• I live in Nimes
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is Chilling and occasionally video game programmer
  • I am Male

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If you're interested in the Peacemaker, perhaps you should post your opinion about the issue 452, 2013-09-12T19:26:33Z (last edited: 452, 2016-12-31T18:35:21Z)


The modification data you are adding to articles does not match the modification data I have posted, and I can't work out why. You said 2 Mirrors, my list says 3.

Please do not add incorrect data like this. 452, 2013-09-12T19:32:43Z

The Wheel Widths you added were also wrong. 452, 2013-09-12T19:35:27Z

For the Mirrors you list maybe the options "None" ? Personnaly I doesn't consider it, but yeah, you're right it can be a option
But for the Wheel Widths, in my game it's 2-3 and the Wheel Sizes is 21-25. Maybe it's i doesn't update my game ...
Gicombat, 2013-09-12T20:07:26Z

Driving buildingEdit

Could you please tell me how I can drive buildings? 452, 2013-09-22T14:04:27Z

What ?
Gicombat, 2013-09-22T17:39:34Z
You added something about driving a building.
452, 2013-09-22T17:45:38Z
On the page 107.77 The Mix FM ? I'm failed with the link, so sorry.
Gicombat, 2013-09-22T20:01:15Z

stiletto vehicleEdit

how did you obtain the Stiletto? did you obtain it in the missiom or what? it better not be by a custom made cheat file. Halcrow1215, 2013-10-05T17:39:05Z

Halcrow, you have already been told, multiple times, that the Stiletto cannot be obtained without a modded cheat file or a garage editor.
You have also been told, multiple times, to stop bugging people about it.
If someone finds a way to get it without a modded cheat file, they will add it to the article.
At first it was funny how you came into the chat every day and asked the exact same question, but it's really getting old now that you're asking random people on the wiki.
There is plenty to do and there are many ways you can improve the wiki.
New information is always welcome in any article, but here are some specifics if you need ideas:

452, 2013-10-05T17:51:42Z
I use the mod Four Kings Reincarnation, which brings back the Vice Kings, the Sons of Samedi, the Brotherhood, the Ronin and the Morningstar into Steelport with their own chief (Anthony Green for Vice Kings, Mr. Sunshine for the Samedi and Brotherhood, Jyunichi for Ronin and Phillipe Loren for the Morningstar). And the mod spawn all gangs vehicles available like the Stiletto, Swindle etc...
Gicombat, 2013-10-05T17:57:12Z
ok. :(
Halcrow1215, 2013-10-05T17:58:01Z


Do you know where the Wraith appears in-game in SRIV? 452, 2013-10-12T23:44:11Z

If i remember well, it's with a Hijack Viruses collection.
Gicombat, 2013-10-13T09:36:17Z
I think you're thinking of either the Wireframe Phantom (Since that's the other cyber vehicle from SRTT), or the Wireframe Peacemaker (Since it's a fast sports car)
452, 2013-10-13T11:57:10Z
Maybe, but in any case in the garage I have a vehicle that called Wraith and it's the same as the SR: TT counterparts. But in the phone it's called Attrazione. So maybe it's a Attratzione with the logo and the appearance of the Wraith?
Gicombat, 2013-10-13T12:23:45Z
Yeah, I have it in my garage too, I just couldn't remember where it came from, and I figured you might since you edited the article.
Unlockables in Saints Row IV says "Progression", but no-one has filled it in yet. I figure it must have been from one of the Side Quests.

That phone bug you noticed is an old one that's existed since Saints Row 2.
Some vehicle variants can have a different display name.
In SRTT, the Wraith was a separate vehicle, but in SRIV, they changed it to be a variant of the Attrazione - presumably to save memory or something.
In Saints Row 2, if you try to call a City Waste Truck, it says Septic Avenger, and so on for all variants with changed display names. It looks like they never fixed that bug in Saints Row IV!
452, 2013-10-13T12:31:33Z (last edited: 452, 2013-10-13T12:37:41Z)
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