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  • I live in Resaca, GA
  • I was born on February 27
  • I am Male
Matt Seay
Saints Row

• Xbox 360



Saints Row 2

• Xbox 360



Saints Row: The Third

• Xbox 360



Saints Row IV

• Xbox 360




Saints Row 2


Back to Basics SR
Revelation SR2
The Ho Boat SRTT


Insurance Fraud, Racing SR
Insurance Fraud, Fight Club, FUZZ SR2
Insurance Fraud SRTT


Mugging, Zombie Uprising, Tagging, Ho-ing, Assassination SR2
Assassination, Base Jumping SRTT


Johnny Gat, Benjamin King SR
Johnny Gat, Shaundi SR2
Zimos, Oleg, Burt Reynolds SRTT


Vice Kings SR
The Brotherhood,The Ronin SR2
The Luchadores SRTT


Venom, Venom Classic SR
Raycaster, Venom Classic, Hounfor, Gyro Daddy, Destroy, EDF Scout SR2
Raycaster, Cyber Tank, Specter, F-69 VTOL SRTT


Nightstick, Baseball Bat, .44 Shepherd, Tombstone SR
Nightstick, Stun Gun Baseball Bat, Kobra, Tombstone Pimp Cane, AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher, RPG Launcher, SKR-9 Threat SR2
Stun Gun, Woodsman, Laser Pistol, KA-1 Kobra, Cyber Blaster, D4TH Blossom, K-8 Krukov, Annihilator, Cyber Buster, Air Strike SRTT

Radio Stations

The Krunch 106.66 SR
89.0 Generation X, 107.77 The Mix FM, My Radio 85.5 SR2
Mixtape SRTT

Areas of interest

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Saints Row and MeEdit

I have to admit, I wasn't always a Saints Row fan. Coming from being a die hard Grand Theft Auto Fan, I thought that Saints Row would be a cheap, bare bones, open world video game with not much to offer. But then I played Saints Row 2 and my mind was blown. I hadn't played the first one at that time so I was a little lost when the game started. After beating the second game, I picked up the first to get a little more into the story. I saw that Saints Row: The Third was gonna be more over the top than the last and I said, "I gotta have it." Now that Saints Row IV is coming this August, I can not wait to get crazy and wild and see how much further the ever growing world of The 3rd Street Saints can go. "Saints Row Bitches!"

Why I like Saints RowEdit

There are many reasons why I like Saints Row. For starters, The stories to the first two games are so gripping. The third game started getting more wacky, which is okay, but it was the second game that got me hooked. Another reason is the customization. You can make the protagonist look like whatever you want, Male, Female. Caucasian, African American, Latino or Asian. You can wear anything, pimp out cars and much more. It is the game-play in these games that really seal the deal with me. Like in the Grand Theft Auto games, there is so much to do outside of the story that help with replay value.

Images Added by MeEdit

  • EDF Scout in Red Faction Guerrilla
  • Troy wielding a Pistol as a Homie in Saints Row 2
  • Tera as a Homie with a K6 Krukov
  • Tobias with T3K Urban
  • Shaundi - body with K6 Krukov in Saints Row 2
  • Legal Lee as a Homie with pistol
  • Jane Valderama with Tombstone
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