Trojan Whores
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"Trojan Whores" mission completion screen
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"Trojan Whores" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

Ui act question

For the Saints Row mission, see Trojan Horse

OH SHIT! These ho's ain't ho's![sic]
Trojan Whores intro
Pierce, after the strippers open fire at the Saints HQ.


Shaundi calls to Playa to inform them that Pierce and Zimos have thrown a party at the Saints HQ. Shaundi, still mourning over Gat, is disgusted with the crassness of the party and leaves once Playa arrives, after scolding Pierce and Zimos. Playa stays and the three enjoy the party. Pierce enjoys a lapdance from one of the many scantily-clad strippers, but as they relax and close their eyes, the stripper attempts to kill Pierce with Playa's 45 Shepherd; Playa realizes this just in time and punches her in the face, saving Pierce. The rest of the strippers then brandish weapons and open fire, starting a massive firefight in the penthouse.

Playa, Pierce, Zimos and various gang members repel the attackers, including a wave of snipers on the rooftops, the loss of power inside the penthouse, and a group of Morningstar Vultures.

Following their failure, at an undisclosed Syndicate location Killbane voices his displeasure with Viola and Kiki DeWynter, who hired the assassins. Killbane incredulously scoffs at the idea of "hooker assassins" despite Viola's insistence that they came "highly recommended". After Kiki and Viola attempt to leave, Killbane picks up Kiki with one hand and snaps her neck in a rage. Scared and stunned, Viola agrees to stay with The Syndicate; Killbane accepts her "apology" and plainly offers her a VIP pass to the upcoming Murderbrawl XXXI in an effort cheer her up over the loss of her sister.


Trojan Whores - Kill the Snipers
Go to the party

This entire mission takes place in the Saints HQ.

Survive initial assault

Start by gunning down all the strippers littering the HUD alongside Zimos and other 3rd Street Saints until Pierce goes down upstairs.

Protect Pierce

Go up and revive him; the amount of time to revive him depends on which Upgrades have been purchased and game difficulty. After some dialogue, the power goes out.

Get sniper rifle

Grab the McManus 2015 sniper rifle.

  • The McManus 2015 stays in the inventory after quitting or completing the mission, the Annihilator RPG can not.
  • Picking up the McManus 2015 is still a mission objective if it is already owned.
  • If all snipers are killed without picking up the McManus 2015, it is automatically equipped, skipping the next two objectives.
Get up to the roof

Go up to the rooftop to deal with the enemy snipers. Use appropriate cover on the rooftop.

Kill the snipers

Use the HUD and the light beams that protrude from the sniper rifles to find where the enemies are. They all die from one hit from the rifle regardless of where they are hit.

Get to maintenance room

Once all the snipers are dead, head to the maintenance room, the same room where Shaundi and her group come up in "Party Time".

Restore the power

Restore the power; After Oleg calls to warn about the helicopters.

Get anti air weapon

Head back upstairs to the second floor and grab the Annihilator RPG anti air weapon.

  • The Annihilator RPG does not stay in the inventory after quitting or completing the mission.
  • Picking up the Annihilator RPG is still a mission objective if it is already owned.
Destroy helicopters

Head back up to the rooftop for a decent vantage point and fire rockets at the incoming Morningstar Vultures. Once all five are down, the mission ends.

  • It is possible to destroy the helicopters without picking up the RPG.


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission
  • Gunship unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
Trojan Whores radio newscasts media 00005
Jane Valderamma: "Prostitution: most people see the danger from this oldest of professions as being a venereal one. However, in downtown Steelport, the danger was far more disturbing. A penthouse party turned into a bloodbath as seemingly regular hookers pulled more than lube from their bags. Police report that the women entered the premises with the intent to kill all the partygoers only to be gunned down themselves. Many lonely customers will be left alone on the streets of the city tonight. This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Vice News."


Green With Envy - Playa after punching Tanya Winters

Playa punches the former prostitute Tanya Winters in the face in "Green With Envy" in Saints Row.

