Tower (Diversion)
SRIV map start tower

Saints Row IV

Unlocked after

"The Fundamentals"

  • Activate Tower

Tower is a Diversion in Saints Row IV.


Saints Row IV - Tower description

Tower description

The objective of the Tower is to climb on its top, using Super Jump and Super Sprint, and activate it. There are usually some warp points The Protagonist can activate and teleport there if they have fallen down.


All Towers are marked as Target on the Map. In order to start Diversion, the first warp point must be activated. After this, next warp point is marked on Map. There is a marker at the bottom, which teleports The Protagonist to the highest warp point. After activating all warp points, climb on top of the Tower, and press Action button to activate the Tower. Completing the Tower awards Cache and XP. There are also a lot of Clusters which may be collected to upgrade Super Powers.




  • This diversion can be completed before obtaining Super Powers and without activating the warp points by using a small helicopter such as the Thompson. Clusters located all over the tower can still be collected afterwards.
  • The only tower which doesn't have fixed vehicle spawns nearby is the Stanfield tower. There is a parking lot near the bottom, with many randomly spawning vehicles, but no known unique spawns.


  • Saints Row IV Tower Diversion
  • Saints Row IV Tower Diversion - Activate Tower
  • Saints Row IV Tower Diversion - Activate Tower marker
  • Saints Row IV Tower Diversion - Tower vertical running surface
  • Saints Row IV Tower Diversion - summit


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