• I live in France
  • I was born on June 19

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Nice workEdit

Thanks for all the images! I'm assuming you're working from Category:Image requests, but even if you're not, those are some nice looking images :)

In future, could you please use descriptive filenames instead of just dates?

Simply adding the name of the intended article before the date is probably the best way, as it ensures that the image will always be associated with that article, and that the filename will be unique. 452, 2012-08-26T22:52:27Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-26T22:59:33Z)

I notice that you appear to be unloading your images individually, so you may like to try this page: Special:MultipleUpload, which allows you to upload 20 images at a time. :)
452, 2012-08-26T23:13:31Z
Thanks for the tip ! :D It's just that I pick the sreens from the Steam folder, so I don't rename them... And there is still A LOT to do ^^'
Erewon, 2012-08-26T23:17:24Z
Well, you don't have to rename them on your computer, you can just change the destination filename on the upload page.
I've got around 3000 unsorted screenshots myself, and a list of 500 uploaded images I need to rename, so I know how you feel.
452, 2012-08-26T23:24:51Z
Haha, better be a real Saints Row fan ! :D
Actually i'm playing right now, and I take screenshots that I immediatly upload to this Wiki ! Made my evening ;)
Erewon, 2012-08-26T23:29:25Z
Oh, cool. Much faster than my "take 3000 screenshots and spend a whole day sorting through them" method!
452, 2012-08-26T23:34:03Z
For sure... I'm a little bit curious : how old are you ?
Erewon, 2012-08-26T23:45:30Z
Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
452, 2012-08-26T23:49:01Z
Okay... ^^' Well, keep editing then !
Erewon, 2012-08-26T23:56:02Z
If you notice any enterable buildings which don't have their own articles yet, please feel free to take and upload screenshots for them too.
All enterable buildings should have an article, but there's still a lot to do around here :)
452, 2012-08-27T00:16:59Z
Yes I know one that i'm sure is not on this Wiki... I'll see that later ;)
Erewon, 2012-08-27T00:28:03Z
Cool, which building is that?
452, 2012-08-27T00:32:40Z
There's a video that as been released to find the place
Erewon, 2012-08-27T00:37:37Z
Erewon, 2012-08-27T00:37:52Z
When you hover over a post, a "more" link appears in the lower right, and when you click it there is an option to edit your message. :)
edit: That's Sea Roses.
452, 2012-08-27T00:41:16Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-27T00:42:01Z)
Okay, my bad ^^' I'm a Wikia contributor since yesterday, so I don't know a lot... And also, I'm french and I don't understand a few words :)
Erewon, 2012-08-27T08:42:35Z
Excellent work with all of the crib upgrades!
edit: and all the rest of those images, over 200 now, wow.
And thanks for putting descriptions in the filenames :)
452, 2012-08-27T21:06:58Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-27T21:13:47Z)
Thanks, I haven't finished yet ! Thanks again for you gratidude :)
Erewon, 2012-08-27T21:20:02Z
And this picture is great, because until now we've had no proof about this.
edit: Image deleted, as it is not Ramon's Buffalo, since this picture was taken in single player, not Co-op, therefore this image is of a random Buffalo which happened to be present at the cemetery.
452, 2012-08-27T21:31:05Z (last edited: 452, 2013-03-01T05:00:47Z)
Oh ! I didn't know that, I just took it because Ramon was driving it, and I made a link between the Co-Op mission with the Buffalo and the Buffalo here ^^' It's probably exactly the same ;) Too bad I coudn't hide the HUD at this point !
Erewon, 2012-08-27T21:34:49Z
Oh, so you were playing single player, not co-op? I'll have to go play the mission and look out for it!
452, 2012-08-27T21:40:48Z
Yes I was alone ! You can see it on the top right of the screen ;)
Erewon, 2012-08-27T21:51:46Z
I see you modified a few captions of my screenshots... Why can't we keep the name of the author of the mod I use ? Perhaps I should create a page for Mods ? 'Cause IdoNinja is the best modder I've ever met, he has done so much for SR2 and SR:TT... He is a legend in the PC community of SR ;)
edit :
+ I've seen all the mistakes I've made and that you've corrected... Glad you're here, and sorry..!
Erewon, 2012-08-27T21:58:58Z (last edited: Erewon, 2012-08-27T22:04:31Z)
No need to apologise, you're doing great work, but everyone's contributions need a little improvement sometimes! I've been here a while and even the stuff I add needs improvement.  :)
We don't put anyone's usernames in articles, images or filenames. Otherwise everyone would want to add "this was discovered by Boss123" and add "this image taken by JohnnyGat5000" to galleries and it would get really messy.
In general, we don't use pictures of modified games, because it can cause confusion as to whether those things are available in non-modded games, which is why I replaced the image of the Fire Extinguisher in the weapons cache - there were a few modded icons visible in your image, so that might confuse people.
For some things, it's okay to use images of mods, as a example. Such as Side Shooter - it's something in the base game, but it's not possible to obtain normally, so it's okay to add images of a modded game.
This wiki is only about the game itself, but there are a few modding wikis available, such as
452, 2012-08-27T22:38:21Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-27T22:43:38Z)
Well ! Thanks for taking time to explain to me things that seem obvious to you ^^'
Erewon, 2012-08-27T22:50:52Z
No worries, I'm here to help. :)
Oh, and I should add that even though we generally don't use images of mods, they're better than not having any images at all.
For example, your image of the interior of the Executive Yacht, even though it's got a TV icon added by a mod, it's better than having no image of the interior at all. So thanks, and feel free to keep uploading images like it.
452, 2012-08-27T22:55:47Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-27T22:56:27Z)
Okay, no problem :) And I recently found that I have a mod to play in first person ! It will be MUCH MUCH more easy to take good screenshots ! ^^
Erewon, 2012-08-27T23:01:19Z
Star goldStar goldStar gold
I think you need these
452, 2012-08-28T02:52:35Z (last edited: 452, 2012-08-28T02:53:33Z)
Thanks ! :D
Erewon, 2012-08-28T02:55:14Z
I think I created the thousandth page of this wiki the other day ! I feel a little proud ^^'
Erewon, 2012-08-30T19:10:51Z
Just saw your profile... It's a great honnor to have your gratitude :)
Erewon, 2012-08-30T19:34:30Z
I'm just another person who love the game like you, the word "janitor" would be a better title than "admin", because I mostly clean up after other people. ;)
452, 2012-09-01T07:58:00Z

