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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the diversion in the third and fourth games. For the similar activity in the first two games, see Chop Shop.
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Vehicle Theft is a Diversion in Saints Row: The Third. In Saints Row IV, it is known as Virus Collection.[1]


The objective of the Vehicle Theft is to hijack specific vehicle and drive it back to drop-off point. The player is awarded Cash and Respect/XP for completing each task.

Saints Row: The Third[]

Accessible from the Saintsbook menu in the Cellphone, Vehicle Theft tasks the player with delivering certain vehicles for clients.

There are five contacts, each asking for six vehicles. The first four (Dieter, Andi Dae, Grieves, Rigg) are available after the mission "We're Going to Need Guns" and the last one (BJ Barnes) becomes available after the mission "Gang Bang", as it contains STAG vehicles.

Vehicle Theft can be difficult as some of the vehicles are difficult to obtain, either because they spawn a great distance from the Chop Shop, or due to the large amount of Notoriety that comes with stealing the vehicle.

After completing "My Name is Cyrus Temple", the bridges to the Downtown District become raised after martial law is declared by STAG, making it difficult to deliver vehicles that suffer from poor performance or low damage thresholds. It is recommended to complete as many Vehicle Thefts as possible before completing the mission.

As with Chop Shop, when delivering a vehicle from the garage, that vehicle is removed from the garage.

Saints Row IV[]

SRIV map start chopshop.png

Virus Collection description

The Diversion is returning in Saints Row IV, but is renamed to Virus Collection. Unlike Vehicle Theft in Saints Row: The Third, when specific vehicle is delivered to drop-off point, the player gets that vehicle as award.

Also, as every Target Diversion, Virus Collection is needed for City Takeover.

In addition to starting Virus Collection from locations marked on the map, it is possible to start them from the Side Quest menu in the Hub.


There are various differences between Vehicle Theft and Chop Shop, most of these differences are similar to Hijacking.

  • The vehicles in each list must be delivered in order.
  • The vehicles must be added to the HUD in order to be delivered.
  • Some, but not all, of the vehicles must be delivered immediately and cannot be first stored in the Garage.
  • Duplicate vehicles cannot be delivered for extra Cash.

Chop Shops[]

Saintsbook Contact - Dieter.png
Dieter's Chop Shop is located in southern Loren Square, next to a Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax Activity. Dieter's Chop Shop
Andi Dae
Saintsbook Contact - Andi Dae.png
Dae's Chop Shop is located in Salander, north of the Friendly Fire shop. Andi Dae
Saintsbook Contact - Grieves.png
Grieves' Chop Shop is located in Bridgeport, near Angel's Gym and the hospital. Grieves
Saintsbook Contact - Rigg.png
Rigg's Chop Shop is located in Ashwood, east of Snooky's Sundries And More. Rigg
BJ Barnes
Saintsbook Contact - BJ Barnes.png
BJ Barnes' Chop Shop is located in the west of the airport. BJ Barnes


Saints Row: The Third[]

There are 30 Vehicle Theft targets.

Vehicle Cash Respect Shop Description
Ui chopshop a1 Sovereign.png
$500 100 Dieter Re: Dis Autohaus is in need of Sovereigns

You look to make an impression in this city. Dieter has heard this. Want to be known by all the right people? Find for Dieter a Sovereign. 'Real men' drive them, but smart men steal them. The Downtown district will provide.

Ui chopshop a2 Emu.png
$625 125 Dieter Dieter must have an Emu! For art!

Dieter is a patron of the arts, darling. The Autohaus has commissioned a glam-trash installment piece featuring this kitschy, midtown ride. Since all the little people drive them, go looking in Brickston.

Status Quo
Ui chopshop a3 Status Quo.png
$625 125 Dieter Urgent! Dieter needs to keep the Status Quo!

There is a fabulous party tonight to which Dieter is invited. Whether you are closing billion-dollar deals or parading around five escorts (Dieter does both) you need a Status Quo! Look along the New Baranec strip for Dieter.

