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The Unlockable Pack is a DLC pack for Saints Row: The Third.


This pack was released on August 14, 2012, and automatically unlocks all mission choice-related unlockables, regardless of the mission choice.

As with all DLC, the content of this pack is unlocked after completion of We're Going to Need Guns, or when loading any save file after that point in the game.

If this DLC is installed before playing the relevant missions, nothing is unlocked when those missions are played, as this DLC simply triggers the original unlockables.

Displayed unlocks[]

These messages are displayed on screen.

Name Description
Ui reward dlc decker.png Rewards - Decker Rewards tied to Decker mission choices are now in effect.
Ui reward dlc luchador.png Rewards - Luchador Rewards tied to Luchador mission choices have been granted. Check your Crib Wardrobe and Weapon Stash.
Ui reward dlc morningstar.png Rewards - Morningstar Rewards tied to Morningstar mission choices are now in effect.
Ui reward dlc stag.png Rewards - Stag Rewards tied to STAG mission choices have been granted. Check your Phonebook and Crib Weapon Stash and Garage.

Silent unlocks[]

These unlockables are not displayed on screen, but are listed in the Upgrades menu after they are unlocked.

Unlockable Mission Description
Bonus - Cash The Belgian Problem 10% bonus to ALL Cash earned for taking over the Morningstar HQ
Bonus - Respect The Belgian Problem 10% bonus to ALL Respect earned for destroying the Morningstar HQ
Bonus - Ho Business The Ho Boat Hourly City Income of $1,000 for keeping the Morningstar hos
Bonus - Lump Sum Deposit The Ho Boat $25,000 Cash Payout to the Saints for returning the Hos
Nyteblayde STAG Party Nyteblayde can be found in your Cell Phone "PHONE" menu. He will help the Saints in combat.
Josh Birk STAG Party Josh can be found in your Cell Phone "PHONE" menu. He will help the Saints in combat.
City Takeover (District) STAG Party Completes all City Takeover gameplay for an entire Hood automatically
Weapons Discount http://deckers.die 25% lower weapon store prices from Matt Millers' hacking
Vehicles Discount http://deckers.die 50% lower vehicle customization cost from Matt Millers' hacking
STAG VTOL My Name is Cyrus Temple You now have a STAG VTOL available at your Crib Heliport Garage
S.T.A.G. Tank v2 My Name is Cyrus Temple You now have the Black Prototype Crusader Tank available at your Crib Garage[2]
Jet Bike My Name is Cyrus Temple You now have the prototype Jet Bike available at your Crib Heliport Garage
Satchel Charges My Name is Cyrus Temple Equip the Satchel Charges at your Crib Weapon Cache.
Zombie Backup Zombie Attack Zombies arrive to help in combat
SWAT Backup Zombie Attack Call for a SWAT team to help in combat
Burt Reynolds Zombie Attack Mayor Burt Reynolds can be found in your Cell Phone "PHONE" menu. He will help the Saints in combat.
Killbane Mask Murderbrawl XXXI Killbane's Mask is now available to wear
Apoca-Fists Murderbrawl XXXI Killbane's Wrestling Gloves, the Apoca-Fists, are now available at your Crib Weapon Stash
Gang - Followers
(Homie Slot 1)
I'm Free - Free Falling Recruit One Saint Gang Member as a Follower.


  • The Unlockable Pack is On-disc DLC already included on the retail disc, meaning that everyone who bought Saints Row: The Third already had the content, but could not access it until it was made available for purchase 10 months later.
    • The only way to access this content before then was to use a cracked exe, or a save file which had already unlocked it.
    • Once unlocked, the unlockables remain available after reloading the game with the original exe. This is because the items are available in the base game, and are not added to the game by the DLC.
    • Once unlocked, a save file with the items unlocked can be used by people who do not have the DLC, because the DLC simply unlocks the items in the base game.
  • The Unlockable Pack is not included in The Full Package.
  • The STAG VTOL is unlocked instead of the S.T.A.G. Tank v2, which is a mission choice in the mission My Name is Cyrus Temple.
  • Homie Slot 1 is silently unlocked even though it is normally unlocked after We're Going to Need Guns.
  • The STAG City Takeover works the same as it does if chosen after STAG Party.
    • The City Takeover selection map is automatically displayed several seconds after the unlockables screens are displayed.
    • It is not possible to avoid or exit the City Takeover selection map without taking over a neighborhood.
    • It is not possible to take over the Sierra Point neighborhood using the STAG City Takeover.
    • It is possible to choose a neighborhood which is already under the control of the Saints, which effectively bypasses using STAG City Takeover because nothing is changed, but this alone does not help when starting a new game.
    • The neighborhood with fewest regions is Port Pryor, which is made up of two sections, both controlled by Gang Operations. As Gang Operations can be completed during a mission, and are available from the start of the game, it is possible to fully take over Port Pryor during We're Going to Need Guns and thus avoid losing any gameplay at all.


DLC unlock SRTT - Reward - Decker

DLC unlock SRTT - Rewards - Luchador

DLC unlock SRTT - Rewards Morningstar

DLC unlock SRTT - Rewards STAG

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  1. Xbox marketplace: Unlockable Pack
  2. Note: Not included on PC. Confirmed on PS3.
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