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Saints Row 2

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"Appointed Defender"


Tow Truck is a Job Diversion in Saints Row 2

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For the Tow Truck vehicle, see Shaft


Upon entering a Shaft, there is an onscreen prompt to start the Tow Truck Diversion. The concept of towing vehicles is introduced in the mission "Three Kings", which features towing Ramon's vehicle who owes money to Carlos.

In this Diversion, a series of vehicles must be towed to the nearest Car Mechanic location. The owners of the vehicles are always standing nearby and attack when approaching. Cash is awarded based on the damage level of the repossessed car.

Some levels of this Diversion feature gang and law enforcement vehicles, and towing them gives 2-3 units of Notoriety.

The Shaft cannot be repaired, left for more than 30 seconds, or switched to a new Shaft mid-diversion. Forgive and Forget is unavailable and doesn't remove Notoriety.


There are 2 Statistics for this Diversion in the Diversions menu.

  • Vehicles Towed
  • Cash Earned as Tow Truck Driver


Level Cash Distance Time Vehicles Owners Vehicle Notoriety Owner Weapon
1 50 75 90 1 1 Varsity (Beater)[1] 0 Civilian Butterfly Knife
2 100 100 80 1 1 Mockingbird (Beater)[2] 0 Civilian Baseball Bat
3 200 150 70 1 2 Buffalo 1 Civilian None
4 300 200 120 2 1 Tetsuo
T3K Urban
5 400 215 120 2 2 Oring
Baseball Bat
T3K Urban
6 500 245 70 1 2 Ambulance[2] 3 Police Baseball Bat
7 1000 265 80 2 2 Tetsuo
2 Ronin T3K Urban
8 1500 285 80 2 2 Five-O[2]
Police Tombstone
9 2000 300 80 1 4 Compensator 3 Brotherhood T3K Urban
10 2500 325 80 1 3 FBI 3 Police VICE 9


  • Tow Truck unlocked


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Main Article: Tips

  • Exit and move away from the Shaft when being attacked, so that it is not damaged.
  • This Diversion can be started in different areas around Stilwater with different geography, which can make it easier:
    • The Barrio parking garage has target cars which spawn at the very top level, which can be difficult.
    • The Suburbs is the best area to start the Diversion due to less traffic and many roads.
  • Temporarily reducing the game difficulty level greatly helps finishing this Diversion.
  • Prior to starting the diversion, upgrade the Shaft at Rim Jobs to increase performance and durability.
  • Recruit two Homies to have one of them steal the target vehicle and follow Playa to the destination without gaining Notoriety.
  • When towing a vehicle belonging to a rival gang use your phone book to dail 555-SWPD to call for a police car to help distract Ronin, Brotherhood and Samedi gangsters.


  • Killing the owner of the target vehicle was originally intended to fail the Diversion.[4]
  • If the target vehicle is destroyed, the same vehicle spawns in a different location, but with no NPCs guarding it.
  • Target vehicles have more hitpoints than normal and are able to withstand more impact.


  • Tow Truck tutorial
  • Tow Truck unlocked
  • Tow Truck unlock screen

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