Ui chopshop a4 Longhauler.png
$1000 250 Dieter Mixmaster solution

Problem people get cement shoes. Dieter's clients have a lot of problems. Dieter needs a lot of cement. Find a Longhauler "Mixmaster" in Yearwood.

Ui chopshop a5 Justice.png
$1000 250 Dieter Dieter wants Justice!

I simply must have a walnut dash and heated foot pedals. Nothing will do but a Justice. Find one in Henry Steel Mills.

Ui chopshop a6 Titan.png
$1250 300 Dieter Find a Titan for me, won't you?

So big, so fierce, so bulletproof. But a Titan's most-attractive feature to Dieter is how often they are filled with bags of cash. Find a few near the Three Count, picking up the casino take no doubt.

Ui chopshop b1 Halberd.png
$500 100 Andi Dae Boost me a Halberd

So my shop keeps the best parts in stock for Steelport's tuners. You can start with a Halberd. It's short on headroom, but entry-level tuners can make it fly, ya know? Look around Brickston.

Ui chopshop b2 Neuron.png
$625 125 Andi Dae Grab a Neuron for parts

It isn't a street race without a Neuron, which kinda makes their parts high-demand items. Look for them around the Henry Steel Mills.

Ui chopshop b3 Torch.png
$750 150 Andi Dae Runner up wants a Torch, too

This particular Torch is Steelport's street racing champion. Now the sore-loser second-place finisher wants it. You're gunna find it around Ashwood.

Ui chopshop b4 Vortex.png
$875 200 Andi Dae Snatching this Vortex is a win/win

European roadster styling meets high resale value in the Vortex, meaning baby, we can't lose on this one. You can find them in or around Downtown.

Ui chopshop b5 Kaneda.png
$1000 250 Andi Dae Feel like grabbing this Kaneda for me?

Mint-condition Kanedas bring big bucks on the underground bike racing circuit, if you can catch one. Try looking in Bridgeport.

Ui chopshop b6 Temptress.png
$1250 300 Andi Dae Need a super-exotic Temptress pronto

You don't see a lot of these... The Temptress is stylish, agile, and very, very fast. People pay top-dollar for these machines. I will, too, yah? Try looking around the strip in New Baranec.

Ui chopshop c1 Bootlegger.png
$500 100 Grieves You got talent, I got work. Let's bank a Bootlegger

I run the working man's chop-shop in town, and I need something big on power and short on brakes. This tricked-out Bootlegger is worth its weight in chrome, if you can find it. The owner usually hangs around Rosen Oaks.

Ui chopshop c2 Compensator.png
$625 125 Grieves Take a Compensator to pay debts

Somebody couldn't pay their gambling debts, so we're taking their Compensator instead as... uh... compensation. Find it in Yearwood.

Ui chopshop c3 Sandstorm.png
$750 150 Grieves Kick up a Sandstorm

Those 'Xtreme' supercross gearheads can't get enough of the Sandstorm. That's why they get stolen. So steal one. You might try looking around Burns Hill.

Ui chopshop c4 Scrubber.png
$875 200 Grieves Snag me a Scrubber

These street cleaners keep Steelport's streets and casino parking lots free of trash, blood and puke. You can find 'em pretty much anywhere Downtown late at night.

Steelport Municipal
Ui chopshop c5 Steelport Municipal.png
$1000 250 Grieves Why do I need a trash truck?

Because sometimes you just need to take out the trash. These hunks of municipal steel roam the streets all over in the wee hours of the morning.

Ui chopshop c6 Peterliner.png
$1250 300 Grieves Best to haul a big load with a Peterliner

Gas ain't cheap, and with prices going up, the Peterliner's just the thing to bring back a tanker-load of black market fuel. You can find it in Espina.

Ui chopshop d1 Shark.png
$750 150 Rigg Rigg's sea-air supplies has an opening for a real Shark

We specialize in air vehicles and watercraft, and we have an opening for someone in acquisitions. We can start small. Snag a Shark and bring it to the dock, and we'll talk more. Try up near Camano Place Waterfront.

