumL .44 Shepherd Weapons:pistol p_colt_anaconda Yes left
ak47 K6 Krukov Weapons:rifle cut_ak47 Yes
ak47L K6 Krukov Weapons:rifle cut_ak47 Yes CS left
m16 AR-40 Xtnd Weapons:rifle p_m32 Yes
sniper_rifle McManus Weapons:rifle p_sniper Yes
pimpcane Pimp Cane Weapons:shotgun pimpcane Yes
pump_action_shotgun Tombstone Weapons:shotgun cut_shotgun Yes
spas12 AS12 Riot Weapons:shotgun p_spas_12 Yes
spas12b Platinum AS12 Riot Weapons:shotgun p_spas_12b Yes
twelve_gauge 12 Gauge Weapons:shotgun p_dblb_shotgun Yes
mac10 SKR-7 Spree Weapons:smg p_mac_10 Yes
mac10L SKR-7 Spree Weapons:smg p_mac_10 Yes CS left
tec9 T3K Urban Weapons:smg p_tec9 Yes
tec9b Platinum T3K Urban Weapons:smg p_tec9b Yes
bombsml bomb Weapons:thrown BombSml Yes CS
grenade Hand Grenade Weapons:thrown hand_grenade Yes
molotov Molotov Cocktail Weapons:thrown p_molotov Yes
pipe_bomb Pipe Bomb Weapons:thrown p_pipebomb Yes
ak_clip Clips cut_ak47mag Yes
m16_clip Clips p_m32mag Yes
mac10_clip Clips p_mac_10mag Yes
sniper_clip Clips p_snipermag Yes
blunt Blunt Drugs p_blunt Yes drugs:p_blunt
bong Bong Drugs p_bong Yes drugs:p_blunt
burgera The Twins Drugs Twins Yes drugs:BurgerA
chicken_bazooms Chicken Bazooms Drugs bazoom Yes
pipe Pipe Drugs p_pipe Yes drugs:p_blunt
spliff Spliff Drugs p_spliff Yes drugs:p_blunt
the_fist The Fist Drugs BurgerA Yes drugs:fistburger
40oz 40 oz. Drugs:thrown dolt45 Yes
gin_n_juice Gin N' Juice Drugs:thrown ginjuice Yes
hennessy Cognac Drugs:thrown cognac Yes
krystal Bubbly Drugs:thrown krystal Yes
large_softdrink Big Swallow Drugs:thrown softdrink Yes


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