question Edit

you are french ?, 2012-08-27T20:10:18Z

Yes I am ;)
Erewon, 2012-08-27T20:14:07Z
moi auussi, 2012-08-28T09:11:00Z
C'est... Incoyable :p
Tu postes beaucoup sur ce Wiki ?
Erewon, 2012-08-28T09:48:40Z
en faite.... je suis heureux quil a un francais dans ce wikia mais je poste pas, je suis ThE_DeMoN_Of_HeLL, 2012-08-28T20:28:13Z
Ca change pas grand chose au résultat final, puisque je poste en anglais ^^'
Erewon, 2012-08-28T20:30:03Z
c moi le francais the demon of hell
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-28T21:24:18Z
celui la qui a dit... you french c moi
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-28T21:24:58Z
Tes compétences en grammaire française sont quelque peu basiques ^^'
Erewon, 2012-08-28T21:28:59Z
je parles comme les jeune du getho dont je suis enfin presque ... :-)
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-28T21:33:11Z
M'lol je vois :p
Bon c'est pas tout ça mais j'ai des screens à faire !
Erewon, 2012-08-28T21:36:21Z
tu fait du travaille tres cool jte derange plus ciao
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-28T21:37:39Z
Tu ne me déranges pas, tkt ;) Et merci !
Erewon, 2012-08-28T21:39:01Z
De rien je voudrait te posais une question...
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-29T08:07:27Z
Vas-y dit x)
Erewon, 2012-08-29T08:49:04Z
Dans saint row 2 peut on créé plusieurs ficher ?
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-29T08:58:45Z
C'est-à-dire ?? Plusieurs sauvegardes ? :doute
Erewon, 2012-08-30T13:27:28Z
genre regarde cette video avence la jusqua 50:20 tu veras il plusieur sauvegarde est si on fais charger parti sur une des saugarde sa te amenera ou t'éter dans un otre ficher compris
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-30T13:46:26Z
Mais... C'est évident x)
Erewon, 2012-08-30T14:11:02Z
bon jte laisse tfacon jvai macheter ljeu pour voir squi contien
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-08-30T14:27:58Z
Tu l'as toujours pas ? :O
Erewon, 2012-08-30T14:29:03Z
non je lai pas...
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-09-04T08:43:36Z
un fils de pute de producteur de cinema juif a insulter mon prophete mohamed je sais tu va dire sa matéraisse pas mais le monde va finir sa vie avant 21 12 12 c un sale juif de fils de pute que allah abat la colere sur eux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The DeMoN Of HeLL!, 2012-09-13T20:06:09Z
Osef de la religion sérieux -_-
Erewon, 2012-09-15T12:47:38Z