Ui chopshop d2 Miami.png
$750 150 Rigg Snag me a Miami speedboat

This particular Miami was featured in the first episode of an '80s hit cop show, and a collector wants it bad. You can find it around the wharf in Sunset Park.

Ui chopshop d3 Oppressor.png
$1000 250 Rigg No longer the Oppressor

The Oppressor's been the cops' eye in the sky, and a thorn in the side of honest criminals for years. It's perfect for carrying cops... or framing them. Get my drift? The cops usually have one parked and at-the-ready down by the old power plant in Sunset Park.

Ui chopshop d4 Commander.png
$1250 300 Rigg Require a Commander for a client

This thing's a seagoing enforcer. It's just as good for chasing waterborne perps as it is cruising the Mekong Delta. And smugglers love 'em, too. You can always find a Commander docked off Sierra Point ... that's the Guard base just north of the big statue.

Ui chopshop d5 Stork.png
$1250 300 Rigg Got a request for a heavy lifting Stork

The Stork can transport just about anything... smuggled goods, smuggled people, smuggled goods IN smuggled people. Get one in or around the airport.

Ui chopshop d6 Woodpecker.png
$1750 400 Rigg Another airport run with a Woodpecker

Normally I wouldn't ask you to land a plane on the pier, but someone stuffed this Woodpecker with some contraband we need back. Find it on the tarmac up at Cutter International.

Ui chopshop e1 Lockdown.png
$1000 250 BJ Barnes Humanitarian aid, inc. - Alpha target designation: Locking down insurgents

We provide police and military-grade equipment to an exclusive Third World clientele. We're big-league, but if you can prove yourself by stealing a Lockdown van for us, we'll enlist you further. Get law enforcement angry and take one from a roadblock.

Ui chopshop e2 N-Forcer.png
$1250 300 BJ Barnes Bravo target designation: N-Forcer

Here at Humanitarian Aid, Inc., we think it's unfair that STAG has these monsters and our clients don't. Help even the odds. If you don't know how to get one of these N-Forcers after you by now, you're doing something wrong.

Ui chopshop e3 Tornado.png
$1500 350 BJ Barnes Charlie target designation: Tornado

A very big client needs a Tornado to help him win a very little war. Check the Guard Base for one.

Ui chopshop e4 Vulture.png
$1500 350 BJ Barnes Delta target designation: Vulture

Killbane ordered one of these for his boys in a fit of grandiosity, but doesn't have anyone who knows how to fly it. We'll put this Vulture to better use. It's parked on a dock near the Three Count.

Ui chopshop e5 Challenger.png
$1750 400 BJ Barnes Echo target designation: Challenger

Yes, we want you to steal a Challenger tank. If it were easy, we wouldn't be paying you as much as we are. Try near the armory, and expect a lot more guards.

Ui chopshop e6 Condor.png
$2500 500 BJ Barnes Foxtrot target designation: Condor

This one is the big score. STAG's heavy lifter could make somebody the ultimate getaway vehicle. The Condor is well-guarded, but you can find one near their Base in Sunset Park.

Saints Row IV[]

Vehicle Start location Vehicle location Notes
Cyber Bootlegger XL
Bootlegger XL - Cyber.png
Salander Brickston Parked and guarded by private security.
Cyber Estrada
Cyber Estrada in Saints Row IV - front right.png
Central Ashwood Henry Steel Mills Driven by Mascot around the neighborhood.
Cyber Gunslinger
Cyber Gunslinger Chopshop.png
North Ashwood Brickston Driven by civilian around the neighborhood.
Chrome Lockdown
Chrome Lockdown - front right in Saints Row IV.png
Loren Square Henry Steel Mills Parked and guarded by multiple police officers.
Chrome Rattler
Chrome Rattler - front right in Saints Row IV.png
Henry Steel Mills Sunset Park Driven by the police officer around the neighborhood.
Chrome Void
Chrome Void - front right in Saints Row IV.png
Sunset Park Loren Square Parked and guarded by multiple Zin.
The drop-off point is Magarac Island.
Wireframe Assert
Wireframe Assert SRIV.png
The Grove Bridgeport Parked and guarded by multiple Zin.
Wireframe Peacemaker
Wireframe Peacemaker in Saints Row IV.png
Port Pryor Arapice Island Parked and guarded by multiple police officers.
Wireframe Phantom
Wireframe Phantom in Saints Row IV.png
Bridgeport New Baranec Driven by civilian around the neighborhood.


