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The Weapons Cache is a feature of Cribs in the Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Weapons Cache in Saints Row

It is present in all interior cribs, and allows access to stored weapons. It is a Crib feature in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, and Gateway feature in Saints Row IV. It is also in Saints Row: Total Control, but is not a crib feature.

Weapons in Saints Row are only added to the Weapons Cache after unlocking them through various methods. Weapons purchased or picked up are not added to the Weapons Cache, so some weapons are never available there.

In all sequels, weapons are automatically added to the Weapons Cache when they are picked up or purchased, but new weapons are not displayed in the Weapons Cache until after switching to another weapon. Picking weapons up on the street automatically adds them to the Weapons Cache, and there is no need to go to the Weapons Cache to "deposit" them.

The full Weapons Cache is accessible through the Store menu at either Brass Knuckles and Friendly Fire. Instructions to access the Weapons Cache are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Due of this, the Weapons Cache is available before unlocking the first Crib in each game.

Many weapons used in missions and activities are not retained after the mission ends. For instance, the weapons from the Stilwater Penitentiary Armory during "Jailbreak", and the weapons used during the Fuzz and Drug Trafficking Activities. In general, if the weapons are unlimited, or are weapons unavailable outside of the mission, they are not added to the Weapons Cache.



Weapons Cache in Saints Row 2

Weapon Cache in Saints Row: The Third

Weapon Cache in Saints Row IV

"Access Collected Weapons" menu in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Downtown Loft - Weapons Cache

Hotel Penthouse - Weapons Cache

Penthouse Loft - Weapons Cache

Prison Lighthouse - Weapons Cache glitched

Prison Lighthouse - Weapons Cache

Red Light Loft - Weapons Cache

Saints Hideout - Weapons Cache

Saints Row Mega Condo - Weapons Cache

University Loft - Weapons Cache