Trojan Whores - Pierce, Prostitute, Playa

Playa punches the stripper in the face in this mission in Saints Row: The Third.

  • Despite calling Shaundi to start the mission, she is in the opening cutscene, but not in gameplay.
  • It is possible to have two Pierces simultaneously during the mission if he is called as a Homie using the Cellphone before beginning the mission.
  • It is also possible to bring Angel, Kinzie, or Oleg to help during the mission.
  • During the opening cutscene, the Saints in the Saints HQ are default Saint homies. After the cutscene they revert back to fit any Gang Customization.
  • Playa punches the face of the stripper who attempts to kill Pierce; they also punched Tanya Winters, who used to be a prostitute, in the face in the Saints Row mission "Green With Envy".
  • The song that plays throughout this mission is called Honeys in the Place by Aaron Wheeler.[2]
  • The Morningstar-themed Vulture helicopters that appear in this mission are unique to this mission and are not used elsewhere in the game.
  • The name is a play on Trojan Horse.
  • In the pre-mission phone call, Shaundi mentions that a party is taking place, but there is no activity in the Saints HQ until viewing the cutscene.[3]
  • The helicopter pilots cannot be killed.
  • The hookers increase the number of Morningstar kills in the Statistics.



Playa: "Hey Shaundi, I was..."
Shaundi: "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Playa: "Whoa, what'd I do?"
Shaundi: "A party. We're throwing a fucking party? Now?"
Playa: "Party? I didn't... shit, Pierce."
Shaundi: "Oh I'm gonna kill him."
Playa: "Hold on, Shaundi. You're not killing Pierce."
Shaundi: "You're taking his side?"
Playa: "I'm not doing anything, not until I talk to him. Alright?"
Shaundi: "Fine, I'll see you at the penthouse."
— Pre-mission Phone Call (Male 1, Female 2,3)

Shaundi: "Did you approve this? Did you?"
Playa: "Slow down there girl, approve what?"
Shaundi: "Johnny's funeral gets attacked, and Pierce invites a bunch of hos over..."
Playa: "Wait...hos?"
Shaundi: "Don't even fucking start."
Playa: "Alright, let me talk to him."
Shaundi: "Fine, I'm heading to the crib too."
Playa: "I meant... just me."
— Pre-mission Phone Call (Male 2)

Shaundi: "What the fuck are we doing throwing a party?"
Playa: "Hello, how're you? I'm fine, Shaundi, what's up? Oh, you know the same shit as always..."
Shaundi: "Oh ha ha, very funny."
Playa: "Why don't you start with telling me what party you're talking about."
Shaundi: "You know, the one going on back at the crib."
Playa: "Hey, don't look at me, I had nothing to do with any party."
Shaundi: "You're telling me it was all Pierce?"
Playa: "Head back to the flat. We'll figure out what's going on."
Shaundi: "And kill Pierce."
Playa: "Don't get ahead of yourself."
— Pre-mission Phone Call (Male 3)

Playa: "Hey girl, what're you up to?"
Shaundi: "On my way to kill Pierce."
Playa: "What'd he do?"
Shaundi: "He's throwing a fucking party. Can you believe that shit?"
Playa: "Sadly, yes. Have you asked him why?"
Shaundi: "He probably wants to get some tits shoved in his face."
Playa: "I'm sure he has a better reason, how about..."
Shaundi: "Fuck his reason, it's not right. Not after Johnny's funeral."
Playa: "Alright, alright, let me talk to him. Promise you won't do anything until I get to the crib?"
Shaundi: "Fine, whatever..."
— Pre-mission Phone Call (Female 1)

Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Shaundi: "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Shaundi: "A party. We're throwing a fucking party? Now?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Shaundi: "Oh I'm gonna kill him."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
Shaundi: "You're taking his side?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Shaundi: "Fine, I'll see you at the penthouse."
— Pre-mission Phone Call (Zombie)

