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Tornado logo
Tornado - Saints Row IV logo
Tornado - Bling SR2 variant screenshot
The Tornado in Saints Row 2
Tornado - front left on helipad in Saints Row The Third
The Tornado in Saints Row: The Third
Tornado - front right on ground in Saints Row IV
The Tornado in Saints Row IV
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Attack Helicopter[1]



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120 SR2





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Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV


3rd Street Saints.

Law Enforcement

Stilwater Police Department


... and a Better Life SR2


Police Headquarters SR2
Sierra Point SRTT SRIV

Randomly Parked


The Tornado is a vehicle in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[2] and Saints Row IV.


The Tornado is a versatile and manoeuvrable attack helicopter armed with Minigun/Rockets which have infinite ammunition. In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, the primary fire of the Tornado's Minigun/Rockets has to recharge after prolonged use.

The Tornado is quick, agile, and very effective for travel and air combat. As with all helicopters, it can only be stored and retrieved at a Helipad Garage.

It is used by a variety of different gangs and law enforcement agencies through-out the series.

Saints Row 2

The Tornado is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game.

The Tornado makes noticeable appearances in the Stronghold "Humbolt Park Science Museum", and the missions "Assault on Precinct 31", "Salting the Earth...Again", and "... and a Better Life", named in the latter two as an "Ultor attack helicopter". The Tornado is a formidable opponent, able to withstand major damage and return it in equal amounts. Its missile launchers are incredibly powerful, capable of destroying vehicles with one direct hit, and thus capable of instantly killing Playa if they are inside a vehicle. Due to this, the appearance of the Tornado in these missions arguably makes them the hardest missions of the game.

A Tornado is used during the Heli Assault Activity, escorting either Pierce or Shaundi and providing defense against hostile vehicles both on the road and in the air.

In Co-op, when flying with another player in the gunner seat, the pilot loses control of all weapons.

There are 7 variants of the Tornado in Saints Row 2: Beater, Standard, Bling, Ultor, Assault, Police and Ronin.


A Tornado sometimes spawns on the helipad on the roof of the Police Headquarters. There are three random variants: Beater (40%), Standard (50%), Bling (10%). It comes in random colors like green, white, yellow, grey and more. There is an automatic 5 star Notoriety level after taking it, but this is the easiest way to obtain a Tornado, and is available from the beginning of the game.

A good strategy for forcing a Tornado to spawn is to enter the Police Headquarters and listen to all the wiretaps and obtain Dex's phone number. Without calling Dex, immediately vacate the headquarters through the heliport exit, and check the helipad for a Tornado. In the event that this does not work, reload an earlier save and try again.


Tornado - Assault SR2 variant screenshot

Tornado - Assault in Saints Row 2

A plain black Tornado is unlocked in the garage after finishing the Ultor epilogue missions.


Tornado - Ronin SR2 variant screenshot

Tornado - Ronin in Saints Row 2

There are 2 types of Ronin Tornado:

  1. A glossy yellow one with a tinted front window.
  2. A matte yellow one with a tinted front window.

Both are distinguished from other Tornados by their tinted front window.


Amberbrook Museum Pier Stronghold (Co-op only)

  1. The host must go to the Cycles dealership parking lot and stand on the yellow parking curbs.
  2. The guest must kill the first group of enemies and proceeds to the next area.
  3. When the next group of enemies spawns at the top of the mountain, the Tornado spawns in the Cycles parking lot.
  4. The host must quickly get in the Tornado and get away from the Ronin.

It is not possible to enter this Tornado after parachuting onto it.


Tornado - Ultor SR2 variant screenshot

Tornado - Ultor in Saints Row 2

Ultor use a Tornado at level 3 (when using an aircraft) and 4-5 Notoriety. The Ultor Tornado cannot pursue Playa above a certain height; at that height, the Ultor Tornado flies away and Police Tornado takes over the chase.

During the final mission, "... and a Better Life", Playa uses an Ultor Tornado to enter the Phillips Building, while the Masako chase in another Tornado.

It can obtained during the first time playing the mission, or in a mission replay by starting a replay while inside a replay and exiting while in the Tornado.

During the extra mission, "Revelation", a Tornado spawns after the first checkpoint, and lands in one of several locations, and can then be kept by the same methods.


Tornado - Police SR2 variant screenshot

Tornado - Police in Saints Row 2

SWAT Teams use a custom paint job Tornado to attack Playa. It is only used at level 4 or 5 Notoriety.

  1. At 5 Star Notoriety with a SWAT Tornado present, get in any helicopter and fly as high as possible.
  2. Wait until the Tornado below remains still.
  3. Dive out deploy Parachute.
  4. While slowing as much as possible, land on the Tornado's fuselage.[3]
  5. Press the "Enter Vehicle" button to warp inside the Tornado.


  1. Start the mission "Jail Bait".
  2. Destroy the first three buses, and then, head to the airport. Don't answer the cellphone.
  3. Grab any Helicopter that spawns at the Airport, and fly it to the prison island.
  4. Land the helicopter on the right side of the Helipad that is on the island, and answer the cellphone. When it says to destroy the boats, a S.W.A.T tornado spawns on the helipad.
  5. Enter it and quit the mission.

