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Ultor Exposed is the first of the 3 DLC packs for Saints Row 2.


Ultor Exposed was released on April 23 on Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation 3 for $9.99. When Microsoft points were discontinued, the Xbox 360 price was changed to $9.99.

Disgruntled Ultor microbiologist Tera Patrick holds the key to the corporation's illicit research activities and revenue generating schemes. Help Tera dismantle the Ultor Corporation by exposing the megacorp's seedy operations to the citizens of Stilwater.
Battle through three all new co-op enabled missions.
Commandeer new air and ground vehicles including attack aircraft and luxury sports cars.
Customize your character with new hairstyles, law enforcement uniforms, and all new clothes.
Own the streets in new Strong Arm and Gangsta Brawl multiplayer maps.
These are your Saints and this is your city like you've never seen it before...fully exposed!
— Marketplace Description

Once downloaded, 6 of the 7 new vehicles are unlocked in the Garage and the first Ultor mission icon is available at the Saints Hideout after the completion of the mission Three Kings.


The Saints attempt to destroy Ultor and they get help from an Ultor worker, Tera, to expose Ultor's darker side.


New Features[]


There are three Co-op enabled missions featuring Tera Patrick.

Weekend at Tera's

Burden of Proof

America's Next Top Scientist

Co-op Metagame[]

If you own this DLC, you can enable a Co-op metagame where you and the other player compete to see who can get the highest score when playing Missions. The player with the most points when the mission is completed earns additional cash.

Points can be earned in a variety of ways, including Headshots, Melee Kills, destroying Gang Vehicles, and Reviving Homies.


The downloadable content features seven new vehicles.


It features new clothing from both Let's Pretend and Branded.

Let's Pretend
  • EDF Armor Suit
  • EDF Helmet Hat
  • Astronaut Suit
  • Beat Cop Outfit
  • Grey Alien Outfit
  • SWAT Outfit
  • Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 1
  • Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 2
  • Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 3
  • Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 4
  • Joystick Junkies Hoodie


There are new male and female hair, along with four new side burns

  • Balding Mullet
  • Balding Stubble
  • Feathery
  • Fine Hair
  • Hot Rod
  • Late Night
  • Long and Feathered
  • Receding Sides
  • Short Widow's Peak
  • Stylish
Side Burns
  • Long and Wide
  • Normal, Long
  • Normal, Medium
  • Normal, Short

Multiplayer Maps[]

There are 4 maps, two for Strong Arm and another two for both Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl.

Gangsta Brawl/Team Gangsta Brawl
  • Cellblock
  • Warehouse
Strong Arm
  • Downtown
  • Trailer Park


  • According to some dialogue in both the included missions and Epilogue cutscenes, the missions may take place before the Epilogue. [Reference needed]
  • There is an unused string for a "Unlimited Thrown Weapons" unlockable.
  • The Beat Cop Outfit features Sergeant Stripes on the Sleeves


Head - Hats - EDF Helmet

Head - Hats - EDF Helmet - recoloured

Suits - EDF Armor

Suits - EDF Armor - recoloured

Suits - Astronaut

Suits - Astronaut - recoloured

Outfits - Beat Cop

Suits - Grey Alien

Suits - Grey Alien - recoloured black

Suits - Grey Alien - recoloured green

Suits - Grey Alien - recoloured white

Outfits - SWAT

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 1 - default

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 2 - default

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 2 - recoloured

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 3 - default

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 3 - recoloured

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 4 - default

Upper Body - Undershirts - Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 4 - recoloured

Upper Body - Coats - Joystick Junkies Hoodie

Head Hair - Balding Mullet

Head Hair - Balding Stubble

Head Hair - Feathery

Head Hair - Fine Hair

Head Hair - Hot Rod

Head Hair - Late Night

Head Hair - Long and Feathered

Head Hair - Receding Sides

Head Hair - Short Widow's Peak

Head Hair - Stylish

Sideburns - Long and Wide

Sideburns - Normal, Long

Sideburns - Normal, Medium

Sideburns - Normal, Short

Saints Row 2 DLC - new downloadable items notice

Saints Row 2 DLC - new downloadable vehicles notice


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Note: Has mounted weapon
  2. Note: Not added to the garage