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  • I was born on October 18
  • I am legit
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Saints Row 2

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Saints Row: The Third

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Description Edit

Okaaayyy, I'm Yasemin. I was born in 18 oct. 1997 in Belgium. I love videogames and hiphop. Nah, seriously, I love it. In my free time I either beat high-scores or just listen to some underground rap.. or both.

Game-related facts Edit

  • I own a PS3 (PSN = DaWestsideRoller), feel free to add me if you own Tekken 6, Dragonball Burst Limit or Yakuza 3/4.
  • I also own a PSP, I use the same username but I only have Tekken 6 (again) and Assassins Creed: Bloodlines at the moment.
  • I know a lot of other games. But I spent my entire childhood (remember this phrase) with PS2 and when it broke (tragic moment) I wasn't able to play the games I had for that system.
  • Other games I know are; (some of 'em are really childish, but as I said "spent my entire childhood") Dragonball Z (super, budokai 2/3, budokai tenkaichi 3/4 i guess), GTA: Vice City, Dark Cloud, Rayman (M, Revolution, HH), Crash Bandicoot, Red Faction, Lara Croft,...)
  • I play 3rd person shooter, Beat 'em up or those half adventure/half RPG games.
  • I suck at 1st person shooter. Deal with it. xD
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