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Ultor transparent logo
Ultor Logo

Black and Orange


Dane Vogel SR2 SRG
Eric Gryphon CW SRTT
Mr. X SRIV[1]


Stilwater Police Department
The Ronin SR2
The Brotherhood SR2
3rd Street Saints SRTT SRIV
Phillipe Loren pre-SRTT[7]




Nuke Plant
Phillips Building
The Pyramid
Rounds Square Shopping Center
Saint's Row District
Ultor Dome
New Hades


Saints Row 2
Ultor Exposed
Corporate Warfare
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row: Money Shot
Saints Row IV
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Ultor is a corporation in the Saints Row series, and type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row 2.

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A brighter future, and a better life.
— Motto


Ultor's trademark logo is a stylised side-view of a continuous mining machine blade, coloured orange, which is present at numerous locations around Stilwater.

In Saints Row Ultor Unlimited is a major clothing company[8] with the naming rights to the Ultor Dome.

Over the course of five years[9] between then and Saints Row 2, they diversify into other industries and become the most influential corporation in the city. In addition to clothing, their business interests include real estate development[10], power utilities[11], cell phones[12], pharmaceuticals[13][14][15][16], packaged food[17], casinos[18], weapons manufacturing at The Pyramid[19] and radio stations.[20][21]

Much of this growth is spearheaded by Dane Vogel, a highly ambitious and ruthless young executive who works as Ultor's Director of Special Projects. Of particular interest to Vogel is the redevelopment of Saint's Row District; Ultor spends $383,781,187[22] to change the impoverished sector into a modern city, sprawling with glass towers and luxurious hotels. The Saints Row Church is turned from the 3rd Street Saints hideout into the "Stilwater Memorial Church", an upscale tourist trap which serves as a symbol against all gangs and corruption in Stilwater.[23] In the same district, Ultor constructs the Phillips Building to serve as its new headquarters.

After surviving assassination attempts by the Ultor Masako, the Saints wage war on Ultor and destroy their prized top-secret laboratory The Pyramid.[19] When Ultor's board of directors threaten to fire Vogel, he successfully manipulates the Saints into killing the entire board during a corporate yacht party, after which Vogel becomes Ultor's Chairman[24] The Saints hijack a military attack helicopter to assault and infiltrate the Phillips Building, and Vogel is killed by Playa.[25]

After Vogel's death, Ultor appoint Eric Gryphon as their new CEO.[26]

Ultor ExposedEdit

Former Ultor Microbiologist Tera teams up with Playa in hopes of uncovering one of Ultor's secret projects and the illegal, shadowy methods that they employed to cover their tracks. Although the duo succeed in acquiring the evidence they need to shut Ultor down[reference?], an interview with Jane Valderama of Channel 6 only leads to the humiliation of Tera.[reference?] Her reputation tarnished, Tera vows to get revenge on Ultor with or without the help of the media.[27]

Corporate WarfareEdit

Some time after Dane Vogel's demise, then-Ultor Head of Security Dexter Jackson, a former member of the Saints, sends the Masako to assassinate Eric Gryphon in an attempt to seize power for himself.[reference?] Desperate for help, Gryphon turned to Playa, who agrees to protect him. Afterwards, the two of them team up to bring down Dex and foil his devious schemes.[reference?] After a few more failed attempts on Gryphon and Playa[reference?], Dex decides to leave Stilwater to get away from the blood hungry duo.[reference?] Furious that Dex managed to escape, Playa takes his anger out on Dex's closest associates during the events of the Ultor Family Fun Day.[reference?]

The long-standing feud between the Ultor Corporation and the 3rd Street Saints finally comes to an end when Gryphon and Playa agree to cease hostilities. Playa meanwhile, vows to track down Dex and kill him no matter what the cost.[reference?]

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Ultor has merged with the 3rd Street Saints to create the "Saints/Ultor Media Group", helping the gang to become international celebrities with their own line of clothes, drinks, and household brand products. This is revealed in the Power CG Trailer.[link? quotes?]

