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Wardill Airport is a building in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

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The airport is located in the Wardill Airport Neighborhood in the Airport District.

It is close to the Hapton Hotel.

Saints RowEdit

The interior of the airport is not accessible during regular gameplay, and is only used in the Co-op mission, "Turbulence", and in the Holding Pattern map for Protect Tha Pimp.

Saints Row 2Edit

Ther interior of the airport is accessible at all times. The basic layout is mostly the same, although some sections have been improved and expanded, and contains 2 Stores.

The building is featured in the "Orange Threat Level" mission.

There are 2 levels, with 3 entrances, the front door, an open jet bridge and a roof-top door with helicopter access, where a Thompson usually spawns.

There is a Charred Hard Burgers and a Branded inside the main building, as well as two unmarked Zombie Uprising locations at a pretzel machine: One between gates C4 and C6, and the other outside a store named "Jive Turkeys" at the southmost point of the building.

A CD can be found at the end of the open jet bridge.



  • According to the departure screen, all flights are delayed.
  • There are signs that read Noitilov Airlines. Noitilov is the game's developer Volition backwards.
  • The loading bay on the east side of the lower level is only accessible during "Orange Threat Level", and can be explored outside of the mission by using the Newspaper Clipboard to glitch out of the mission.
    • It is also possible to make the roller door disappear by parking a bike, such as a Sandstorm, parallel to the door.


  • Minimap - Wardill Airport in Saints Row
  • Wardill Airport - 3 level map in Saints Row
  • Wardill Airport Interior vending machines in Saints Row
  • Wardill Airport Interior information desk in Saints Row
  • Wardill Airport Interior couches in Saints Row
  • Wardill Airport Interior banners in Saints Row
  • The front entrance, as seen from outside in Saints Row 2
  • Airport departures screen
  • Wardill Airport "skyline sign co"
  • Parachute vending machine
  • Security warning
  • Wardill Airport building - branded
  • Wardill Airport building - check in area
  • Wardill Airport building - clocks and displays
  • Wardill Airport building - exterior taxi area
  • Wardill Airport building - front entrance
  • Wardill Airport building - glass overhangs
  • Wardill Airport building - hall
  • Wardill Airport building - Home Skillet and vending machines
  • Wardill Airport building - Just in Case parachute vending machine
  • Wardill Airport building - looking upwards
  • Wardill Airport building - stairs and walkways
  • Wardill Airport building - Tysonians


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