James Kensington

aka Samuel

  • I live in Olathe
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is CEO and Founder
  • I am male
James Kensington
Saints Row: The Third

• Xbox 360






...To Kingdom Come SR
Bank Error in Your Favor SR2
When Good Heists Go Bad SRTT


Escort SR
Insurance Fraud SR2
Tiger Escort SRTT


Johnny Gat SR
Shaundi SR2
Kinzie Kensington, Shaundi SRTT
Kinzie SRIV


3rd Street Saints SR SR2 SRIV


Peacekeeper SR
Phoenix SR2 SRTT
Infuego XL SRIV


McManus SR
McManus 2010 SR2
Viper Laser Rifle SRTT

Radio Stations

K12 FM 97.6 SR
97.6 K12 FM SR2
K12 97.6 SRTT SRIV

Areas of interest

• Weapons • Characters • Vehicles • Neighborhoods • Customization • Radio Stations • Quotes • Screenshots • Multiplayer • DLC

About MeEdit

I am sort of a "completist." I've seen that this wiki at some points "asks" for help. I play Saints Row: The Third, (and I'm hoping to get the others soon) so I'll probably be able to help in that catagory.

I am most likely to get things wrong sometimes, but come on, who doesn't?

I like to hear people's opinions on how to run this wiki, but saying "this wiki does this this way" is definitly not a reason to do that on this wiki without explaning why the other wiki does that. Nothing should ever be done without a good reason. If something I do is apparently wrong, I'll ask about it.

I'm hoping to follow in and start with what 452 does. I'll probably see if he could help me too. To be completly honest I came to this wiki to look up information about STAG. Although I'm also planning to not just fix: broken redirects, orphaned and dead-end pages, pages without categories and a lot of spelling mistakes, but also to post and add to pages of what I have found exploring the game(s) that haven't been posted already.

Feel free to contact me about anything, my edits, posts, things I've said, or even if you just want to chat. Have fun. :D

Editorial StanceEdit


  • Always preview.
  • Using previews help make sure that wikilinks are liked correctly.


  • You should Always enter an edit summary, even if it's a small edit.
  • Using an edit summary can help other people understand your reason for that edit.
    • For example, if you remove something without using an edit summary, it is hard to know if it i vandalism, or if you have researched the info you have removed was incorrect.
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