Cutscene #1Edit

Shaundi: "Johnny's dead, and you're throwing a fucking party?!"
Pierce: "Well, you say it like that, sure it sounds bad."
Zimos: "I was saddled up in a human pony show, but you see me crying about it, little girl?"
Shaundi: "I swear to God I will shove that thing down your throat-hole."
Pierce: "Shaundi, we can't mourn Gat forever. Eventually, you gotta get back on the horse. No offense, brother."
Playa: "He's right."
Shaundi: "Whatever."
Shaundi pushes a ho out of the way as she leaves.
Pierce: "Damn, girl--life is for the living and shit, know what I'm sayin'?"
A stripper approaches Pierce
Pierce: "Wassup girl?"
Pierce calmly closes his eyes as the ho grabs Pierce's gun from the couch and aims it at him, but Playa punches the ho, causing a misfire and the other hos pull out guns and start firing.
Pierce: "OH SHIT! These ho's ain't ho's![sic] "
— Opening cutscene


Zimos: "What's happening?"
Playa - Female 1: "Seriously, fuck this party!"
Playa - Female 2: "You should explain that to me."
Playa - Female 3: "Worst party ever!"
Playa - Male 1: "Your party sucks..."
Playa - Male 2: "Hey the party went to shit."
Playa - Male 3: "This party is bollocks!"
Playa - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Hey, can we worry about the crazy bitches with guns?"
— "Mission Start"
Playa - Female 1: "There he is!"
Playa - Female 2: "Pierce is hurt! Over here!"
Playa - Female 3: "We got you, Pierce!"
Playa - Male 1: "Over there. I see Pierce."
Playa - Male 2: "There! Pierce, we comin'!"
Playa - Male 3: "I see him! Over there!"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Pierce Down"
Pierce: "A little help up here!"
Zimos: "He still upstairs?"
Playa - Female 1: "Hang on, Pierce!"
Playa - Female 2: "Be right there!"
Playa - Female 3: "Hang on, Pierce!"
Playa - Male 1: "We're coming!"
Playa - Male 2: "I told him to be careful."
Playa - Male 3: "Coming through!"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Find Pierce"
Thanks, boss.
— Pierce, "Pierce Thanks"

Playa - Female 1: "Pierce, you ordered the wrong hos here."
Playa - Female 2: "Where did you find these girls?"
Playa - Female 3: "Where'd the girls come from?"
Playa - Male 1: "Pierce, where'd you get these hos?"
Playa - Male 2: "Where'd these girls come from, Pierce?"
Playa - Male 3: "Pierce, where'd these girls come from?"
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
Pierce: "Don't look at me, this is all from Z's black book."
Zimos: "What can I say, the bitches love me."
Playa - Female 1: "Here's a tip; this ain't love."
Playa - Female 2: "Really, Z? They have a funny way of showing it!"
Playa - Female 3: "Yeah, sure seems like it."
Playa - Male 1: "They got a funny way of showin' it..."
Playa - Male 2: "This is how you define love?"
Playa - Male 3: "I'm really feelin' that love right now."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Combat At Bar"
Zimos: "What happened to the power?"
Playa - Female 1: "I thought this was your party."
Playa - Female 2: "You are the one running this party, no?"
Playa - Female 3: "This look like MY place?"
Playa - Male 1: "It's your party, you tell me."
Playa - Male 2: "You were tryin' to set the mood?"
Playa - Male 3: "I was gonna ask you the same thing!"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Zimos: "This ain't on me, baby. I like lookin' at the goods when I have company, you know what I'm sayin'?"
Pierce: "They must've cut it."
Playa - Female 1: "That's just great..."
Playa - Female 2: "At this rate I will be having the electrician on my payroll."
Playa - Female 3: "Fabulous."
Playa - Male 1: "This just gets better and better..."
Playa - Male 2: "We gotta get that shit fixed then."
Playa - Male 3: "Never a dull moment..."
Playa - Zombie: "Babbles"
— "No Power"
Zimos: "Looks like there's a light show outside..."
Pierce: "Snipers. Better grab a rifle and get up top."
Playa - Female 1: "On it."
Playa - Female 2: "I will handle it."
Playa - Female 3: "On it."
Playa - Male 1: "On it."
Playa - Male 2: "This just gets better..."
Playa - Male 3: "Got it."
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
— "Snipers"
We'll get your back while you take out those snipers.
— Pierce, "On Way to"

