We're Going to Need Guns
We're Going to Need Guns complete
"We're Going to Need Guns" mission completion screen
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Marked: 33[1]. Minimum kills: 9[2]

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"We're Going to Need Guns" is the third mission in Saints Row: The Third.

...I love to make an entrance.
We're Going to Need Guns intro
Pierce, upon arrival and gunning down the advancing SNG.


Following on from the previous mission[3], Playa and Shaundi find themselves in the city of Steelport after escaping from Phillipe Loren.

The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy...only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.
— Phillipe Loren threatens Playa over the phone

The two head for Friendly Fire to arm themselves and then decide to raid the Guard Armory in Sierra Point to get some more firepower. Pierce arrives with the rest of the 3rd Street Saints via helicopters and after Pierce uses a Stork to steal a military bomb they all escape to Shaundi's Ex's Apartment, where they establish a temporary base.

At the apartment, the Saints commit themselves to avenging Gat's death, with Shaundi being the most affected.


We're Going to Need Guns - Protect the Bomb objective

This mission automatically starts upon completing I'm Free - Free Falling. It is not possible to exit this mission, only to restart it.

Steal a car

While Phillipe Loren confirms that Johnny Gat is dead over the phone, a Neuron is marked on the GPS, but entering any vehicle fulfils this objective.

Playa is armed with both a 45 Shepherd and a TEK Z-10, even if a 45 Shepherd was not picked up in the previous mission.

It is not possible to skip this objective. If Friendly Fire is used before entering a car, the weapon upgrade objective is displayed, but cannot be completed, and reverts to "Steal a car".

Access Cell Phone Map

Use the Cellphone to open the Map and select Friendly Fire in Henry Steel Mills

This objective can be skipped by setting the GPS before entering a vehicle.

This objective, and the next, can be skipped by going directly to Friendly Fire.

Entering Friendly Fire during this objective automatically opens the store menu.

Go to Friendly Fire

Head to Friendly Fire in Henry Steel Mills (northeast Downtown).

This objective does not appear until the Map is used, and can be completely skipped by going directly to Friendly Fire without opening the Map.

Entering Friendly Fire during this objective automatically opens the store menu.

Purchase a weapon upgrade

Weapon Upgrades are introduced.

Buying ammunition fulfills this objective.

If a Weapon Upgrade is previously purchased, this objective remains active until something else is purchased.

If Playa has less than $100, $100 is added automatically. It is possible to obtain a free $100 by first walking to Friendly Fire, buying an upgrade, then entering a car.

This objective remains active if not completed even after leaving Friendly Fire. Re-entering Friendly Fire while this objective is active does not result in the store menu opening automatically.

Exit Store

Leave the store menu.

Go to the Guard Armory

Drive to Sierra Point

Go to the Warehouse[4]

This objective flashes up for a split second when entering Sierra Point.

Find the weapons cache

The weapons cache is located inside Guard Armory in the south-east of the island.

Kill the guards

Upon nearing the Armory, there are 6 marked SNG soldiers outside it. They are armed with AS3 Ultimax shotguns and KA-1 Kobra pistols.

Find the weapons cache

The marker is located inside the Warehouse.

Kill the guards

Upon entering the Warehouse itself, there are 8 more marked SNG soldiers.

Find the weapons cache

The marker is now located at the rear corner of the Warehouse.

Hold your position

A KA-1 Kobra, TEK Z-10 and AS3 Ultimax spawn in the south east corner of the building.

There are multiple unmarked enemies, including two soldiers armed with Riot Shields.

Use the Reaper Drone

Once Pierce arrives, grab the nearby Reaper Drone. It has infinite ammo for this mission. Missiles can be dumb-fired or guided; dumb-fired missiles travel faster but guided missiles are more accurate and arguably more fun.

Protect the helicopters

During this objective, there are 5 marked SNG Bulldogs to destroy, as well as multiple others which are unmarked.

There are also green-marked Saints' Stork and Oppressors to avoid.

Destroy the tanks

There are 4 SNG Challengers to destroy, they are accompanied by infinitely spawning marked SNG Bulldogs, but these are not required to be destroyed.

Once the 4 Challengers are destroyed, the objective changes back to "Protect the helicopters" for several seconds, although no action is required.

