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  • I live in England
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Barman
  • I am Male

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So i was wandering where got this info from trouble with clones. Gameboy 015, 2012-02-25T21:36:39Z

the johnny tag thing is on the PS3 trophies if you compare them with a friend
The Ultor Corporation, 2012-02-25T21:50:41Z


When removing vandalism, please undo the vandalism, instead of removing the vandalised section entirely. 452, 2012-03-03T01:14:05Z

sorry I won't in future and il see the article on how to edit these right
The Ultor Corporation, 2012-03-04T00:27:15Z

Cat and mouseEdit

Thanks for the info about cat and mouse!

Someone has changed the word "helicopter" to "tank" - can you confirm which is used?

Is is possible that sometimes during cat and mouse, a helicopter is used, and other times it's a tank? 452, 2012-08-12T22:11:31Z

There is no tank. One of the players is in any aircraft whilst the other player is in any type of land vehicle. To confirm it :)
The Ultor Corporation, 2012-08-15T19:29:04Z
I just checked the data file, and there are 5 different vehicles pairs: including a tank.
  • F-69 VTOL - Attrazione
  • Vulture - Kenshin
  • Tornado - Bootlegger
  • Challenger - Knoxville
  • Specter - Toad
452, 2012-08-21T21:30:08Z
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