Playa - Female 1: "Took care of the snipers."
Playa - Female 2: "That finishes the snipers."
Playa - Female 3: "Area's clear!"
Playa - Male 1: "Snipers are down."
Playa - Male 2: "Snipers are all done."
Playa - Male 3: "We're clear."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
Zimos: "Let's get some power up in here. I'm tired of trippin' over bodies."
Pierce: "That shit's downstairs. After you."
— "Head to Power"
Playa - Female 1: "Can't you call back later, Oleg?"
Playa - Female 2: "This had better be important, Oleg."
Playa - Female 3: "Oleg?"
Playa - Male 1: "Oleg can it wait?"
Playa - Male 2: "You got shitty timing, Oleg."
Playa - Male 3: "A little busy, Oleg."
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
Oleg: "You have to cancel the party, it's a trap..."
Playa - Female 1: "I picked up on that."
Playa - Female 2: "I had picked up on that, yes."
Playa - Female 3: "Yeah, kinda guessed from the gun weilding strippers."
Playa - Male 1: "I noticed."
Playa - Male 2: "No shit..."
Playa - Male 3: "You don't say..."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Oleg: "So it's over? I should have known a few helicopters wouldn't stop you."
Playa - Female 1: "There weren't any helicop..."
Playa - Female 2: "Helicopters? What are you..."
Playa - Female 3: "Of course n--wait, what?"
Playa - Male 1: "Helicopters? What are you..."
Playa - Male 2: "Who said anything about helicopters?"
Playa - Male 3: "Helicopters? What the---"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
— "Helicopter"

Cutscene #2Edit

Viola: "They came highly recommended."
Matt: "Ladies, it was a pretty shit plan."
Kiki: "Tell me something, Matt. Did you have a plan? How about you, Eddie?"
Kiki: "There's a reason Phillipe left the thinking to us. We're done here."
Killbane grabs Kiki and breaks her neck, killing her.
Matt: "Christ, Killbane--!"
Killbane: "Relax. We only need one of 'em."
Killbane: "Viola, your sun is setting, but it's not too late. There's still time to grab Apollo's chariot and drive that fucker back across the sky. You feel me?"
Viola: "Yes, Killbane."
Killbane: "Apology accepted. I'll comp you a VIP pass to Murderbrawl, that'll cheer you up."
— End Cutscene


Pierce: "What now?"
Playa - Female 1: "I'm bringing them down."
Playa - Female 2: "We go outside and shoot them down."
Playa - Female 3: "We get up there."
Playa - Male 1: "We get out there."
Playa - Male 2: "Get out there and deal with it."
Playa - Male 3: "We get the fuck out of here."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
— Labelled "Get to Helipad"
You'll get a better shot from the roof.
— Pierce - labelled "Get to"

