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Viola and Kiki quotes
— Viola and Kiki[2]


They’re the number two in the Syndicate [...] If they weren’t around, everything would descend into chaos.
— Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third describing Viola and her sister Kiki

Viola is the twin sister of Kiki DeWynter, they are the lieutenants of the Morning Star gang led by Phillipe Loren.[1] Viola is well endowed and has a buxom figure, wearing tight, black clothing to accentuate this, much like her twin sister.

She can be identified by the color of her sunglasses; Viola wears white sunglasses, purple when she joins the Saints[3]Broken {{ref}} (blank parameter) , whilst Kiki wears pink. However after the death of Kiki, Viola begins to wear pink shades, along with purple nail polish to signify her respect for her sister and her association with the Saints respectively.


She is a Harvard Business School graduate[reference?] but instead of entering legitimate business she, along with her sister, entered the service of Phillipe Loren and his Morning Star gang. Loren quite liked Viola and her sister and they became his criminal protégés.[4] Viola and her sister operate a front as art dealers in the city of Steelport; in secret they operate Morning Star's human trafficking and prostitution rings, as well as run finances for the Syndicate, having increased the Syndicate profits tenfold in Steelport. Also, it has been stated in several sources such as Xbox Magazine and a brief interview with Sasha Grey, that the twins are Philippe's hieresses to the leadership of the Syndicate and Morning Star.[reference?]

According to Viola's voice actress Sasha Grey, the DeWynters are also Philippe's Personal Assisstants, managing his personal life and day-to-day business affairs.[reference?]

Saints Row: The Third

Viola and Kiki DeWynter

A scan from GameInformer's exclusive Saints Row: The Third reveal, revealing some information on the DeWynter sisters

It is known that Viola and her sister are sent by Phillipe Loren to bail the Protagonist, Shaundi and Johnny Gat out of jail and bring them to him.[reference?]

The DeWynter sisters also became acquainted with Zimos, the oldest pimp in Steelport. Their friendship came to a catastrophic end when Zimos slept with one of them. Zimos don't know which since he can't tell who is who. But the end result is that Zimos ended up in a gimp suit and locked in the basement of one of Morning Star's brothels, the Safeword.[4]

At some point in the game Viola joins the 3rd Street Saints[5]. The reason being that Killbane killed her sister after an assassination attempt orchestrated by them failed, Killbane then lost his temper when Kiki called him Eddie, causing him to snap her neck. [6][7]

Viola meets with the player when STAG first invades the city and she helps the player escape with an elevator. The mission before she is the one who calls the player telling he/she about The Syndicate cargo carrying a bunch of hos.

After she joins the crew the next mission Viola and the player will disguise as actors to kidnap Josh "Nyte Blayde" Birk. She is dressed up as a very revealing slutty nun outfit (called the "bloody canoness") while the player looks like a priest, which she did not like one bit. She also helps in defending an attack from STAG who want to have Josh Birk returned to them.

Kill Killbane

If the player chooses to kill Killbane during the final mission 'Three Way', the player kills Killbane while allowing Shaundi, Viola and Mayor Reynolds to die.[reference?] Afterwards the Saints throw a party to remember Shaundi, though leaving out Viola and Burt Reynolds. Though when, planting bombs on the Daedalus the Boss will say (Specifically Female voice 1)"One for Shaundi, one for Viola, one for my crew and one just for me", so it's likely that Viola would have gotten a memorial as well or that memorial was for both, but the Boss just gave a Shaundi's speech first. In anycase, it's clear the boss mourns her death.

Save Shaundi and Viola

If the player chooses to save the two Saints and Mayor Reynolds, they must fight through an ongoing war between S.T.A.G and the Luchadores. After this the player must disarm the bombs while traveling up the statue. After the player reached the top, they must fight Kia, who is holding Shaundi as a human shield, while Viola and Mayor Reynolds are tied up. After the ordeal, it is unknown what happened to Viola, as she isn't seen in the movie Gangsta's in Space.



  • During the cutscene of Gang Bang she is clearly wearing her white glasses but as soon as the actual gameplay starts she is wearing purple, almost like she knew she was going to join the Saints. (Or more likely its a design oversight.)
  • While she and her sister were identified as expert assassins in previous press releases, it was confirmed by Volition, Inc. that this was a misunderstanding and that they aren't expert assassins but instead only hire expert assassins.[8]
  • Originally, Viola and her sister Kiki were Japanese twins called Natsuko and Yukako, nicknamed Suki and Yuki for short. They led their own all-female gang, to contrast with the original Morning Star concept of an all-male gang. The two gangs were merged to streamline the story, and the DeWynters were made caucasian to avoid the stereotype of "badass Asian chicks that are subservient to an older man".[9]
    • Steve Jaros, lead writer for Saints Row: The Third, explained he "named [the twins] Viola and Kiki DeWynter, after RPG characters" that he and his friend played.[9]
    • The game data files internally reference Viola as "Suko", proving it was changed after the early concept stages.
  • Viola has a master's in economics.
  • She and Kiki also appear to be extremely exceptional artist, based on Zimos's original Dewynter painting, based on Andy Warhol's 'pop art'.Broken {{ref}} (blank parameter)
  • Though identical, Viola seems to be the nicer one and the more obedient of the two, as she says "yes sir" and commonly doesn't fuss at all to her bosses.
  • The only obvious physical differences between the sisters are that Kiki wears pink glasses while Viola wears white glasses.
  • Like fellow Saint Tera Patrick, Viola drives a Temptress.
  • Viola and her sister, Kiki, share many similarities with Vice King lieutenant, Tanya Winters, including a similar surname, hair color, and talents in running prostiution given that they both run well-funded and luxurious brothels (i.e. Tanya owned the Prawn Court Brothel and the DeWynter's own Safeword in Steelport.
  • Viola can be killed at one point in Saints Row: The Third. If the player chooses to kill Killbane, she and Shaundi are killed in the explosion. After that, the player can no longer call Viola and Shaundi up as homies, unless the player plays the mission Three Way again, choosing to save Shaundi.
  • Despite many articles showing her and Kiki with short black hair and black leather pants, in game and later trailers they both wear their hair in very high-ponytail and black skirts with black stockings.
  • After defecting to the Saints, Viola's sunglasses change from white to purple, to show her new affiliation with the gang.
  • Viola is the only known character to be an initial antagionist to later join the Saints, though Benjamin King assisted the Saints before disappearing.
  • "Viola" is Italian for the color purple, the 3rd Street Saints color.
  • Viola has a few similarities with fellow Saint Tera Patrick. Both of them are voiced by former pornstars, drive the same car (a Temptress) and both worked for the opposing factions.




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