Duplicate filesEdit

I noticed you uploaded a couple of duplicate files, like

  • File:Samson.jpg / File:Samson SR2.jpg
  • File:Eternal_Sunshine_(5).jpg / File:2012-08-28_00113.jpg

If you upload a file with the wrong name, you can rename it instead of uploading it again.

If you upload a file twice by mistake and need the original deleted, please mark it with {{delete}} so I'll know to delete it.

Thanks! 452, 2012-09-02T21:19:33Z

With the files you marked for deletion, you haven't given a reason for the deletion - if they're duplicate files, please link to the other file in the {{delete}} tag.
452, 2012-09-21T23:36:31Z
Done ! Good to see you too :)
Erewon, 2012-09-22T13:32:42Z (last edited: Erewon, 2012-09-22T13:33:17Z)
Perfect, deleted, thanks!
452, 2012-09-22T23:25:23Z

Tip for neighborhoodsEdit

One good way to find content for neighborhood articles is to see which pages link to them

452, 2012-09-03T02:00:13Z

Thanks fot the tip !
Erewon, 2012-09-03T14:26:15Z

Welcome backEdit

Good to see you back again. :) 452, 2012-09-21T23:28:04Z

King's Grocery SR2 imagesEdit

Thanks for the images on King's Grocery. They look great! Moozipan Cheese, 2012-09-28T23:57:07Z

You're welcome :)
Erewon, 2012-10-03T06:12:25Z


Are you sure about this image of "Ramon"? File:Ramon.jpg

I just played the mission, and there's no Ramon anywhere. Carlos calls Ramon, he's not ever present in the mission. 452, 2013-01-14T21:06:46Z (last edited: 452, 2013-03-01T04:55:47Z)

I've checked the game data files, and there is no "Ramon" character defined, or loaded during the mission.
That image appears to be of a random civilian, and since you haven't responded, I'm deleting the image to avoid confusion.
452, 2013-03-01T04:55:07Z
Actually it was a simple guess :) This dude just attacked me right after I stole the car, so I automatically thought it was Ramon... But if we look back to the events of the mission, we can assume that Ramon is a Latin American citizen ; and Carlos also calls him with his phone, so he might be far from the Reaper... But why would he have parked in the cemetery ? This is what confused me, but now I am 99% sure that this pedestrian was not Ramon, and I apologize for this thoughtless upload ;)
Erewon, 2013-04-21T20:37:39Z
Thanks for the (anti-)confirmation!
452, 2013-04-23T00:37:14Z

saints row 2 samurai swordEdit

hey just a quick question, how did you get the samurai sword on your back in saints row 2? i searched everywhere but i can't find how and you have it on your back in multiple screenshots as in the donnie page one is it a mod or something? thnx in advance, 2013-03-25T17:59:56Z

Yeah sorry for letting you believed that you can actually have the suit in the basic game, this is a mod.
If you're on PC, you can get it on this website, there are the best mods for Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third ! :)
Erewon, 2013-03-28T22:48:52Z (last edited: Erewon, 2013-03-28T22:49:26Z)
There's actually something in the image policies about not showing mods in screenshots because it might cause confusion, I'd forgotten about it - but I guess this proves there's a good reason for it.
452, 2013-03-28T22:54:33Z
I don't bother re-take all the cinematics screens, but it will be quite long :P
I will do this all over again - but not necessarily before I finish the other ones - don't worry ;)
Erewon, 2013-03-29T06:46:11Z


How do you take pictures in Saints Row 2?, 2013-08-23T02:45:07Z

Press PRT-SC (printscreen) then paste it into your favourite image editing program.
Or download a program like greenshot which takes images you when press a button.
452, 2013-08-23T03:00:09Z
Simply press F12 with the Steam Community launched with the game ;)
Or use Fraps !
Erewon, 2013-08-26T03:47:16Z (last edited: Erewon, 2013-08-26T03:47:41Z)

Deleting filesEdit

The delete page contains warning message on the delete page telling you whether the link is in use. I created it especially no that no admin would accidentally delete files which were still in use.

