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"Trojan Horse" is the fourth mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

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For the Saints Row: The Third mission, see Trojan Whores

Now that we have things in the Row under control we can get back to the plan. I had that truck you jacked fixed up good as new. Load it up with a crew and drive it right into the Carnales production plant. When you get inside, hop out and take the place over.
Trojan Horse audio
Dex to The Protagonist, outside Samson's garage.


Troy and Dex, outside Samson's garage, discuss the plan of attack on the Carnales' main drug plant. The truck that Troy and The Protagonist stole[1] will be used as a Trojan Horse to ambush the Carnales and take the plant over. As The Protagonist leaves, Dex reminds them not to destroy the lab itself, as Dex wants to use it to deal drugs himself. The Protagonist then leaves in the truck with some 3rd Street Saints, heading to the Pilsen neighborhood.[2][3]

With help from the 3rd Street Saints in the truck, The Protagonist manages to secure the Carnales' drug plant. At the Lopez Mansion, Manuel Orejuela notes his concern to Hector Lopez, who attempts to cover what has actually happened, stating he is still in control.[4][5]

What about this gang from Saint's Row? [...] Your father would have killed them all by now.
Trojan Horse Manuel Orejuela
— Manuel Orejuela


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

With the Row back under control, Dex explained his bold plan to infiltrate and capture the Carnales' drug production plant. You took the stolen delivery truck, now repaired and filled with Saints, to the Carnales plant. Once inside, you and the Saints emerged from the truck and took the Carnales by surprise, securing the plant as property of the Saints and crippling Los Carnales in the process.


Trojan Horse - interior of drug factory

Gameplay from the mission.

This mission is generally easy in terms of gameplay, featuring weapon combat on foot.

Enter the truck.

Get into the Mule.

Take the truck to the drug factory.

Some Homies are automatically assigned upon reaching the destination.

Park the truck and make your way into the drug factory.
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Kill the Carnales defending the drug factory.

The explosive barrels littered around outside the plant can be shot, destroying the flooring some enemies are using above, thus killing them easily. The Carnales use Pipe Bombs and Molotov Cocktails, which may explode the barrels.

Despite what Dex says in the opening of the mission, anything in and around the drug plant may be destroyed without consequence.


Upon completing the mission, the Saints take over the Pilsen neighborhood in the Factories District, where the plant is located.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, or destroying the truck.[6]


  • Pilsen neighborhood unlocked


  • The name of the mission is taken from the Trojan Horse used to get into Troy during the siege of Troy in Greek mythology.
  • During the drive towards the Pilsen neighborhood, the 3rd Street Saints gang members hiding in the truck can be heard, although none of the lines said are unique and can be heard outside of the mission as well.


"The Classics Never Die" cutsceneEdit

Troy: "Dex's bringing the truck around. You know why he wanted that thing?"
Dex: "Shit Troy..."
Dex: "If you wanted to know all you had to do was ask."
Troy: "I did."
Dex: "Well, I guess you did, ain't that a bitch. Now that we have things in the Row under control we can get back to the plan. I had that truck you jacked fixed up good as new. Load it up with a crew and drive it right into the Carnales production plant. When you get inside, hop out and take the place over."
Troy: "Not exactly the most original plan..."
Dex: "There's something to be said about the classics. Remember what I said. Take the place over, don't blow it to hell. The more shit you blow up, the more shit we have to replace once we're runnin' it."
The Classics Never Die full CUTSCENES 0140
— "The Classics Never Die" cutscene

"Load Up!" cutsceneEdit

3rd Street Saints gang member #1: "The Carnales ain't gonna know what hit 'em!"
3rd Street Saints gang member #2: "Right on!"
3rd Street Saints gang member #3: "Yeah!"
Load Up! full CUTSCENES 0148
— "Load Up!" cutscene

"Hello, bitches!" cutsceneEdit

3rd Street Saints gang member #1: "Surprise, mother fuckers!"
3rd Street Saints gang member #2: "Hello, bitches!"
3rd Street Saints gang member #3: "3rd Street!"
Hello, bitches! full CUTSCENES 0152
— "Hello, bitches!" cutscene

"Everything's Under Control" cutsceneEdit

Hector Lopez: "Manuel, you worry too much, everything is under control."
Manuel Orejuela: "I've heard some nasty rumors, Hector."
Hector Lopez: "Like what?"
Manuel Orejuela: "That one of your drug labs was shut down."
Hector Lopez (translation): "What's that? That's not a problem."
Hector Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Hector Lopez (audio): "¿Que es eso? No, eso no es problema."
Hector Lopez: "One of our couriers thought he could cut the shit out of his deliveries. It looked like we were missing a lot of product, it really was just this pendejo. Angelo took care of him."
Manuel Orejuela: "And the drugs?"
Hector Lopez: "Found."
Manuel Orejuela: "What about this gang from Saint's Row?"
Hector Lopez: "A bunch of mulas, a nuisance, nothing more."
Manuel Orejuela: "Your father would have killed them all by now."
Hector Lopez: "I am not my father."
Manuel Orejuela: "I've noticed."
Angelo Lopez: "Hey, don't you walk away from me, puta!"
Luz (translation): "Hey Angelo, what's wrong with you?"
Luz (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Luz (audio): "¡ay, Angelo! ¿qué te pasa?"
Luz (translation): "He's so old he could be my father!"
Luz (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Luz (audio): "¡Es tan grande que pueda ser mi padre mijo!"
Angelo Lopez: "Woman, you listen to me--"
Hector Lopez: "ENOUGH!"
Hector Lopez (translation): "I'm trying to work here! Either you behave or you get out of my house already!"
Hector Lopez (subtitle): "(yells in anger)"
Hector Lopez (audio): "¡Yo estoy intentado trabajar aquí! ¡O se comportan o salgan de mi casa ya!"
Manuel Orejuela: "You're right. Looks like everything is under control, Hector. We'll talk about this more when the others arrive."
Everything's Under Control full CUTSCENES 0144
— "Everything's Under Control" cutscene


  • Troy
  • Dex
  • The 3rd Street Saints gather in the truck
  • The 3rd Street Saints ambush the Carnales at the drug plant
  • Hector Lopez and Manuel Orejuela
  • Gameplay from the mission


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