Get in Pierce's chopper

Once Pierce is ready, he lowers his Oppressor helicopter outside the gates, while the Stork with the bomb is positioned immediately outside the Warehouse

If this mission is resumed from this Checkpoint, Playa spawns at the pickup location.

Protect the bomb

A level 4 K-8 Krukov is supplied for this section.[5] There at 7 Tornados which pursue the Saints, it is not a mission requirement to destroy them, although Shaundi may take some out, others may crash, and all remaining Tornados spontaneously explode upon reaching the destination.

During this portion of the mission, the Saints' helicopters are immune to friendly fire.

The mission is successfully completed once Pierce reaches Shaundi's Ex's Apartment. The next mission does not autostart, so Steelport can be explored freely before beginning the next mission.[6]


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission
  • Shaundi's Ex's Apartment unlocked
  • Reaper Drone unlocked
  • Saintsbook unlocked
  • Upgrades unlocked
  • Gang - Followers unlocked in the Upgrades menu after We're Going to Need Guns


Main article: Newscasts
We're Going to Need Guns radio newscasts media 00004
Jane Valderamma: "A light rain can refresh the soul and wash away the stains of the day. When that rain is several tons of metal, the stains are all that's left of the people caught in the downpour. Several National Guard helicopters suffered from some form of malfunction during what officials are saying was a training exercise. Though several eye witnesses report one helicopter carrying what looked like a bomb, no confirmation is being given. The wreckage is being cleared away and taken for further analysis in the hopes such an event will never happen again. This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Breaking News."


  • The newscasts for the previous two missions, "When Good Heists Go Bad" and "I'm Free - Free Falling", play during this mission.
  • The SNG logo, which is located on the ground in front of the warehouse, includes Mr. Toots, who appeared in Red Faction: Armageddon, another game made by Volition, Inc.[7]
  • The bomb that the 3rd Street Saints steal in this mission is the famous "Daisy Cutter" BLU-82B heavy weight bomb, which is usually dropped from a C-130 cargo plane.
  • A few seconds before the level ends, the weapon selection wheel becomes available.
    • If fists are selected, it appears as if Playa is still holding the K-8 Krukov, and they automatically face the building across from the side of the helicopter.
  • If the Reaper Drone is used again immediately after destroying all the tanks, the game may glitch and not progress to the next section of the mission.
  • The mission is impossible to complete if the Super Explosions Cheat is activated, as destroying an SNG Tornado detonates the bomb.
  • The Reaper Drone can be used to destroy military helicopters spawning around the base and to boost up the "Destroy Helicopters" Challenge.
  • The "Access Cell Phone Map" objective can be skipped. However it is impossible to do so during the Saints Row IV tutorial mission "The Fundamentals".
  • Before going to Friendly Fire, it is impossible to get police and Morningstar Notoriety.
    • It is possible to enter Sierra Point without getting Notoriety and steal an Eagle.
    • Although it is possible to get Deckers and Luchadores Notoriety, no enemy units are dispatched.
    • Because of this, all available Gang Operations can be destroyed without any enemy backup involved.
  • Male Voice 1 still says "We'll need a car" even if already in a vehicle.
  • There is an unused objective to "Eliminate The Reinforcements".
  • In Saints Row: The Third Remastered, Gang - Followers is not unlocked, so Homies cannot be called until it is purchased in the Upgrades menu.
  • In Saints Row: The Third Remastered, the DLC unlock screens shown after this mission are shortened, with most DLC being silently unlocked instead.



The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy...only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.
— Phillipe, "Body of Gat"

Loren's gonna pay for this.
— Shaundi, "Body of Gat Message"

