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Vulture logo
Vulture - front right
The Vulture in Ultor Exposed


Hostage class







120 SR2
140 SRTT





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Ultor Exposed
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV


3rd Street Saints

Law Enforcement

Ultor, SNG


Trojan Whores SRTT

Randomly Parked


The Vulture is a vehicle in Ultor Exposed, Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row IV.

Saints Row 2: Ultor ExposedEdit

This helicopter is big and resistant, yet can almost keep up with a Tornado in flight. It could transport a maximum of four passengers. Like the AB Destroyer, it can lose its stub wings with impacts, making unable to shoot missiles.

It is equipped with minigun and rockets. Like the Tornado, it has a high rate of fire for the machine gun and missiles that lock-on to their targets and fire at a slow rate.


This variant is added to the Garage upon downloading the DLC. It is available only in camouflage grey/black with the Ultor logo on the front and Masako logos on its stub wings.


The open-door variant is used by the Masako during America's Next Top Scientist. While it appears to lack doors, it is impossible to shoot through the open space, and the Vulture eventually explodes if shot like this.

During the mission America's Next Top Scientist, two parked Vultures spawn during the objective "Drive the truck over to the news van". One is located in the parking lot south west of Friendly Fire in Somerset. One is parked in the middle of the street at the southern end of Stilwater University. The one in Stilwater University is visible from Mount , and is the starting location for the 6 attacking Vultures.

Saints Row The ThirdEdit

In Saints Row: The Third, there are 4 variants of the Vulture: Average, NG, Morningstar, Saints

This version of the Vulture sports a slower-firing and more powerful auto-cannon which can quickly destroy any vehicle, and fast-firing non-guided missiles (up to 30 with out a delay). However, if too many are used (as indicated by the "ammo bar"), a short cooldown period is initiated in which no rockets can be fired until the flashing ammo bar disappears, though the machine-gun may still be used without such delay.


The Average variant is unlocked in the Garage after "Trojan Whores", is wanted by BJ Barnes in Vehicle Theft, is used in Cat & Mouse, and is the variant added to the Garage by the cheat "givevulture".

This variant is coloured "National Guard Green", and does not have lines on the wings.


This variant sports the usual SNG desert paint and black decals. It is flown by guardsmen at level 5 police notoriety.

This variant is coloured "National Guard Tan", and has an extra "Heli Seams" decal - most visibly having lines on the wings.

SNG do not use the Vulture when STAG is in the city.[2]


This variant features an all-purple body with a white fleur-de-lis on the fuselage, undercarriage and the tail. It has also white SAINTS writings on the fuselage and a small purple and white Polish Air Force roundel behind its stub wings. The Saints variant of the Vulture is usable during Stanfield Heli Assault Activities as well as in the mission "STAG Film". The helicopter is not obtainable outside these missions.


The Morningstar variant of the Vulture only appears in the mission "Trojan Whores". It has a black body with a pink Syndicate star on the cockpit, undercarriage and the tail. There is also Cyrillic-like writing which reads "Eastern European" and similar black and pink checkerboard behind its stub wings. With the help of a Fart in a Jar as well as some luck, the helicopter can be forced to land at the Saints HQ. However, it is not possible to store it in the helipad Garage.

Saints Row IVEdit

The Vulture can be obtained by playing Cat & Mouse until the attacker spawns in a Vulture. Once the attacker spawns in a Vulture, it can be saved to the Garage.


  • Average
  • NG
  • Morningstar
  • Saints
  • Spotlight
Star saints

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Saints Row 2: Ultor ExposedEdit

  • Despite having weapons, Ultor use this helicopter as a transport vehicle only.
  • The Vulture takes many design elements from the Mil Mi-8 "Hip", a Russian transport helicopter with some armaments belonging to the Mi-24 Hind.
    • When the Vulture loses its stub wings, it looks like a Mil Mi-8.
  • Since the Vulture has 4 seats, it can be a useful armed-helicopter for transporting homies.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • The Cheat for this vehicle is "givevulture".
  • The Vulture seats four crew in a pair of two-seat cockpits, while the real aircraft has two one-seat cockpits, with an additional transport compartment to the rear which can seat up to eight.
  • The Vulture resembles the Mil Mi-24 "Hind", a Soviet built Attack Helicopter with Transport Capabilities and can seat 4. However, unlike its real life counterpart, the Vulture cannot take much punishment before being destroyed.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle.


  • Vulture promo image
  • The Vulture with a Tornado behind it
  • Vulture - front right
  • Vulture - right
  • Vulture - top
  • An open door Vulture from the Ultor Exposed DLC
  • Vulture in the Garage
  • Vulture Minigun-Rocket
  • Vulture with logo
  • The Vulture in the IGN Fighter Jet Video
  • The Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • Saint's variant of the Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • The Morningstar variant of the of the Vulture
  • The underside of the Morningstar Vulture
  • The Morningstar variant in flight
  • The writing on the side of the Vulture
  • Saints logo on the side of a Vulture
  • A Vulture, demonstrating its rocket firing capabilities
  • Vultures during STAG Film
  • Vulture in Saints Row: The Third
  • Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • Average Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • Morningstar Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • NG Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • Spotlight Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • Saints Vulture in Saints Row IV
  • Saints Vulture in Saints Row IV

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