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Saints Row IV


All the King's Men SR
Appointed Defender SR2
STAG Party, Three Way SRTT
Zero Saints Thirty, Zero Cool, The Saints Flow, King Me, The Case of Mr. X, Nytefall SRIV


Blazin SRIV


Julius Little, Benjamin King SR
Pierce, Shaundi SR2
Pierce, Josh Birk, Nyte Blayde, Killbane SRTT
Anyone but CID SRIV


Los Carnales, Vice Kings SR
The Brotherhood SR2
Morningstar SRTT


Specter SRTT


Molotov Cocktails SR
Stun Gun, Shock Paddles SR2
Most Special-class weapons SRTT

Radio Stations

107.77 The Mix FM, 89.0 Generation X SR2
The Mix 107.77, GenX 89 SRTT
The Mix 107.77 SRIV

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Moozipan Cheese is a user on the Saints Row Wiki.

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"Saints Row, bitches!"
SR2 VOC WM 06271 Saints Row, Bitches


Hello! I'm Moozipan Cheese! I'm an amateur Flash animator and avid gamer. I love video games (in general) and Saints Row is among my favourite videogame franchises of this generation. I'd write a lot more here, but I don't know what else to say.

If you want to get in touch, I recommend you leave a comment on my talk page here.

Task ForceEdit

I'm part of the Mission and Character Task Forces, which means I am currently responsible for improving, overhauling, and cleaning up all missions and characters articles.

I have currently completely revamped all articles regarding missions in Saints Row and missions in Saints Row 2, and I am currently working on articles for missions in Saints Row: The Third. It is my aim to have completely overhauled all mission articles to a consistently high quality.

To-do listEdit

The following is a list of things I aim to do on this wiki:

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  • User:Moozipan Cheese/Templates/Mission - (template used for revamping mission articles)
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My thoughts on what I feel each game does the best. This is a bit wordy and obviously very opinionated, but please, indulge me. It might even be slightly humorous. Maybe.
Or, y'know, you can just skip past it, I... I don't mind.
Please don't.
Saints Row Saints Row 2 Saints Row: The Third Saints Row IV
Best missions Ui miss saints
Although both Saints Row and Saints Row 2 both have some epic missions, both games have flaws that prevent them from being my favourite. The first Saints Row suffers from the serious issue of lacking checkpoints; it's one of the few major complaints I have against the game. Fuck you and your relentless FBI, "Hail to the Chief"! Saints Row 2 feels like it has more "filler" missions, and some missions can be quite frustrating, such as any involving an enemy Tornado chasing after you when you're in a vehicle – I hate one-hit-kill rockets. Saints Row: The Third consistently delivers amazing, fun missions; one of the game's few redeeming factors (oooh). Well, aside from that awfully tedious zombie mission... And Saints Row IV just delivers almost constant incredible, humorous, fun missions. Beautiful... *Wipes tear from eye*
Best characters Ui miss saints
This was a tough choice. What the Saints Row franchise originally lacked in character depth, it made up for with its large cast. All the games had at least one memorable character — whether it be the endearing Donnie, the sexy Shaundi (Saints Row 2 version only, of course), the booming Killbane, or the straight-up awesome Benjamin King (R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan!) — but I have to personally give this to Saints Row IV for feeding on my nostalgia and bringing back some classic characters, not to mention Gat. I still want to see Donnie, Troy and Dex make a return, though!
Best weapons Ui miss saints
I don't think I've ever had more fun than getting into a massive fight with a large group of pimps just outside Saint's Row District alongside my 3rd Street Saints Homies, casually watching the chaos and using the Shock Paddles "weapon" to bring each loser back to life to rejoin the fray. ...I probably need to get out more. Oh, and let's not forget the Stun Gun, Chainsaw, and that parking meter Improvised Weapon just outside the Saints Hideout. Anecdote aside, the first Saints Row has fairly unremarkable weapons (although the Platinum RPG deserves a mention) and most of Saints Row: The Third's best weapons are all jammed in the "Special" category. As for Saints Row IV, I must admit that with the stupidly high kill requirements for some of the weapon Challenges, I never really did get to experiment much; furthermore, the weapons felt kind of weak until they were significantly upgraded, and that cost a lot of money.
Best plot Ui miss saints
Both Saints Row and Saints Row 2 had enjoyable storylines as the player strove to conquer Stilwater, but I think the first Saints Row did it better; the themes of betrayal and shifting loyalties, of good men like Benjamin King and Julius Little getting mixed up in gang warfare, and its few serious moments just caught me when I first played the game back in 2006. Saints Row 2 also had its moments, but they didn't resonate as well with me. After Saints Row: The Third, I really hoped that future games would return to the first two games' storyline format, and perhaps even have a few more poignant/tragic scenes to balance out the zany wackiness of it all – I mean, killing Killbane was the best ending – and sure enough, Saints Row IV delivered on that. The humor, which was less crude than that of the previous game, got the balance completely right.
Best Activities Ui miss saints
Not much of a contest here. The first Saints Row had far too many instances of Activities and they each went up to Level 8. The rewards were barely worth it and they could get incredibly difficult; Level 8 of Los Carnales' and Westside Rollerz' instances of Drug Trafficking in particular was indescribably frustrating. Saints Row 2 introduced a lot more fun Activities and reduced the amount of instances to two, as well as reducing the number of levels to 6, with rewards every three levels. Sure, Mayhem and Insurance Fraud were now the incredibly frustrating Activities, and some of the rewards were pointless (gee, thanks for the 20% off clothes), but working alongside the cops was a stroke of brilliance. Unfortunately, most of Saints Row: The Third's Activities just felt too easy and pointless. All of them yielded rubbish Gang Customization rewards and a little Respect, and they removed some of the best Activities from Saints Row 2 while keeping the older, less fun ones. On the other end of the scale, getting Gold on some of Saints Row IV's Activities was too bloody hard!
Best vehicles Ui miss saints
Whereas I imagine a large amount of players would claim that the F-69 VTOL is the best vehicle in Saints Row: The Third, but I fell in love with the Specter as soon as I unlocked it. Great, great fun...
Best customization Ui miss saints
I don't care how each subsequent game improves or fails to improve on the customization – the first Saints Row is the best for having the Faux Hawk, Soul Patch and Ultor Unlimited Sunglasses. My Protagonist hasn't been the same since. (The Faux Hawk did return in Saints Row IV, but it looked kinda... gay...)
Best audio Ui miss saints
Look, Saints Row: The Third might have had some brilliant Nyte Blayde radio advertisements, and the quality of its Newscasts were much better, and Saints Row IV even allowed you to listen to the radio on foot, but I just loved me the music in Saints Row 2, and... well, "Saints Row, bitches!"
Best DLC Ui miss saints
No DLC is best DLC! Failing that, Saints Row, with its minute amount of DLC, comes the closest. To be fair Saints Row 2's DLC wasn't so bad either, but each expansion (Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed and Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare) only came with three pitiful missions, and the Dex story arc didn't give a satisfying conclusion. And let's not even talk about Saints Row: The Third's awful DLC model. Thankfully, you really don't miss out on much if you don't buy it. I mean... I think – I never bought it.
Best game Ui miss saints
Yeah, yeah, we all knew this was coming. Ultimately, I feel Saints Row set up the fantastic series, and Saints Row 2 (almost) perfected it. Although Saints Row: The Third was a wonky step both forward and back – mostly back – Saints Row IV was truly a love letter to the fans that, like Saints Row 2, was almost perfect.