Playa - Female 1: "Let's grab a ride and figure out where we are."
Playa - Female 2: "We need a new plan. First... Where are we, Shaundi?"
Playa - Female 3: "Where are we Shaundi..."
Playa - Male 1: "We'll need a car... Shaundi, you got any idea where we are?"
Playa - Male 2: "Shaundi...where the fuck are we?"
Playa - Male 3: "Shaundi, you got any clue where we're at?"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "Steelport... it's kinda like Bangkok's abusive father."
Playa - Female 1: "So you've been here before?"
Playa - Female 2: "Sounds nice. Have you been here before?"
Playa - Female 3: "When's the last time you were here?"
Playa - Male 1: "Been here before?"
Playa - Male 2: "You used to live here or somethin'?"
Playa - Male 3: "How do you know this place?"
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "Spring break..."
Playa - Female 1: "This where "Feel Boss" comes from? What the hell is it?"
Playa - Female 2: "So how many guys... never mind. What is this "Feel Boss" thing?"
Playa - Female 3: "You know what's up with the whole "Feel Boss" thing?"
Playa - Male 1: "Great. What the fuck does "Feel Boss" mean?"
Playa - Male 2: "What was up with the "Feel Boss" sign?"
Playa - Male 3: "Great. And what in the bloody hell is a "Feel Boss"?"
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "You don't wanna know."
Playa - Female 1: "Fine, be like that... So where we going?"
Playa - Female 2: "That bad? You can still get around the city, yes?"
Playa - Female 3: "You think you can show me around?"
Playa - Male 1: "Ok whatever, you know where we're going?"
Playa - Male 2: "Whatever, you know the city well?"
Playa - Male 3: "*sigh* Do you at least know where we can find some guns?"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Shaundi: "Look, I was really high the last time I was here. Just drive, it'll come back to me."
— "Mission Start"
Playa - Female 1: "I feel naked without a gun."
Playa - Female 2: "I am naked without my weapons. Where can we find guns?"
Playa - Female 3: "Where's the closest gun store?"
Playa - Male 1: "So, about getting a gun..."
Playa - Male 2: "What about a getting a gun?"
Playa - Male 3: "I have no bloody idea where we are."
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
Shaundi: "Why don't you just look up Friendly Fire on your phone?"
Playa - Female 1: "Come again?"
Playa - Female 2: "Friendly Fire does not deliver. That isn't helpful, Shaundi..."
Playa - Female 3: "What?"
Playa - Male 1: "What?"
Playa - Male 2: "What, and call 'em?"
Playa - Male 3: "Eh?"
Playa - Zombie: "Roars"
Shaundi: "It has GPS, right? Check your map."
— "GPS Tutorial for FF"
Playa - Female 1: "Call Pierce and fill him in."
Playa - Female 2: "You have been in contact with Pierce?"
Playa - Female 3: "We should let Pierce know what's up..."
Playa - Male 1: "We should let Pierce know what's up..."
Playa - Male 2: "Call Pierce and let him know what happened."
Playa - Male 3: "Shit I just realized we forgot about Pierce."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "I texted him. He's bringing the crew."
Playa - Female 1: "Any ideas how we can wrangle up a couple hundred guns?"
Playa - Female 2: "Then we will be needing a lot more guns. Any suggestions?"
Playa - Female 3: "We're pretty tapped for cash. Any ideas how we can score guns for the boys?"
Playa - Male 1: "Looks like we'll need more guns, any ideas?"
Playa - Male 2: "Whole crew? Any idea how we'll load 'em out?"
Playa - Male 3: "Then we'll need more guns. Any suggestions?"
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "Yeah, we raid the Guard Armory..."
Playa - Female 1: "That's why I count on you, hon."
Playa - Female 2: "Of course! Revolutions always strike first at the armories!"
Playa - Female 3: "Alright, sounds good to me..."
Playa - Male 1: "They have one of those here? Right on..."
Playa - Male 2: "That's what I love about you, girl!"
Playa - Male 3: "That's not a bad idea."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
Shaundi: "You can't be serious."