Zimos: "You're gonna need somethin' big to bring down those helis. Take this..."
Playa - Female 1: "Next time you have one of these, give it to me sooner."
Playa - Female 2: "Why did you bring rocket launchers to a... no, pretend I didn't ask."
Playa - Female 3: "You had this the ENTIRE TIME?"
Playa - Male 1: "You had that shit the whole time and you're giving it to me now?"
Playa - Male 2: "Where the fuck did this come from..."
Playa - Male 3: "Where the bloody hell was this earlier?!"
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
— Labelled "Giving Rocket Launcher"
Playa - Female 1: "Right. Gotta go."
Playa - Female 2: "Fuck. Me. Oleg, I'm going to have to call you back."
Playa - Female 3: "Great talking with you gotta go!"
Playa - Male 1: "Oh. We'll talk later."
Playa - Male 2: "Uh, yeah, I'll get back to you."
Playa - Male 3: "Right. We'll talk later."
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
— Labelled "Hanging Up On"
Zimos: "Shit, these bitches got bombs out there?"
Playa - Female 1: "Helicopters."
Playa - Female 2: "No, just helicopters."
Playa - Female 3: "Helicopters this time."
Playa - Male 1: "Choppers."
Playa - Male 2: "Nope, helis."
Playa - Male 3: "Helicopters."
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "Yeah, 'cause that makes it better..."
— Labelled "Helicopters Attacking Crib"
Playa - Female 1: "Check behind the bar!"
Playa - Female 2: "Behind the bar! Pierce is down!"
Playa - Female 3: "Behind the bar!"
Playa - Male 1: "Shit, behind the bar. Pierce!"
Playa - Male 2: "See if he's behind the bar!"
Playa - Male 3: "Pierce! Shit! Behind the bar!"
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
— Labelled "Pierce"
Pierce: "I'm out. Think I left some clips by the bar upstairs."
Playa - Female 1: "Make it quick!"
Playa - Female 2: "Just be careful."
Playa - Female 3: "Hurry!"
Playa - Male 1: "Don't take too long!"
Playa - Male 2: "Watch your ass up there."
Playa - Male 3: "Hurry."
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
— Labelled "Pierce Out of Ammo"

Zimos: "You sayin' you don't like the threads?"
Pierce: "You wear a big rhinestone 'Z'. I'm just sayin' it stands out."
— Labelled "Second Combat Basement"

Here, this shotty has a light on it.
— Pierce, labelled "Shotgun with Flashlight"

Pierce: "I can't believe this shit..."
Zimos: "I know. Ain't no point the girl bein' so far away like that. Can't see the goods."
Pierce: "Not quite what I meant."
Zimos: "I'm just sayin'."
— Labelled "Sniper Hos"

Playa - Female 1: "All in the breath control."
Playa - Female 1: "Check one off..."
Playa - Female 1: "Nightie night."
Playa - Female 1: "Score."
Playa - Female 1: "See ya, honey."
Playa - Female 1: "Yeah, sorry..."
Playa - Female 2: "A touch off center..."
Playa - Female 2: "Good."
Playa - Female 2: "Got her."
Playa - Female 2: "She is down."
Playa - Female 2: "She was no amateur."
Playa - Female 2: "That was a clean shot."
Playa - Male 1: "Buh-bye."
Playa - Male 1: "Damn I'm good."
Playa - Male 1: "Hello..."
Playa - Male 1: "Sorry sweetie..."
Playa - Male 1: "Two points."
Playa - Male 1: "You're done."
Playa - Male 2: "Bye bye..."
Playa - Male 2: "Count it!"
Playa - Male 2: "Oooo."
Playa - Male 2: "Perfect shot."
Playa - Male 2: "See ya!"
Playa - Male 2: "Sorry honey..."
Playa - Male 3: "Another one down!"
Playa - Male 3: "G'night sweetheart."
Playa - Male 3: "Got one."
Playa - Male 3: "Gotcha!"
Playa - Male 3: "I got her!"
Playa - Male 3: "Sorry, love."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
— Labelled "Successful Snipe"
Playa - Female 1: "Got something for you assholes."
Playa - Female 2: "Now to bring them all down."
Playa - Female 3: "Time for a little skeet shooting..."
Playa - Male 1: "Time to take these assholes down."
Playa - Male 2: "Got somethin' for you!"
Playa - Male 3: "Time to play..."
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
— Labelled "Take Down Helicopters"
Playa - Female 1: "Ready to fix this mess?"
Playa - Female 2: "It's too crowded for this!"
Playa - Female 3: "Need to thin this crowd!"
Playa - Male 1: "We need to thin this party out a bit."
Playa - Male 2: "Take out the party crashers."
Playa - Male 3: "We need to break up the crowd."
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
Pierce: "Workin' on it."
Playa - Female 1: "You couldn't have just done the cheese and wine thing?"
Playa - Female 2: "Couldn't you just invite a few friends?"
Playa - Female 3: "Just had to have strippers, didn't you?"
Playa - Male 1: "Couldn't you have invited less people..."
Playa - Male 2: "Next time start small, Z."
Playa - Male 3: "Why didn't you have a small, intimate gathering?"
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Zimos: "Wouldn't be much of a party then, would it?"
Playa - Female 1: "It'd be a lot safer though."
Playa - Female 2: "You think this party is going well?"
Playa - Female 3: "You really want to make that argument right now?"
Playa - Male 1: "No, just easier when they all start pullin' guns and shit."
Playa - Male 2: "Yeah, but a hell of a lot easier to clean up after."
Playa - Male 3: "But the tips would have been better."
Playa - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Chaos in the Beginning"
Mind clearin' the roofs while you're up there?
— Pierce, "Clear Roofs"