You can see the message here:

When deleting files that have been replaced, you must remove all uses of the file. 452, 2013-09-03T13:16:19Z

Okay, my bad ^^'
Erewon, 2013-09-03T19:02:19Z

Parent FilterEdit

Hi, Erewon! 

I wanted to swing by and let you know of a new feature we've recently released for interested sites. It's called the Parent Filter and can be accessed through adding /wiki/MediaWiki:ParentFilter to the end of the site's url.

The purpose is two-fold: 1) to provide information to parents about the site's subject from people who are actually very familiar with the content and 2) to eventually provide a home or hub for all such pages parents can visit.

Here's a great example of the feature put to use.

You can learn more about it here. Feel free to throw any questions or comments you might have into that blog.

Best regards,


Raylan13, 2013-09-16T20:27:22Z


File:Dual Samurai Swords (4).jpg

Is this actually Jyunichi, or is this your character, modded to look like Jyunichi? 452, 2013-12-09T14:50:33Z (last edited: 452, 2015-10-04T17:23:21Z)

This is the model of Jyunichi, not a customed character ;)
Erewon, 2013-12-09T15:25:38Z
So, how did you get him out there like that?
I'm not aware of it being possible to leave Kanto during the mission, did you mod him as a Homie?
452, 2013-12-09T15:27:21Z (last edited: 452, 2013-12-09T15:37:16Z)
I deserve no credit at all, it's all part of the IdolNinja's mods compilation (Gentlement of the Row) ; you simply need to enter a cheat (the mod allow you to enter them all at the same time) and then you can spawn models of every peds and major characters onto your own character ! I principally used this technique for the Combat page.
Erewon, 2013-12-09T15:36:31Z (last edited: Erewon, 2013-12-09T15:36:52Z)
Speaking of deserving no credit, that cheat is present in cheats.xtbl by default and can be enabled by anyone.
  • I asked: or is this your character, modded to look like Jyunichi?
  • You said: you can spawn models of every peds and major characters onto your own character !
These are exactly the same thing. You have modded the game files (in this case downloaded someone elses game modifications) to make your character look like Jyunichi.
You were told a long time ago to not upload screenshots of game modifications (unless it was necessary), because it may cause confusion.
There is absolutely no reason to change your character into Jyunichi for the purpose of demonstrating the Dual Samurai Swords, or any other combat moves.
452, 2013-12-09T15:42:45Z (last edited: 452, 2013-12-09T15:43:11Z)
  • Images of modified games to show weapons which are otherwise unavailable, such as the Smoke Grenade are welcome, because the weapon is IN the game but impossible to show otherwise.
  • Images of modified games to show vehicle variants which are otherwise unable, such as the Ultor Miami are welcome, because the variant is IN the game but impossible to show otherwise.
  • Close-up images of each of the characters using the disabled model-swap cheats are okay too, because it's a great way to get really good images of them.
In all of those cases, the filenames should clearly indicate that it was only possible by modifying the game files, so that people don't get confused.
What's not okay is random images of other subjects, containing modified content which has nothing to do with the main subject. Especially when you don't even mention that the image shows modified content, as you did with the Jyunichi images.
  • Another example would be taking a high-quality screenshot of Bone Island is great, but not while driving an Ultor Miami.
452, 2013-12-09T15:48:23Z (last edited: 452, 2013-12-09T15:52:08Z)
I find it a bit more pleasant to look at those those pictures (artistically speaking)... I find The Protagonist way too personnal to be part of an Encyclopedia, and the default Protagonist is just so awful :(
Erewon, 2013-12-09T15:54:48Z
You're right, it does look pretty good with Jyunichi holding the swords, but you didn't make any indication that the image was only possible due to modifying the game.
Instead of "File:Dual Samurai Swords (4).jpg", the filename should be "File:Dual Samurai Swords being brandished by a player character modded as Jyunichi.jpg" or something similar.
452, 2013-12-09T16:24:28Z (last edited: 452, 2013-12-09T20:54:12Z)
I will next time, even if it's not supposed to happen anymore !
I must add that I am glad that you agree, and that I understand that you must however keep things in order and not affect your administartion work with your feelings if I may say :]
Erewon, 2013-12-09T17:55:04Z (last edited: Erewon, 2013-12-09T20:37:53Z)


