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"Traffic Control" is the first of three missions in the Corporate Warfare DLC.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Ultor CEO Eric Gryphon (Dane Vogel's replacement) meets with Pierce at $tock$, expressing his interest in meeting with The Protagonist. Gryphon needs the 3rd Street Saints to provide him protection from Dex's Masako. In return, Gryphon will provide The Protagonist with information on Dex, who had previously tried to kill The Protagonist and Julius in a church[1].[2]

The Protagonist successfully defends Gryphon's Status Quo from an Oppressor and escorts him to the Saints Hideout. Sometime after the events, Gryphon meets Dex outside the Phillips Building, with Gryphon coming to the assumption that Dex can't have him killed at work. Gryphon warns Dex that he's out of his league, and Dex replies that Gryphon is out of touch.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Known philanthropist Eric Gryphon has miraculously survived a brutal car crash that has left dozens dead. While Mr. Gryphon was unavailable to comment, his co-worker and close friend Dexter Jackson says this of the ordeal, "I'm just happy that Eric is ok.". In unrelated news, police have been unable to figure out how several hundred shell casings appeared on the Stilwater Freeway.


File:Traffic Control - Limo Armor HUD.png

Gameplay from the mission.

Protect Gryphon's Limo

A Side Shooter escorts Eric Gryphon to the Saints Hideout via the Stilwater freeway. Gryphon is inside an armored Status Quo and is assaulted by the Masako in FBI SUVs, Bears, Oppressors, and a Tornado.

A AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher with infinite ammunition is provided; using the grenade launcher here can be a challenge due to the delay of firing the grenade and the grenade reaching its destination. Use the assault rifle to gun down any FBIs (shooting the drivers through the windows is the best option) and use the grenade launcher to quickly clear the roadblock.

Rescue Gryphon and get back to the Saints Hideout

After Gryphon's driver is killed, the helicopter circles around the stationary limo a few times; try and kill as many enemies as possible. Eventually, a Tornado shows up and destroy the helicopter, causing it to crash. Head towards the limo and get in a nearby Bear APC (using another vehicle runs the risk of it getting destroyed quickly by a Tornado), wait for Gryphon to get inside, and head to the Saints Hideout.




"Opportunity Knocks" cutscene

Eric Gryphon: "I wanted to talk to the leader of the Saints."
Pierce: "I wanted some Freckle Bitch's and a blowjob, but I've learned to deal with disappointment. Whatchu need from the Saints?"
Eric Gryphon: "I need protection."
Pierce: "That's probably one of the things you should have thought of 'fore you tried to have the boss killed in a church."
Eric Gryphon: "I had nothing to do with that – you really need to separate the man from the company."
Pierce: "I'm just sayin' attempted murder doesn't breed trust."
Eric Gryphon: "We're on the same side."
Pierce: "I ain't gonna lie, I think that's pretty fuckin' unlikely."
Eric Gryphon: "Look, Dex's people are on their way. If I don't get out of here soon, the Masako are gonna kill me."
Pierce: "Dex? Ain't he part of the Ultor family?"
Eric Gryphon: "Families fight."
Pierce: "Yeah, but they don't try to kill each other."
Eric Gryphon: "Tell that to Julius."
Pierce: "You got something on Dex or not?"
Eric Gryphon: "You get me through this alive and you'll find out."


Eric Gryphon: "Dex's team is on the way. Keep them away from me."
The Protagonist: "Just keep driving and we won't have a problem."
Eric Gryphon: "Clear that roadblock!"
Eric Gryphon: "We can't wait any longer - kill them!"
Eric Gryphon: "Did you have to make such a mess?"
The Protagonist: "Quit your bitching, you're still alive, aren't you?"
The Protagonist: "We gotta move fast! I can't get a shot with this shit in the way!"
Eric Gryphon: "It appears I'm going to need a new driver..."
The Protagonist: "That's not good..."
The Protagonist: "This ain't how I pictured my day going!"

"Milestone Goal Failed" cutscene

Dex: "How was your weekend, Eric?"
Eric Gryphon: "Busy. Yours?"
Dex: "Disappointing."
Eric Gryphon: "Get used to it."
Dex: "I'm surprised you didn't call in sick."
Eric Gryphon: "Well. I figure you can't kill me at the office."
Dex: "I'm head of security; I can do whatever I want."
Eric Gryphon: "You're out of your league, Dex."
Dex: "No, you're just out of touch."
Eric Gryphon: "Maybe. See you at the exec meeting."



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