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The Ultor Dome is a building in the Ultor Dome neighborhood.

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Not to be confused with Ultor Dome (Neighborhood)


This large arena is home to the Stilwater Sharks sport team, and was Ultor's first major property in Stilwater.

Stilwater SharksEdit

The tagline for the Sharks is "You're gonna need a bigger boat", but it is not stated exactly which sport the Sharks play. Like the Skeeters, it is possible that all of Stilwater's sport teams are named the "Stilwater Sharks".

Signage regarding the Sharks can be found in multiple places around the city, such as bus stops. Just south-east of Ultor Dome, in Sunsinger, is a Stilwater Sharks building, which features multiple logos, and lists the numbers of the team on the side of the building.


In Saints Row, the Ultor Dome starts out as the location for the Demolition Derby Activity, and is featured as a map in Multiplayer.

In Saints Row 2, the Ultor Dome is the location of a Fight Club activity, and the final mission against The Brotherhood, Showdown.


In Saints Row 2 it is possible to glitch inside the building and explore the stadium:

  1. Get a Sandstorm
  2. Go to the southern point of the building (near Fight Club)
  3. Park the bike so it is pointed south[1]
  4. Exit the bike. You should be inside of the building
  5. Jump into the black hole, open parachute and land on the stadium
  6. Walk to the edge, jump off and immediately start pushing the analog stick towards the interior
  7. If done correcty The Protagonist should land on a little ledge (you wil be blocked off the interior by an invisible wall)
  8. Star running at the wall and eventually you should bash through the wall and land on the stands
  9. Walk towards the middle of the arena and jump down off the stands


  • If The Protagonist stands on top of the dome in the center, it is possible to hear sports songs like Charge coming from below.
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  • In Saints Row: The Third, the Ultor Dome is featured on the phone's map button. It is an altered minimap view of the Ultor Dome neighborhood.
  • The Ultor Dome interior is used in the "Proportional Response" cutscene, although ostensibly takes place inside the Culex Stadium.
  • Improvised Weapons inside of the interior cannot be picked up.
  • Sometimes hobos may spawn around some of the barrels inside the Dome, warming their hands. It is also available for The Protagonist as an Idle animation.



  1. Image:
    Getting inside Ultor Dome

    The Ultor Dome glitch location

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