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Philip Anthony-Rodriguez[1]

Victor Rodriguez is a character in Saints Row.


Victor Rodriguez is the Carnales' primary enforcer. He is said to have survived over a dozen Vice King drive-bys[2] and survives a point-blank gunshot in one cutscene.[3]

Victor Rodriguez is discussing business with Los Carnales leader Hector Lopez when Hector soon receives a phone call about what the 3rd Street Saints have done to their operations and orders both Victor and his brother Angelo Lopez to "tear Saint's Row apart".[4] Together Angelo and Victor lead the first incursion into Saint's Row and although they manage to get away, the attack is ultimately foiled by the Saints.[5]

After the assassination of Hector,[6] Victor supports Angelo[7] in his ascension as the new leader of the Carnales, even though Angelo lacks the same experience and effectiveness as his brother. He later try to ambush Playa and Dex as they are making their way to a strip club in retaliation for Hector's death, but fails to catch them.[8]

Not ready to give in, Victor decides to lead a second incursion into Saint's Row in which he and his gang storm the Saints Row Church with the intent to kill everyone inside. While Los Carnales take the fight directly to the Saints, Victor patrols around the back of the church in his customized Bulldog. Once the Saints start to gain the upper hand, Playa quickly exits the church and destroys Victor's vehicle. After this, the Saints gang up on Victor and after an intense shootout, he succumbs to multiple gunshot wounds and dies.[9] Troy Bradshaw later smugly lights a cigarette off of the still burning corpse of Victor, much to Dex's disgust.[10]


  • Victor Rodriguez is unable to speak English throughout the whole of the story and can only speak Spanish.
  • In the mission "Meeting Orejuela", Victor chases Playa away with his Bulldog. It can be destroyed, but Victor still survives this and continues to chase Playa on foot, showing his extreme resistance to damage.
    • In the mission "Strength in Numbers" he still drives his Bulldog regardless of it being destroyed in the previous mission.
  • Victor's appearance is similar to that of actor Danny Trejo who often plays tough guys and thugs.
  • In proper Spanish, Victor's name would be spelled "Víctor Rodríguez".


Did I ever tell you Victor was a friend of Maero's? It was a tattoo thing.
Luz 3421 Victor was a friend of Maeros
— Luz to Playa during Drug Trafficking


  • Victor Rodriguez talking to Hector and Angelo Lopez
  • Victor's picture
  • Victor in his bulldog
  • The death of Victor Rodriguez

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