El Ieuan

aka Ieuan

  • I live in Wales, United Kingdom
  • I was born on January 25
  • I am Male
El Ieuan

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My name is Ieuan and i come from Wales (Which is a small country next to England) and i speak and write English and Welsh.

I own two Xbox 360's which is my preferd console and in the past have owned a PS1 and original Xbox. I have also played on Wii, PS2 and 3

Saints RowEdit

I have got all 3 Saints Row games and have played the original and Third i enjoy them both but i prefer the Third partly becasue ive never maneged to compelete the original

I am just starting to play 2 and am enjoying it so far.

I do think however that the Third was not serius enought it was good but could of done a fair bit beter. And also including 12 of the DLCs on the disk is just not good (Luckily for my i got the so called Full Package but 3 DLCs were missing) however i reyley enjoyed the game and i liked the new activites (Prof Genki SERC and Tank Mayhem)

I'm preodering SR:IV soon. My aim is to complete all of the games by the 25th of January net year.

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