Saints Row: The Third[]

  • After getting the last car of a list the player gets bonus Cash and Respect.
  • "Hi-Jack It" Achievement/Trophy (worth 10Gamerscore icon.png or a bronze Trophy) for delivering all 30 vehicles.

Saints Row IV[]

  • 2,000 Cache and 500 XP for each vehicle.
  • Delivered vehicle.


  • Using "Mayor's Favor" (Notoriety Wipe - Law), "Police Forgiveness" (Notoriety Wipe - Police) and "Gang Forgiveness" (Notoriety Wipe - Gang) helps with later Vehicle Thefts; they can be bought from the Upgrades section of the Cellphone.
  • The Nitrous Upgrade gives nitrous to almost all vehicles in the game, and can help with both increasing speed and acceleration and getting over raised bridges. It can be purchased for $56,500 at level 26.
  • After completing all missions in the game, STAG are no longer present in Steelport, so it is not possible to obtain new N-Forcers. An N-Forcer is unlocked in the Garage after completing Three Way ("Kill Killbane" ending), but vehicles taken to the Chop Shop are removed from the Garage, so delivering the reward vehicle is not ideal.
  • When retrieving the Commander for Rigg, it is shown on the map when swimming around the restricted area, but credit is not given without travelling through the base itself.
  • An easy way to prevent damage is to put the required vehicle in the Garage after stealing it, as well as marking the destination on the Map and taking the vehicle there prior to activating the Vehicle Theft.
    • The Stored Vehicle Delivery Homie can also be used to deliver the required vehicle.
    • Some vehicles, such as the Challenger and Condor, are from specific individuals, and only taking the spawned individual vehicle will activate the delivery location.
  • Should the player elect to destroy the virus in "Zombie Attack", the Lockdown that one can call in is just as usable as any other Lockdown, thus the player can commandeer it without any real consequence (allowing one to conserve the full value).
  • The STAG base at Sunset Park is located along a usually busy roadway. Due to a glitch, traffic continues to drive along this road. During the Condor hijack mission, aside from the amusement value of seeing STAG soldiers mowed down by civilians, this also serves as a distraction, making it easier to steal the aircraft. Note: although stealing the Condor during the theft mission triggers the expected high Notoriety, after delivering it to the chopshop, the player can return to the base in Sunset Park and steal both a Condor and a F-69 VTOL, now unguarded and with no Notoriety.
  • Always have a backup route planned prior to actually stealing the vehicle. The GPS route may not always be the most direct. It could lead you to substantial resistance and may more than often get you into significant trouble. If you deliver a battered or shot-up vehicle, you may as well have not delivered it in the first place.
  • Using a fully upgraded RC Possessor with the "Ammo - Special 4" Upgrade that gives it unlimited ammunition, while time-consuming, can come in handy when delivering vehicles that trigger high Notoriety.


  • Vehicle Theft does not count towards 100% Completion.
  • The Cash and Respect reward goes down if the vehicle is damaged.

Saints Row IV[]

  • No vehicle is located in the same neighborhood as the starting point.
  • The Cyber Estrada is the only vehicle located in a different district to the starting point.
  • All Cyber targets are started in Stanfield, all Chrome targets are started in Downtown, all Wireframe targets are started in Carver Island. No Virus Collection targets are located in New Colvin.


Vehicle Theft menu in Saints Row: The Third