Why do you keep entering the chat and leaving immediately? 452, 2013-12-12T02:05:32Z

Because I programmed Firefox to open the last active windows if I shut it down, and it keeps showing the SRW Chat and some windows of another website too x)
Erewon, 2013-12-13T00:11:43Z
Fixed it, as I don't really need it, now just a blank page will show up when I launch Firefox -> No more Erewon ghost :p
Erewon, 2013-12-13T00:13:44Z


Hey, thanks for catching that LL! 452, 2013-12-19T19:34:11Z

You're welcome ! Maybe there is a way to make a massive research for this particular mistake on the entire Wiki ?
Erewon, 2013-12-20T23:57:57Z
I already did, ages ago. That one was added recently. ;)
452, 2013-12-21T03:09:28Z
I guess it's a everyday job then ! :]
Erewon, 2013-12-21T03:22:46Z

Fuck the SaintsEdit

When I heard this, I thought of your image!

Carlos says fuck the saints

(If audio on message walls is still broken, Here's a direct link)
And here are the rest of the files, if you're interested 452, 2014-01-27T02:33:21Z

That's awesome ! :D Didn't know Carlos said that ! Maybe when we shoot at him to much and then he turns against us as a homie..?
Erewon, 2014-01-27T22:28:45Z (last edited: Erewon, 2014-01-30T04:59:13Z)
Yeah, it's not really him, it's someone from Saints Row, possibly a Los Carnales member
452, 2014-01-27T22:30:40Z
All right :p
Erewon, 2014-01-30T04:59:53Z

Your images re-used without attributionEdit

I thought that you might like to know that your series of Combat screenshots has been re-uploaded to without attributing you as the creator of the screenshots. 452, 2014-04-20T16:45:03Z

Huh. I don't know what to say... I guess no one cares about the russian community of Saints Row. Also it's not as if I was earning money from them. It is true that it bothers me a (very) little. Thanks for the heads up!
Erewon, 2014-04-28T00:29:42Z
You could either ask him to attribute you, or what I usually do is just add the source to the file page.
However, when I contacted him about copying the text from the combat page, he didn't reply.
Edit: Because I am one of the authors of the combat page, that means I can insist that he attribute the source, but technically since I am not the author of the images, that means I have no right to ask him to attribute. (And I assume that when you uploaded those images here, you expected to be credited for them.)
452, 2014-04-28T00:36:26Z (last edited: 452, 2014-04-28T00:42:34Z)
I expected that yeah :)
You can talk to this person on my behalf with your written part included of course, I know I can trust you.
Erewon, 2014-04-28T00:48:14Z

A relevant pollEdit

I would like your opinion on a new poll: Top 10 list:Admin inactivity 452, 2014-08-01T12:50:40Z (last edited: 452, 2017-02-21T19:50:25Z)

Done :)
I instinctively selected 1 year, but after giving it a thought, I guess 6 months is fine. My case is simply a particular one, I don't often upload or anything, but when I do, I tend to upload as many sreenshots (in my case) I can do. And for the record, I count on the fact on hanging around forever, I mean, Saints Row changed my life, such a game :D
Erewon, 2014-08-05T16:47:37Z (last edited: Erewon, 2014-08-05T16:47:51Z)
It has now been a year since you were a regular editor. Since then you have made some comments, as well as some edits to talk pages and your profile, but only 1 edit in the main namespace.
Are you planning on returning?
452, 2015-02-28T19:15:51Z
My studies are now a lot more time-conusming than before, so I don't know, but I'm guessing admin rights aren't much useful to me anymore. I could take some time to add a few screens next week (I'll be on holidays for a week)!
Erewon, 2015-03-03T13:01:11Z