Saints RowEdit

Saints Row 2Edit

Shaundi nude

Originally, we had the uncensored version of this image (made by Volition, Inc. themselves), but Wikia deemed the pair of breasts to be "adult content" and deleted it. :(

  • This user has completed Saints Row 2 100%.
  • This user's favourite radio stations in Saints Row 2 is 107.77 The Mix FM and 89.0 Generation X.
  • This user's favourite gang Saints Row 2 is The Brotherhood.
    • As such, this user is also part of the The Brotherhood usergroup.
  • This user was slightly disappointed that the Faux Hawk, Soul Patch and Ultor Unlimited Sunglasses did not make a return in Saints Row 2.
  • This user did not like any of Playa's male voices in Saints Row 2.
  • This user did not like Julius Little's fate in the end of Saints Row 2.
  • This user's favourite weapon in Saints Row 2, by far, is the Stun Gun (although Molotov Cocktails and Shock Paddles deserve a mention too).

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • This user has completed Saints Row: The Third (sans DLC) 100% (I should really get an image of that here, right?).
  • While this user enjoyed Saints Row: The Third — especially the missions — they did not think it was anywhere near as good as the previous two games.
  • This user didn't have a favourite radio station in Saints Row: The Third, as they used the Mixtape.
  • This user's favourite gang in Saints Row: The Third is the Morningstar.
  • This user was slightly disappointed that the Faux Hawk and Ultor Unlimited Sunglasses from Saints Row did not make a return in Saints Row: The Third again.
  • This user loved Killbane in Saints Row: The Third, and, feeling that he was incredibly underused, hopes he returns in Saints Row IV.
  • This user thought the city of Steelport was lifeless and lackluster compared to Stilwater.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Despite its understandable lack of polish, this user considers Saints Row IV to be the best game in the Saints Row series, despite its few shortcomings, such as the arbitrarily high number of kills required to complete some of the Challenges... And the annoying requirements for getting Gold in Activities... And no mission replay feature... and the constant freezing... And no Donnie or Troy again... And...
  • This user wonders why the developers didn't name Saints Row IV instead as Saints Row Goes Forth, keeping in style with the naming convention of the third game.
  • This user was still very excited for the game, despite being disappointed with all the cut content in Saints Row: The Third.


  • This user slightly prefers Saints Row over Saints Row 2, but enjoys them both. This user considers Saints Row: The Third to be simply... okay.
  • This user attributes AllShamNoWow's Saints Row 2 Let's Play with renewing their interest in the Saints Row series.
  • This user finds OLGEG CubeeCraft to be the scariest thing ever, yet for some reason has a small, strange desire to make it.
  • This user wants to see more official Rule 34 of Shaundi from Volition, Inc..
  • This user should probably stop referring to themselves in the third person, huh?
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