Ultor Chemical Disposal Services[28] run the Steelport Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant on Arapice Island, which contains at least 15 containers of a green gas which turns people in Zombies.[29] After Playa attacks a convoy of STAG planes,[30] the corpses of STAG soldiers break open several of the containers[31], releasing toxic gas which raises the dead and turns them into zombies. A large section of the Steelport Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant is destroyed when one of the same planes crashes into the plant.[32]

In "Learning Computer", the objective vehicle towards the end of the mission is transporting a high-tech supercomputer belonging to STAG, but which bears Ultor's logo.

Saints Row IVEdit

By the events of Saints Row IV the Saints are still affiliated with Ultor, including when Playa is elected President of the United States.[33][quote?] During initial Player Customization, a news headline says that top-level Ultor executives were caught in a price-fixing scandal. When inside Virtual Steelport after the Zin Invasion, Playa asks Kinzie if the White House is still standing after the Zin's attack on it, and says they should get Ultor to rebuild it.

The Masako make a physical appearance during Asha Odekar's nightmare simulation, led by an evil version of Playa called Mr. X.[1]

An unused homie conversation between Phillipe Loren and Julius Little reveals that between the events of Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Ultor had been engaging in some rather "shady" business behind the backs of the 3rd Street Saints; ultimately, but indirectly, helping to pave the way for the events at the Stilwater 1st National Bank to occur.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

While dead, Dane Vogel has created a new branch of Ultor in New Hades, and allies himself and his company with Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington in their quest to save the President-slash-God-Emperor-of-the-Universe from Satan. His motive for doing so is that if the Saints' quest fails, Ultor can take the reconstruction contracts after the dust settles, and if they succeed, Satan's fall will allow for less property taxes.[34]


Ultor use a wide range of vehicles, including Five-O, Tornado, FBI, and Bear at various Notoriety levels, as well as Toad inside Rounds Square Shopping Center.

Ultor use Peacekeeper and Oppressor ULTOR in the Corporate Warfare DLC, and Vulture and EDF Scout in the Ultor Exposed DLC.

The AB Destroyer and Ultor Interceptor have Ultor logos, but are never used by Ultor. There are also unused Ultor variants of Knoxville and Miami.


  • The name Ultor and logo were first used in Red Faction, a first-person shooter also created by Volition, Inc.
    • In Red Faction, Ultor is a mining company, which is why the logo is of a continuous mining machine blade.
  • Ultor is Latin for "Avenger." Mars Ultor was an aspect of the Roman God Mars.
  • Ultor Unlimited is a sponsor in the 2009 fighting game UFC Undisputed 2009, their logo can be placed on trunks.
  • Some civilians give out fliers about Ultor.
  • Stilwater is just one of the various divisions of the Ultor Corporation. Its headquarters based in Saints Row 2 bears a close resemblance with the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI instead with a more triangular shape. A series of Ultor billboards with the Ultor logo features the word "Renaissance".
  • Ultor does not have their own notoriety bar, but instead they use the police notoriety.
  • The Moneyshot Pack for Saints Row: The Third is an "Ultor-themed" DLC that comes with the Ultor Assassin outfit, the fully-automatic sniper rifle, TOGO-13, and a variant of the Specter called the Ultor Interceptor.
  • Ultor shares many similarities to the fictional company Omni Consumer Products in the Robocop franchise in that it is a mega corporation that deals in a variety of different products and services, has a secret agenda, owns the city's police force and uses brutal force and corruption in order to transform a crime-ridden and decaying city into a modern metropolis.
  • The logo is similar to Combining Cyrillic Millions symbol, albeit it is reversed, and connected by an inner circle.
  • Ultor are featured under U in The ABCs of Saints Row.[35]


Phillipe and Julius

Julius: "So what did the Syndicate want with Stilwater anyway?"
Phillipe: "With the increased corporate businesses in the city, it was a natural area to expand into."
Julius: "You mean Ultor."
Phillipe: "Indeed. My organisation had long-standing business deals with them, which made the prospect more appealing."
Julius: "But the Saints ended up owning Ultor."
Phillipe: "The media division, perhaps. But to think Ultor did not have other agendas is somewhat naïve, don't you think?"
Julius: "Well, shit."
Homie Convo Phillipe Julius


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