Playa - Female 1: "They have more than enough to go around. What's to worry about?"
Playa - Female 2: "Why not? They have guns, we need guns. What could possibly go wrong?"
Playa - Female 3: "What's wrong with robbing a military complex?"
Playa - Male 1: "We need guns, they have guns... I don't see the problem."
Playa - Male 2: "Goddamn right I'm serious, what's the problem?"
Playa - Male 3: "We need weapons. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Shaundi: "Getting shot comes to mind."
Playa - Female 1: "Bullets? Whatever, I dove through a moving plane..."
Playa - Female 2: "That's exciting, no? Makes you feel full of life, like attacking a tiger with a knife..."
Playa - Female 3: "Alright, lets's go with plan B: you raise money turning tricks..."
Playa - Male 1: "Blah blah bullets blah blah, I just flew through a fucking plane."
Playa - Male 2: "Did you not see me fly through a damn plane?"
Playa - Male 3: "Well we don't have the cash to buy 'em. Unless you wanted to go ask Josh Birk for a loan..."
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "Also a shitty idea..."
Playa - Female 1: "Way to channel Pierce. It's very natural sounding."
Playa - Female 2: "Alright, you win. I will storm the Armory. You may seek shelter with Josh Birk."
Playa - Female 3: "You could always get into the "Feel Boss" business..."
Playa - Male 1: "Woah, Pierce, where'd you come from, I thought I was talking to Shaundi..."
Playa - Male 2: "Ohhh... Did our little reality star forget where she came from?"
Playa - Male 3: "Well he won't listen to me. You on the other hand, could... persuade him."
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
Shaundi: "Not cool."
Playa - Female 1': "You been hanging out a lot? Going on some dates? Picking out place settings..."
Playa - Female 2: "Unfortunately, with myself likely dead and no where else for you to turn you will probably succumb to his charms, and in a few days..."
Playa - Female 3: "I'm just throwing out options here..."
Playa - Male 1: "Cause I mean- Pierce, well that guy bitches about everything and -"
Playa - Male 2: "I can't rob an armory, I have an immunity challenge to run."
Playa - Male 3: "Course you might have to "seal the deal" so to speak... But what's a little indecent proposal between friends?"
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
Shaundi: "Alright, alright we'll pick a fight with the military..."
Playa - Female 1: "That's my girl..."
Playa - Female 2: "Well, if you insist."
Playa - Female 3: "Atta girl..."
Playa - Male 1: "Good times..."
Playa - Male 2: "That's my girl..."
Playa - Male 3: "Alright, just remember this was YOUR idea."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
— "To Gun Store 1"
Playa - Female 1: "Coming here for Spring Break means you gotta know someone here."
Playa - Female 2: "Do you know anyone who might be living here?"
Playa - Female 3: "Know any guys who live around here?"
Playa - Male 1: "Anyone from the Spring Break days still live around here?"
Playa - Male 2: "Got anyone you can trust around here?"
Playa - Male 3: "Know any chaps around here?"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "Yeah, I keep up with one of my ex's."
Playa - Female 1: "His place big at all?"
Playa - Female 2: "Think his place might have room for the crew?"
Playa - Female 3: "You think he'd let us crash there?"
Playa - Male 1: "His place big enough for the crew?"
Playa - Male 2: "So he have crash space big enough for the crew?"
Playa - Male 3: "How's his flat?"
Playa - Zombie: "Roars"
Shaundi: "Already offered it to Pierce and the boys."
Playa - Female 1: "You kinda dodged that question..."
Playa - Female 2: "I do not think you answered my question..."
Playa - Female 3: "Man, you're really on top of this..."
Playa - Male 1: "That doesn't really answer the question."
Playa - Male 2: "That wasn't an answer..."
Playa - Male 3: "You didn't answer my question."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "I know."
— "To Gun Store 2"
Here's the cash I have on me.
— Shaundi, "Out of"

