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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the activity in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. For the activity in Saints Row IV, see Blazin.

Trail Blazing is an Activity in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.[1]

Race to the finish for cash and respect. Bonus seconds earned from ramming people and cars are added to your timer at each checkpoint.
— Trail Blazing introduction in Saints Row 2[2]

Saints Row 2[]


In this activity, Playa is put on a blazing Toad wearing a flame-proof suit, and must race through various locations Stilwater. The course is similar to a regular checkpoint race, but the timer counts down between each checkpoint instead of for the whole course.

Driving into Civilians, cars and objects sets them alight, or cause them to explode, awards points. After driving through a checkpoint, points earned are converted to extra time. This activity is made very easy on all levels by using the cheat super explosions (#7)

Driving into a fuel barrel causes it to explode, and driving into a spot marked with a flame ignites a gasoline trail which usually destroys property, cars and people.


In Co-op, the guest rides on the back of the Toad and has infinite Molotov Cocktails.


Main article: Tips
  • Avoid water as it extinguishes the fire, but driving into a flame or barrel re-ignites the Toad.
  • Not hitting enough people and cars does not leave enough time to complete the race, but deviating from the track too much to hunt for victims does the same. The trick is to find a balance between both.
  • Drive on the wrong side of the road and crash into the oncoming traffic for extra time.


There are two locations available for Trail Blazing, both visible on the map:


Charles Mueller in Trail Blazing cutscene.png
Adept Way, Downtown District
  • Contact: Charles "Chuck" Mueller
Playa: "I just wanted to get this out of the way Mr. Mueller, I'm a big fan."
Chuck: "Glad to hear it, and me Chuck."
Playa: "So tell me about the project..."
Chuck: "Well we're looking to do a follow up to our blockbuster documentary "Skeeters on Fire", which really captured the youth market. What I'm imagining is something edgy, something urban...something I like to call "Bangers on Fire". See, it's abou-"
Playa: "I'm in."
Chuck: "Really? Most people have some questions about the safety of th-"
Playa: "I just wanna light stuff on fire, you don't have to sell me..."
Chuck: "OK, let's just get you registered with the union and we'll have you running around in a flame suit in no time..."
— "Downtown District Trail Blazing" Cutscene
Sommerset, Apartments District
Blake: "Thanks for stoppin' by...the brothers of Theta appreciate it."
Playa: "The brothers of Theta better have cash."
Blake: "Don't worry, we'll scratch one of our pub crawls, that should cover whatever you charge."
Playa: "So what's the problem?"
Blake: "Those jag-offs in Gamma beat our step team, now they think they're hot shit...we need someone to knock 'em down a peg."
Playa: "You got anything I can use so they know you sent the message?"
Blake: "This year we bought a flame suit for pledge hazing, you think you can find a way to work that in?"
Playa: "Oh yeah..."
— "Apartment District Trail Blazing" Cutscene


Apartments District

  • Level 3: Brotherhood notoriety reduced (5%)
  • Level 6: Brotherhood notoriety reduced (15%)

Downtown District

  • Level 3: Reduced explosion damage (5%)
  • Level 6: Reduced explosion damage (15%)

All levels at both locations:

  • Fire Fighter Suit added to the Wardrobe. Offers full immunity to fire when all pieces are worn.

Saints Row: The Third[]

In Saints Row: The Third, in addition to the returning style of Trail Blazing established in Saints Row 2, there is also a second form of the Activity known as Cyber Blazing where Playa helps Kinzie Kensington hack by jumping into the Deckers' cyberspace and racing a Tron-style lightcycle (named the X-2 Phantom) down a halfpipe while blowing up cyber tanks for extra time and avoiding firewalls that give time penalties.[3]

Cyber Blazing[]

Ui cmp trail blazing cyber.png

Kinzie's Trail Blazing activity takes place in cyberspace, where an avatar of Playa rides on an X-2 Phantom through a pipe. The objective is to race down the pipe while hitting Deckers in ASPs and avoiding Firewalls, which add and deduct time respectively.

Kinzie Kensington hosts this activity, and states that Playa needs to race through cyberspace in order to hack the Deckers and pinpoint their locations in real life.

When this activity is started as a mission through the Cellphone, it is named "Cyber Blazing", but the on-screen help text, the Upgrades menu and the activity marker all say "Trail Blazing".



When played as part of the storyline, there is an opening cutscene.

Playa: "I thought someone who just got out of captivity would want to live it up a little more."
Kinzie: "Not really, I hate people."
Playa: "Oh. So do you have anything on the Deckers?"
Kinzie: "Not yet."
Playa: "What have you been doing since you got out?"
Kinzie: "Power leveling."
Playa: "You're killing me, Kinzie."
Kinzie: "I can't help you take down the Deckers until I know where they're hiding. So, I wrote a program that tracks a user's physical location while they're logged on."
Playa: "That's ... awesome?"
Kinzie: "Just play the damn game and I can pinpoint where the Deckers are in real life."
Playa: "Now we're talkin'."
— Cyber Blazing storyline cutscene


  • The outfit used during Trail Blazing can be kept using the same method as keeping the cop outfit from Fuzz: Exiting the activity using the pause glitch, saving the game, then saving the outfit.
  • Cyber Blazing is very similar to the 1982 arcade game Tron.
  • The activity was originally named "Human Torch", and originally did not feature the Toad.[4] All of the game data files still refer to the activity as "humantorch".[5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


Blake in Saints Row 2

Chuck Mueller in Saints Row 2

Blake - closeup with hat removed

Chuck Mueller - closeup with accessories removed

Trailblazing endscreen, named internally as "humantorch"

Trail Blazing instructions

Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced 1 unlocked

Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced 2 unlocked

Reduced Explosion Damage 1 unlocked

Reduced Explosion Damage 2 unlocked

Fire Fighter Suit unlocked

Trail Blazing gameplay in Saints Row 2

Trail Blazing gameplay in Saints Row 2

Trail Blazing gameplay in Saints Row 2

Trail Blazing gameplay in Saints Row 2

Image of a modded game showing a beta version of Trail Blazing

Trail Blazing in SR2

Trail Blazing - Sommerset location

Cyber Blazing gameplay in Saints Row: The Third

Trail Blazing bonus seconds in Saints Row The Third.png
ASP in Trail Blazing in Saints Row The Third.png
Two ASPs in Trail Blazing in Saints Row The Third.png

Cyber Blazing complete

Cyber Blazing cash

Cyber Blazing more

Trail Blazing complete screen in Saints Row: The Third

Trail Blazing cash screen in Saints Row: The Third

Trail Blazing more screen in Saints Row: The Third


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