Saints Row: The Third

Tornado in Saints Row The Third Syndication Trailer

A SWAT Tornado in the Saints Row: The Third "Syndication" trailer, with 'Steelport' text on the tail.

The Saints Row: The Third Tornado first appeared in the "Syndication" trailer, which showcases part of the first mission in the game; where Playa, Johnny Gat, Shaundi and Josh Birk attempt to rob a bank belonging to the Syndicate.[2]

In Saints Row: The Third, there are 5 variants of the Tornado: Assault, Police, NG, Saints and Morningstar.

In terms of appearance, it's the same model from Saints Row 2, with the exception of the rocket pods, which are slightly more rectangular in shape. The machine gun has a higher rate of fire and the guided missiles are of a lower rate of fire than the Saints Row 2 version.


Tornado - in Saints Row The Third garage

Dark Tornado

The Tornado is jet black/dark blue in colour.



Tornado - Saints variant - right on helipad in Saints Row The Third

Saints Tornado

This Tornado is a glossy purple with white trim on the exhaust vents.



Morningstar Tornado

Morningstar Tornado

This Tornado is dark red with black tinted windows.



Tornado - Police variant - front right parked in Saints Row The Third

SWAT Tornado

The Tornado is blue with SWAT decals.


  • Used at level 4 police notoriety and can be obtained with the RC Possessor. SWAT do not use the Tornado when STAG is in the city.[5]


SNG Tornado

SNG Tornado

The NG variant comes in a tan color and with appropriate marking decals. It has the words "Sgt. Maj Masako" written next to the cockpit.


  • Parked on the helipad on top of the main building in the Sierra Point island military base. Stealing it gives an automatic level 4 police Notoriety.

Saints Row IV

In Saints Row IV, there are 5 variants of the Tornado: Assault, Police, NG, Saints and Morningstar.


  • Front right
  • Rear left

The Tornado is Matte Jet Black and Galactic Dove Gray in colour.


  • In the Co-op diversion Cat & Mouse.
  • On top of a building west of the Tower in Loren Square, in approximately the same location as in Saints Row: The Third.


  • Front right
  • Rear left

The NG variant comes in a tan color and with appropriate marking decals. It has the words "Sgt. Maj Masako" written next to the cockpit.



  • Front right
  • Rear left

The Tornado is blue with SWAT decals.


  • Featured as a target during Activities Mayhem, Mech Suit Mayhem, Tank Mayhem, and UFO Mayhem. To obtain one, start Mayhem in Brickston, Stanfield, go south to the highest building, get on the top of it and look northwest where the SWAT Tornado spawns and after the SWAT Tornado appears to fly north and a little bit west, lure the SWAT Tornado to the north and a little bit west of Brickston where the Mayhem activity starts, but don't destroy the helicopter. Land on the activity start, look at the Map and wait until the position of the Tornado that is displayed on the Map has reached to the north and a little bit west, then exit the activity. After exiting the activity, call the Stored Vehicle Delivery, select Void and follow them north and a little bit west to the front of Kinzie's Warehouse before it disappears. When you are next to the SWAT Tornado, exit the Void, then you are at the top of the Void. Now jump off from the top of the Void and use the Telekinesis to grab the SWAT Tornado and land on the ground with the helicopter, then switch to another Power to drop it on the ground. Press "Enter Vehicle" button to enter it and save it to the Garage. The SWAT Tornado is yours.


  • Front right
  • Rear left

The 3rd Street Saints variant is parked on helipad in Sierra Point during the mission "We have the Technology" and is used by Johnny Gat. It is unavailable outside of that mission.


  • Front right
  • Rear left

This Tornado is dark red with black tinted windows. It cannot be obtained without modifying the game files.


In Saints Row 2, AI-controlled Tornados seldom use their missiles. Following a patch, both police and Ultor Tornados use missiles every ten or so seconds, making them a nuisance at times as these missiles can destroy a vehicle in one hit. The missions "Assault on Precinct 31", "Picking a Fight", "Salting the Earth...Again", and "Revelation" rise substantially in difficulty because of this.

V-Singular, the Community Manager for Volition, Inc., justified this, saying "Helicopters shooting missiles was how the game was supposed to be upon ship and it was actually a bug that caused them not to."[6]


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #713.
  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row: The Third is "givetornado".
  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row IV.
  • It resembles the Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter. Like the real life version, the pilot is located in the rear and the gunner in the front.
  • The Saints Row: The Third version is different than the Saints Row 2 version. While the Saints Row 2 version look almost exactly like the real life AH-1Z Viper, the Saints Row: The Third version has many features from the much earlier AH-1W version, including the shorter stubbier wings and the vertical rectangular exhaust covering, Saints Row 2 features the AH-1Z horizontal oval version. Saints Row 2's turbine intakes looks more like that of the CH-47 Chinook, while Saints Row: The Third version look totally new and different than any version of the Cobra.
  • The words "Sgt. Maj Masako" next to the cockpit is a reference to Colonel Masako from Red Faction.
  • In the "Syndication" Trailer the Tornado has 'STEELPORT' written on its tail, although it is in Stilwater.[7]
  • In Saints Row 2 the Tornado's wings can be shot off with the McManus 2010.
  • Some Tornados in Saints Row 2 have extra fuel-tanks on their wings, but keep flying with the wings torn off.


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