Playa - Female 1: "How far's the Armory?"
Playa - Female 2: "Where do I find the Armory?"
Playa - Female 3: "Where's this Armory?"
Playa - Male 1: "Where's this Armory?"
Playa - Male 2: "We close to the Armory?"
Playa - Male 3: "We getting glose?"
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
Shaundi: "Not far. It's on the GPS."
— "To Armory"
Shaundi: "Alright, the guns should all be in that warehouse."
Playa - Female 1: "Perfect... what's the plan to move it all?"
Playa - Female 2: "We could have a problem moving everything."
Playa - Female 3: "Wait. So how do we get them out of there?"
Playa - Male 1: "Great... how're we moving everything?"
Playa - Male 2: "Shit, that should be enough... but how we gettin' it out of here?"
Playa - Male 3: "How the fuck are we gonna get them out?"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Shaundi: "Maybe you should have thought about that before attacking an armory."
Playa - Female 1: "Ok, fair, but it's a real good question."
Playa - Female 2: "It was your idea, remember? There must be something we can use."
Playa - Female 3: "Yeah, yeah... seriously how are we gonna do this with just the two of us?"
Playa - Male 1: "Yeah, yeah... seriously how are we gonna do it?"
Playa - Male 2: "Fine, you're right. But seriously, how we moving it all?"
Playa - Male 3: "I like to live in the moment."
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Shaundi: "Don't worry, Pierce has that covered."
— "Arrive Warehouse"
Playa - Female 1: "It's like they don't want to invite us in."
Playa - Female 2: "They don't seem very welcoming, do they?"
Playa - Female 3: "Guess they're not letting us in."
Playa - Male 1: "Guess they're not letting us in."
Playa - Male 2: "I don't think they want us here!"
Playa - Male 3: "Don't think they're gonna let us in."
Playa - Zombie: "Babbles"
Shaundi: "Shooting them probably doesn't help change their mind."
— "Arrive Combat"
Shaundi: "Geez... look at the size of that thing. Bet that's a helluva way to end a gun fight."
Playa - Female 1: "Let's take it with and find out..."
Playa - Female 2: "Good thinking, Shaundi. We will take it with us."
Playa - Female 3: "It will be mine...oh will be mine."
Playa - Male 1: "Good idea. We'll take it with and find out."
Playa - Male 2: "No doubt... Hope Pierce has room for this thing."
Playa - Male 3: "You're right. Let's take it with."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "Yeah, right... Wait. You're serious, aren't you."
— "Bomb"
Shaundi: "Here's the weapons cache. And these look like UAV drone controls over here."
Playa - Female 1: "Did you really say "Look like UAV drone controls"?"
Playa - Female 2: "You recognize UAV drone controls? You have been sleeping with special forces, yes?"
Playa - Female 3: "UAV drone controls? Are you listening to yourself, Shaundi?"
Playa - Male 1: "Look like UAV drone controls? Who the fuck says that?"
Playa - Male 2: "How the fuck you know what the hell those things are?"
Playa - Male 3: "Looks like UAV drones? Who talks like that?"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Shaundi: "Ok, is this really the time?"
Playa - Female 1: "Hey, you're the one who said it."
Playa - Female 2: "Shaundi, have you been holding out on me?"
Playa - Female 3: "I'm just sayin' that was eerily specific."
Playa - Male 1: "I'm just sayin'..."
Playa - Male 2: "Hey, I was just askin'."
Playa - Male 3: "I'm just saying."
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
— "Defend Area"
Playa - Female 1: "This isn't going quite as planned."
Playa - Female 2: "If this keeps up much longer, I think we will be in trouble!"
Playa - Female 3: "This was probably a bad idea..."
Playa - Male 1: "This really seemed like a better idea earlier on!"
Playa - Male 2: "Maybe I should of listened to you, girl..."
Playa - Male 3: "This isn't going as well as I'd hoped."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
Shaundi: "You think? Pierce, where are you?"
Pierce: "You know me..."
— "Calvary"

