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Warped Weapon is a weapon in the Gamestop Weapon Contest DLC for Saints Row IV.


The Polarizer is the only costume for the Warped Weapon.

Charge Capacity and Recharge Rate can all be upgraded 5 levels each, there is no "ultimate upgrade".

The Polarizer operates like the Inflato-Ray, as they do not act like the other shotgun weapons. It fires a beam that functions similarly to the Telekinesis Super Power, but can pick up multiple targets verses the one target that Telekinesis can, and can fire groups in multiple directions verses the direction Playa is aiming with Telekinesis. It uses Charge Capacity and does not run out of ammo, and fires continuously until the trigger is let off or the Charge Capacity runs dry. The Polarizer works at longer ranges like the Thumpgun and Inflato-Ray, although it can be considered more effective at closer ranges than the Inflato-Ray, as The Polarizer only needs to touch a target before the trigger can be released and sends the enemy flying, while the Inflato-Ray needs to be targeted for a while before damage is done.

The Polarizer suffers from long recharge times and is useless until the gun recharges enough, and requires DLC purchase.


  • No ammo required (uses charge capacity)
  • Can pick up both infantry and vehicles
  • Can pick up multiple targets
  • Requires more accurate aiming than the Semi-Auto Shotgun and Pump-Action Shotgun
  • Mostly useless against flying vehicles
  • Requires DLC purchase


  • The weapon's effect is similar to Telekinesis, although the Warped Weapon can collect multiple enemies/vehicles/objects at once.
  • "The Polarizer" was voted as the winner of an online "GameStop-sponsored" event called the "Saints Row IV Warped Weapon Challenge", which occurred in late 2013.[2]


Weapon - The Polarizer unlock screen

Concept art

Warped Weapon promo

Warped Weapon's Upgrades

Warped Weapon in use

Warped Weapon in use

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    Weapon - The Polarizer unlock screen

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