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None Vehicles in Saints Row 2

This is a full list of Vehicles in Saints Row.


There are 80 Vehicles in Saints Row.

  • 23 do not appear in any other games, including both DLC vehicles.
  • 58 vehicles from Saints Row return in Saints Row 2.
  • There are also 2 DLC vehicles which require additional payment to unlock.

When in Stilwater, driving a vehicle is faster and safer than walking. Vehicles are either two door or four which allows 3 passengers to accompany Playa. Most cars can be customized at Rim Jobs. Customizable features include body mods, rims, color changes, hydraulics and nitrous. Some vehicles cannot be customized as they are unique or not available for it. Vehicles are available through purchase at a car dealership, Cheats or stealing. Most cars have a specific location in places to obtain and some have certain times.