Cutscene #1Edit

...I love to make an entrance.
— Pierce, arriving with several Oppressors


Shaundi: "If we're stayin', maybe it's time to try those UAV drones."
Playa - Female 1: "You said it again..."
Playa - Female 2: "I am going to find your phone number on the controls, yes?"
Playa - Female 3: " you're just saying that to piss me off."
Playa - Male 1: "Again with the "UAV drones"..."
Playa - Male 2: "Seriously, how do you fucking know what that is?"
Playa - Male 3: "Again with the "UAV drones"?"
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
Shaundi: "Just shut up and use the damn things!"
Pierce: "Why aren't we getting the hell outta here?"
Shaundi: "The boss won't leave without the bomb!"
Pierce: "You gotta be kidding me!"
Playa - Female 1: "Pierce, trust me on this."
Playa - Female 2: "You should trust me, Pierce."
Playa - Female 3: "Stay focused Pierce!"
Playa - Male 1: "Less bitching, more shooting!"
Playa - Male 2: "Someday you'll all thank me."
Playa - Male 3: "Less talk, more murder!"
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
— "Satellite Start"

Drone Operator #1: "Did you just launch?!"
Drone Operator #2: "That wasn't me! I swear!"
— "Drone Operator 1"

Drone Operator #1: "Stop firing!"
Drone Operator #2: "I'm not!"
— "Drone Operator 2"

Drone Operator #1: "Oh god, there's another one!"
Drone Operator #2: "We gotta shut this thing down!"
— "Drone Operator"

Shaundi: "You think we got enough guns?"
Playa - Female 1: "Do I really need to answer that?"
Playa - Female 2: "Perhaps for now. We'll see."
Playa - Female 3: "Please. You know what my answer to that is going to be."
Playa - Male 1: "No such thing."
Playa - Male 2: "Would I ever say yes to that?"
Playa - Male 3: "That was a rhetorical question I hope."
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "So once we're loaded up we're going after Loren, right?"
Playa - Female 1: "Oh yeah, don't worry."
Playa - Female 2: "In good time, Shaundi."
Playa - Female 3: "Hell yeah."
Playa - Male 1: "Don't worry, I got a plan..."
Playa - Male 2: "Damn right, girl."
Playa - Male 3: "All in due time."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
— "Stash Combat 1"
Playa - Female 1: "Pierce, you ready yet?"
Playa - Female 2: "Talk to me, Pierce."
Playa - Female 3: "You ready yet Pierce?"
Playa - Male 1: "How's it coming, Pierce?"
Playa - Male 2: "Pierce, we ready to go?"
Playa - Male 3: "Ready, Pierce?"
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "Almost packed up."
Playa - Female 1: "Make it quick."
Playa - Female 2: "Keep me informed."
Playa - Female 3: "Thank God."
Playa - Male 1: "The sooner the better."
Playa - Male 2: "Faster would be nice."
Playa - Male 3: "Don't keep me waiting."
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
— "Stash Combat 2"
Pierce: "We're all set. Get in the chopper!"
Playa - Female 1: "Whatever you say."
Playa - Female 2: "I thought you would never finish!"
Playa - Female 3: "On our way."
Playa - Male 1: "On our way."
Playa - Male 2: "Let's go, Shaundi."
Playa - Male 3: "Be right there."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Get In Chopper"
Pierce: "Dammit, these guys are a pain in my ass."
Shaundi: "We can't let them blow up the bomb... or Pierce, that'd be bad."
Playa - Female 1: "Way to prioritize..."
Playa - Female 2: "No one will blowing up my pier... My bomb."
Playa - Female 3: "I'm on it..."
Playa - Male 1: "I'm on it..."
Playa - Male 2: "I'm handlin' that shit."
Playa - Male 3: "Thank you Captain Obvious."
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
— "Protect Bomb"
Shaundi: "Be easier if these things weren't moving so fast."
Shaundi: "Fuck, keep it steady up there!"
Shaundi: "Pierce, just keep going. We're clearing them out."
— "Chopper Combat"
Pierce: "I'm still getting hit here."
Pierce: "Don't think these dials are supposed to be spinning like this."
Pierce: "What's takin' so long to get those things down?"
Pierce: "Whatchu guys waiting for?!"
— "Radio Chatter"
Shaundi: "Nice!"
Pierce: "Wooo!"
Shaundi: "Good shooting, boss."
— "Nice Hit"
Shaundi: "I see my ex's place. Take it down over there."
Pierce: "There's gonna be enough room for this shit, right?"
Playa - Female 1: "Oh, totally..."
Playa - Female 2: "Do you not trust us?"
Playa - Female 3: "Looks like we're gonna find out..."
Playa - Male 1: "Maybe?"
Playa - Male 2: "We'll find out."
Playa - Male 3: "...yyyes?"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Arrive at Studio"

Cutscene #2Edit

Shaundi: "So what's next?"
Playa: "What's next is you go back to Stilwater."
Shaundi: "What? No - this is my fight, too."
Pierce: "Girl, you don't get messy. Let us take care of business."
Shaundi: "Fuck you, I'm doing this for Johnny."
Playa: "Alright. Well...if we're gonna bring in the boys, we're gonna need a new place."
Shaundi: "You're worried about real-estate? We have guns, let's use 'em."
Playa: "Relax, Shaundi--we got it all covered."
— End cutscene


