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Vinnie is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Vinnie is a Loan Shark who loans Playa some Cash in Saints Row.[1]

Vinnie is a film producer who hires Playa to work security for porn stars on the red carpet.[2]


  • Vinnie has an additional unused model in Saints Row 2 with a slightly different coloured suit.


Vinnie: "No you piece of shit, I don't care...did I say I was looking for excuses or my money...You got 2 days. After that I'm takin' the guitar you bought and the hand that strums it, you understand me...Goodbye."
Vinnie: "Sorry 'bout that, my brother's a musician. So, are you looking for a loan?"
Vinnie, during the "Family Ties" cutscene
Vinnie: "Siddown, Siddown..."
Vinnie: "You look good...different, but good."
Playa: "I been getting that a lot lately."
Vinnie: "We'll it's true...word is you're still runnin' with the Saints."
Playa: "Actually, I'm running the Saints."
Vinnie: "Ah, Really? That's great...hey ya know, I uh, got a promotion myself."
Playa: "Outta the loan sharking business?"
Vinnie: "Yeah, Mike and Dan decided to go be professional poker players, so I figured it was time to do bigger and better things..."
Playa: "Like what?"
Vinnie: "I've moved into films."
Playa: "No shit? Whaddya worked on?"
Vinnie: "Let's see, "Cock of Cthulu" starring D.P. Lovecrack, "Bukkake High School 31" starring Abby Hamherstein, "The Cable Man From Bangalore" starring Anoop "The Indian Hammer" Shekar..."
Playa: "Classics in our own time."
Vinnie: "Ain't that the truth...anyway, I got a couple of flicks openin' up soon, and I'd like for you to run security. Porn fans are...well, porn fans: and I don't want nothin' to happen to my talent, ya know?"
Playa: "I love show biz."
Crowd Control cutscene, Hotels & Marina District


Loan Shark - Family Ties - Vinnie

Loan Shark - Vinnie on the phone

Loan Shark - Vinnie - character model in Saints Row

Crowd Control - Vinnie

Vinnie - character model in Saints Row 2

Vinnie - cutscene - character model in Saints Row 2


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