Interestingly, it should be noted that if the player looks up at the sky you will find that it can be seen that it seems to be blue obviously shown by the fact that it is further confirmed by looking at it
— An incredibly long way to say "The sky is blue", using many redundant words which should never be used on this wiki. Hover over each word for explanations.

This is the kind of person I am

452's SR1 Playa

452's SR1 Playa

452's SRIV Playa

452 being Canonized

452's Goliath collection

The Saints HQ stores planes, right?

Kinzie's Warehouse stores VTOLs, right?

I can park stupidly in any game


Fire Hydrant driving a car

A flock of birds in the rain

Strange things happen when you replace files without closing the game

2 Samurai Swords + 2 Dual Samurai Swords = 6 Samurai Swords?

I killed Dex

Read my Comparative review of the Saints Row Series.

Me[edit | edit source]

I am 452, you are {{#ip:}}

Saints Row

• Xbox 360



Saints Row 2

• Xbox 360 • Playstation 3 • PC



Saints Row: The Third

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• The Full Package

Saints Row IV

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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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Saints Row 2


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BadDog, Vortex SR
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Fire Extinguisher SR2

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Areas of interest

• Weapons • Vehicles • Neighborhoods • Buildings • Customization • User Interface • Unlockables • Easter Eggs • Screenshots

Wiki[edit | edit source]

I am an inclusionist and a completist. I believe that every verifiable fact about the Saints Row series should be documented on this wiki. However, just because Sports Rims exist in the game doesn't mean it should have a dedicated article.

I first came to this wiki because I was looking for a full list of Saints Row 2 unlockables, and was disappointed that a full list didn't exist anywhere on the internet. Specifically, according to the in-game stats page for Saints Row 2, there are 42 unlockable cars, but there was no list anywhere of exactly which cars these are - obviously, this wiki now lists these, and anywhere else that now lists them copied them from me.

When I first arrived, the wiki was full of false information and vandalism - and had a reputation to match. Any time the wiki was mentioned on the Saints Row forums, someone would say "the wiki is full of false information" and "anyone can add anything they want" - but none of them ever did anything about it.

All they ever did was whine. What is the point of whining when you can simply fix it yourself?

I started out by fixing things that were broken: Broken redirects, orphaned and dead-end pages, pages without categories and many many speeling mistakes and false information.

  • After just one week, I had over 500 edits just from fixing stuff that one person messed up and others were too lazy to fix.
  • By the time I was given admin rights, I had made 2963 edits.

The admins at the time were unable to effectively clean up the vandalism and stop the vandals. I repeatedly directed the administrator to delete vandalised pages, and I was given admin rights instead. I was then able to completely wipe the vandalism, and stop the vandals. On my first day as an administrator, I deleted over 70 pages and files that the previous administrators had failed to deal with.

My role here is that of a janitor: I clean up the trash, and stop people littering.

I have removed countless pieces of false information, and I have stopped countless people from adding new false information.

I don't care how people do things on other wikis. I do what makes sense here.
I welcome alternate opinions, but stating an opinion without justification is useless. The fact that "X wiki does it this way" is not a reason to do anything. If it's a good idea, then explain why X wiki does it that way, and evaluate whether that reason is relevant here.

  • Nothing should ever be done without a reason.
  • If I do not understand something, I will ask about it.
  • If you do not understand why something is done, I expect you to ask about it.

(Read more about why you should never blindly accept the way something is done)

Feel free to contact me about any edit I've ever made or anything I've ever said. There's no such thing as a stupid question, or a question which is too old to answer.

The smallest article as of 2014-09 is larger than the 200th smallest article when I joined, which shows very well how far we've come.

Games[edit | edit source]

I like exploration games, and I like games with plentiful choices. I like being able to choose how I play the game, and not being walked through playing the game how someone else thinks I should play. This makes the game worth replaying.

Other games I enjoy replaying, include, in no particular order: System Shock 2, Silent Hill 2, Age of Empires 2, Civilisation (1), Aquaria, Terranigma, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda (2d-era) and anything by Nifflas.

While I was introduced to these games at different points in my life, they are amongst my favourites, and all have common elements of being non-linear open worlds with a focus on exploration, rather than hand-holding. Some are more non-linear that others. Most have an over-arcing storyline, which can be completed at it's own pace while being possible to backtrack and mess around.

I also like Portal due to the puzzle-solving, but it is good at maintaining an illusion of exploration and choice, despite the fact that it is a very linear game and most of the puzzles only have one solution.

The story is secondary to having fun, so I don't like games with artificial limitations on having fun like "The bridge is broken. No, you can't swim, but they will magically fix the bridge after you complete the missions on this island". Many games I like have limitations on exploration that feel natural rather than artificial.

There are several sequels in my list, and all of those sequels have followed the golden rule: Build. Improve. Expand.

Saints Row: The Third is a failure, because it does not do that. Saints Row IV is a good game, but it's just Saints Row: The Third+Superpowers. While Saints Row IV did not take any steps backwards, being based upon Saints Row: The Third is a disadvantage. Can you imagine how great it would be if it was Saints Row 2+Superpowers instead? Perspective is necessary before praise.

The Saints Row series has taken a step backwards in every sequel by increasing the number of missions before open-world play is possible, and increasing hand-holding. Ridiculous on-screen GPS arrows should be optional. At least Saints Row 2 gave you the option of skipping the tutorial.

Forum posts[edit | edit source]

Apparently I've only made 2 forum posts in the last 9 years.

Wikia Staff have broken DPL lookups based on usernames, so nothing posted before Nov 2020 can be looked up by username currently. There's no telling how long it will take them to fucking fix it.

To-do list Topics

My list of things of things to do for SRIV:

  • Audio - all audio extracted
  • Images - all images extracted
  • Unlockables - done... without the associated missions/activities
    • Upgrades - done.
  • Cheats - done... but there's one step I missed
  • Credits - done... but all credits pages need to be reformatted
  • Vehicles - done stats, mod info, customization, spawning locations
  • Missions - done... mostly
  • Side Quests - are bullshit.
  • Weapons - stats not done.
  • Customization Items - not done.

While I didn't have an purpose when I wrote this list last month, I've decided that once I've done the list, I will go back to concentrating on vehicle articles.

The observant may notice that I started through my list immediately and made good progress, then kind of stopped half way. Did I forget? Could I not find the information? Nope, it's all here at my fingertips. The problem is the total lack of contributions from others. When Saints Row: The Third came out, there were many of other users editing daily, so much so that simply going through all the diffs took a great deal of my time, but the fact that others were adding information inspired me to add full lists of everything.
Why should I bother doing the difficult stuff if no-one else is bothering to help by filling in the gaps in the easy stuff?

The lack of help, and lack of thanks, is incredibly disheartening.

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