Shaundi: "Wow, that still exists?"
Playa - Female 1: "Huh?"
Playa - Female 2: "You know this place?"
Playa - Female 3: "What are you looking at?"
Playa - Male 1: "What?"
Playa - Male 2: "You used to hang there?"
Playa - Male 3: "What still exists?"
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
Shaundi: "That's where I used to score weed."
— "Calling Out Places 1"

Shaundi: "Spent most of the time over there, baked outta my mind."
Shaundi: "Oh, fuck that place."
Shaundi: "That's where I had my first... um, on second thought, that one's kinda personal."
— "Calling Out Places"

Playa - Female 1: "Damn, this this IS fun!"
Playa - Female 1: "Heads up!"
Playa - Female 1: "Shaundi, you're missing out."
Playa - Female 1: "They ain't stopping me now."
Playa - Female 1: "This one's for you."
Playa - Female 1: "You aren't getting near that bomb."
Playa - Female 2: "Bombs awaaaaaay!"
Playa - Female 2: "Hey, you, I got you something!"
Playa - Female 2: "I love setting off fireworks!"
Playa - Female 2: "I love this!"
Playa - Female 2: "I want this in my next car."
Playa - Female 2: "Shaundi you should try... you probably have tried this."
Playa - Male 1: "Aaaaaaaand boom."
Playa - Male 1: "Got something for you."
Playa - Male 1: "I have got to get me one of these..."
Playa - Male 1: "Shaundi, you gotta give this a try."
Playa - Male 1: "That's right, catch."
Playa - Male 1: "This is too cool..."
Playa - Male 2: "Just try running."
Playa - Male 2: "Thank -- you -- Shaundi!"
Playa - Male 2: "That's right!"
Playa - Male 2: "Think you can catch this?"
Playa - Male 2: "You ain't getting past me now!"
Playa - Male 2: "You gotta try this Pierce!"
Playa - Male 3: "Catch this you prick."
Playa - Male 3: "I could do this for hours!"
Playa - Male 3: "I need one of these."
Playa - Male 3: "Now I know how God feels..."
Playa - Male 3: "Release the kraken!"
Playa - Male 3: "Special delivery!"
Playa - Zombie: "Babbles"
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
— "Fun With"
Keep these guys off the stash while we get it loaded up.
— Pierce, "Protect"

You think?!
— Shaundi, "Reactor"

Pierce: "If we get shot down, kiss your rescue goodbye!"
Pierce: "Watch what you're shooting! Those helis are ours!"
Pierce: "You trying to shoot our guys down?"
— "Stop Shooting My"


  • Pierce arrives in Steelport via an Oppressor
  • Pierce attacks the SNG who are closing in on Playa and Shaundi. Mr. Toots is featured on the SNG logo; who appeared in Red Faction: Armageddon (another game made by Volition, Inc.).
  • Another group of 3rd Street Saints join Pierce.
  • The soldiers attempt to fight back.
  • Soldiers being gunned down.
  • Playa, Shaundi, and Pierce at Shaundi's Ex's Apartment.
  • Playa consoles Shaundi over Johnny Gat's death.
  • The mission failure screen seen if Pierce's helicopter is destroyed.
  • The final image used at the end of the mission.
  • UI image used when saving after this mission.

Star saints

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  1. Note: 14 soldiers, 5+ Bulldogs, 4 Challengers, 10 Tornados.
  2. Note: 5 Bulldogs and 4 Challengers during the Reaper Drone objective. There appear to be 2 enemies in each vehicle, and it's difficult not to kill other enemies. The first wave of Bulldogs must be eliminated before the Tanks spawn, but it is possible for the Saints to destroy them.
  3. Mission: I'm Free - Free Falling
  4. Image:
    We're Going to Need Guns - Go to the Warehouse objective

    "Go to the Warehouse" objective

  5. Image:
    We're Going to Need Guns - Level 4 K-8 Krukov

    We're Going to Need Guns - Level 4 K-8 Krukov

  6. Mission: Steelport Here I Am
  7. Image:
    We're Going to Need Guns - SP Brigade Air Cav Training logo featuring Mr Toots

    SP Brigade Air Cav Training logo featuring Mr Toots

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