Zimos: "Looks like these cats came prepared."
Pierce: "You kinda stand out, Z."
Zimos: "Yeah, but they can see us, too."
Pierce: "With what you're wearin', Z, that ain't surprising."
— "Combat Basement"

Playa - Female 1: "Is half the city here?"
Playa - Female 2: "It just had to be a big party."
Playa - Male 1: "You HAD to throw a party..."
Playa - Male 2: "Next time I'M throwin' the party."
Playa - Male 3: "Just HAD to have a bloody party."
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
Playa - Female 1: "I'm not cleaning this up, later."
Playa - Female 2: "A bottle of vodka and a few friends just aren't enough for you."
Playa - Male 1: "You two are cleaning this shit up, you know that right?"
Playa - Male 2: "Man, we just had this place lookin' nice."
Playa - Male 3: "I'm not cleaning this up! You got that?!"
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
Playa - Female 1: "Shaundi's gonna be telling us "I told you so"."
Playa - Female 2: "You two are cleaning up until Shaundi and I are both happy."
Playa - Male 1: "I shoulda listened to Shaundi..."
Playa - Male 2: "You all are dealin' with Shaundi after this."
Playa - Male 3: "I was supposed to have a quiet night in..."
Playa - Zombie: "Babbles"
Playa - Female 1: "This better not have been a cash up front thing."
Playa - Female 2: "Any more surprises? Luchedores juggling chainsaws, perhaps?"
Playa - Male 1: "Tell me you didn't pay 'em first, Pierce, please!"
Playa - Male 2: "Next time you should tip better."
Playa - Male 3: "Pierce, are you tipping them?!"
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
— "Combat in Beginning"


  • Shaundi argues with Zimos and Pierce
  • Shaundi states that Johnny is dead
  • Playa agrees with Pierce that they can't mourn Johnny Gat forever
  • Pierce enjoys a lapdance
  • And the stripper attempts to kill him
  • Playa realizes Pierce's imminent danger
  • Playa punches the stripper in the face
  • Zimos is surprised by the sudden gunfire
  • ...As is Pierce
  • The strippers attempt to kill the Saints
  • After the assassination fails, Viola DeWynter attempts to convince Killbane that the plan was sound
  • Matt Miller disagrees
  • Killbane thinks otherwise when Viola and Kiki DeWynter attempt to walk away from him
  • Killbane picks up Kiki DeWynter by her neck with one hand
  • Killbane kills Kiki DeWynter by breaking her neck
  • Killbane kills Kiki
  • Matt Miller is lost for words as Kiki DeWynter drops dead
  • Killbane attempts to console Viola DeWynter over her twin sister's murder with VIP tickets to Murderbrawl XXXI
  • The remaining members of The Syndicate
  • The final image used at the end of the mission
  • UI image used when saving directly after the mission
  • Trojan Whores - Kill the Snipers
  • There is no party occurring before viewing the cutscene

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    Trojan Whores - go to the party

    No party occurring

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