About a piece of clothingEdit

Hey Erewon! Are you still active here? I would like to make you a question, 2014-11-29T18:56:58Z

Yeah sure, go ahead!
Erewon, 2014-11-30T10:53:32Z
I saw in one of your screenshots of SR2 that you customized the cop hat. Is that the one from the ultor exposed dlc or can you do it just on pc?thanks in advance for help :D, 2014-11-30T16:09:47Z
See FUZZ for an explanation of how to keep the Cop outfit.
BTW, I could have answered this 21 hours ago if you had asked the question at that time.
452, 2014-11-30T16:17:32Z
Thanks for answer 452! I know you can keep the cop outfit by using the FUZZ glitch but you can't customize the colour as far as i know, 2014-11-30T16:26:40Z
Ah, sorry, I didn't understand that you were talking about a recoloured hat.
452, 2014-11-30T16:38:29Z
no prob! thanks for the answer anyways =), 2014-11-30T16:49:05Z
It is only possible on PC using mods. 452 made me understand that this would confuse some people, so I'm planning on replacing the concerned screenshots when I'll have the time. Sorry for the false hope :/
Erewon, 2014-11-30T17:52:26Z
no prob, thank you for the answer! at least now i know to not buy that dlc, 2014-12-01T16:40:49Z

Saints Row FranceEdit

Bonjour Erewon,

Nous avons fondé depuis peu un wiki francophone sur Saints Row (par ici) , et on voudrait savoir si tu est intéréssé de nous rejoindre ?

On t'oblige pas, hein :p, mais vu tes contributions sur le wiki anglais, ça serait pratique... Tan210, 2014-12-05T22:16:53Z

Je suis flatté que vous m'ayez "trouvé" pour me demander ça haha ! Selon ce qu'il y a à faire, pourquoi pas, mais je ne vois pas vraiment l'intérêt de traduire des wikis entiers quand ils sont plus complets de toute manière en version anglophone. J'ai une vision assez personnelle de la chose, qui est simple : autant apprendre l'anglais :p
Par contre si Saints Row France désire utiliser les screenshots que j'ai uploadé sur ce Wiki, il n'y a aucun souci tant que je suis plus ou moins crédité (c'est même pas grave en fait, mais je suppose qu'il suffit de lier les images d'ici au SRF tout simplement).
Erewon, 2014-12-15T01:36:45Z

Replacing imagesEdit

Welcome back. (And just in time, since you were due to be demoted in 15 days.)

1. Images of the same filetype should be replaced, not deleted.

2. In deletion summaries

  • "Duplicate" indicates that the image being deleted is a duplicate of a pre-existing image.
  • "Superceded" indicates that you are deleting the image because it is being replaced.

3. Please use a wikilink in deletion summaries so it can be clicked.

4. Do not remove reference requests without replacing it with a reference. 452, 2015-08-18T15:37:28Z (last edited: 452, 2015-08-19T18:04:42Z)

Well, this is some hard work for a newbie like me. I understand your points though and will take them into account.
Erewon, 2015-08-19T17:49:55Z
You were a newbie in 2012. -452 01:13, August 27, 2018 (UTC)

Hey thereEdit

Hey, If you still play SR, accept my friend request on steam., 2015-12-07T15:30:16Z


As it has been a year since you last edited in the main namespace, your admin rights have been removed. 452, 2016-08-18T00:04:00Z

Ok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Erewon, 2017-01-13T13:19:20Z

Difference between imagesEdit

Could you please tell me what the difference is between File:Security_Guard_(1).jpg and File:Security_Guard_(3).jpg? 452, 2016-10-08T15:50:37Z (last edited: 452, 2016-12-13T14:34:19Z)

And could you also please tell me what the difference is between File:Ultor Security Guard (2).jpg and File:Ultor Security Guard (5).jpg?
452, 2016-10-17T20:21:34Z (last edited: 452, 2016-12-13T14:34:51Z)
The duplicate images have now been deleted.
452, 2016-12-13T14:50:30Z
Sorry for not seeing your query earlier, I have edited my Wikia profile so that I receive email notifications from now on.
Erewon, 2017-01-13T13:18:19Z
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