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Tomes, AKA "Audio Tomes"[1], are Collectibles in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


There are 64 Audio Tomes in total

  • 39 Satan Tomes
  • 5 Dane Tomes
  • 5 Vlad Tomes
  • 5 Dewynter Sister Tomes
  • 5 Blackbeard Tomes
  • 5 Shakespeare Tomes
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Location Name Quote
Satan 1
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 1: The Damned. Welcome to Hell oh ye of questionable morality. Who you were on Earth no longer matters. When you arrive here everyone from the mightiest crime lord to the elderly gentlemen who takes pens from banks begin the same way: as wretched ghouls wandering the streets. As a shadow of a man, you are stripped of your sins, and condemned to a meaningless existence... eternal playthings for a demonic host who is all too eager to ply its trade.
DSOG Tome The Damned
— Satan Tome 1

Satan 2
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 2: Promotion. You can never dash dreams without hope to build them in the first place. Which is why I offer you a way out of the simple life of a husk. When a soul is deemed worthy he is given a demon body, a gun, and an incredible sense of pride. Naturally after years of torment from the demonic horde, they are all to eager to be on the other end of punishment... they become the personification of cruelty and ruthlessness: as I intended..
DSOG Tome Promotions
— Satan Tome 2

Six Points Satan 3 - Economy
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 3: Economics. The currency of Hell is comprised of forged sins. Every piece of pocket change is actually thoughts of adultery, murder, and gluttony.
DSOG Tome Economy
— Satan Tome 3

Satan 4
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 4: Keeping Your City Clean. As is imaginable after an influx of souls from an exploding earth, some souls slip through the cracks. These unrefined souls litter our fair city and could be a quick source of upward mobility to an individual who finds as many as they can. While the promise of economic mobility seems promising and not "hell like", naturally such prizes are highly contested and are the source of many conflicts.
DSOG Tome Soul Clusters
— Satan Tome 4

Satan 5
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 5: On Hording Sins. Some of the more frugal of the Damned take all of their worldly possessions with them when they travel, fearful of leaving things behind where they can be taken. Naturally I've made it incredibly easy for you to spot those individuals so you may mug them and capture the sins for yourself.
DSOG Tome Sin Orbs
— Satan Tome 5

Debtors Den Satan 6 - Soul Drain
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 6: Soul Drains. Runaway sins are attracted to these drains so that every unclaimed penny can fill my coffers. I also enjoy dancing shows and found the name ironic.
DSOG Tome Soul Drain
— Satan Tome 6

Satan 7
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 7: The Day To Day. Every day will be terrible.
DSOG Tome Grindstone
— Satan Tome 7

Dragonbone Satan 8 - Archdukes
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 8: The Archdukes. Every Marshalling Ground is overseen by one of my Archdukes... the fiercest men and women of my army.
DSOG Tome Archdukes
— Satan Tome 8

Satan 9
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 9: The Coming War. The time is coming when the Heavenly Host and the Demonic Horde will have their final battle. And while I will personally deal with my father, Hell needs a general that will lead us to victory. Vlad was found wanting... I have my sights on another...
DSOG Tome Invasion
— Satan Tome 9

Satan 10
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 10: The Pit of the First. The center of New Hades is where I made my decent from heaven. As I crashed into hades I fractured the land into the five islands that now spread before you. As you pass the pit of the first it is customary, though not required, to bow your head in reverence.
DSOG Tome PitoftheFirst
— Satan Tome 10

Satan 11
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 11: Eternal Suffering. Often the first instinct a newly damned soul has is to kill himself, hoping that it all gets sorted out the second time around. Well... that's a mistake. The soul explodes into a thousand pieces, and slowly, and painfully, reforms over the next 100 years. So the next time you see one of those spineless souls running for cover, you'll have a better idea as to why. Why didn't I lead with that tidbit? To punish those who think they can survive without heeding all my words.
DSOG Tome Eternal Suffering
— Satan Tome 11

Satan 12
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 12: The Barrens. Once a lovely location for bacchanals and ritualistic murders, The Heavenly Host laid waste to the Barrens in the last war between Heaven and Hell. I have forbidden rebuilding the Barrens so it serves as a reminder for what we lost... only after I lay siege to Heaven will I allow it to return to it's former glory.
DSOG Tome Barrens
— Satan Tome 12

Lost Wages Satan 13 - Entertainment District
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 13: The Den of Eternal Suffering. Don't let the official name scare you, this is wonderful location serves as our entertainment district. Take in one Shakespeare's passion plays, enjoy a septepal-way, or maybe just settle down for a sinfully perfect hot coco. Here you can find it all. Yes, these delights are oppressively expensive but is it really that different from San Francisco?
DSOG Tome Entertainment District
— Satan Tome 13

Ultor Satan 14 - Ultor
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 14: The Ultor Corporation. Dane Vogel is an example for what the best of you can become... a businessman who serves as my thrall. This mega corporation exists at my leisure... and assuming it continues to serve my interests, I will allow it to persist.
DSOG Tome Ultor
— Satan Tome 14

Satan 15
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 15: The Powerful. You'll notice a few souls that don't look like the others. These damned citizens have paid enough wages of sin as tithes to transform their appearance into one reminiscent of their former life.
DSOG Tome ThePowerful
— Satan Tome 15

Satan 16
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 16. Shantytown. Unless you are particularly enterprising, or have powerful friends, you will ultimately find yourself in Shantytown. It's crowded, oppressive, and your neighbors will likely try to murder you to steal whatever paltry wealth you've amassed. Enjoy your eternity.
DSOG Tome Shantytown
— Satan Tome 16

Satan 17
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 17: The Battle Grounds. This graveyard is where dead of the previous war on heaven were buried. Here it is rumored that demons and angels alike haunt this place to this very day.
DSOG Tome Battle Grounds
— Satan Tome 17

Satan 18
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 18: Dimensional Communications. There are many ways to sow horror on the mortal plane. While haunted VHS tapes have fallen out of vogue, there are stiill a multitude of ways for our demons to communicate with, and torment your loved ones.
DSOG Tome Dimensional Communication
— Satan Tome 18

Satan 19
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 19: Downtown. The DeWynter Sisters have revitalized downtown to make it the destination for high end debauchery.
DSOG Tome Downtown
— Satan Tome 19

Satan 20
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 20: The Flotsam of Hell. Newer souls often marvel at the floating islands that surround Hades. The reality is that those islands are not rock at all, but fossilized remains of the beasts of babylon... winged creatures that once served me, but in their hubris dared to believe they could overthrow me. As punishment for their mutiny I encased them in stone where they flew. To this day their blood still rains down, burning the pitiful souls that walk below.
DSOG Tome Floating Islands
— Satan Tome 20

Satan 21
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 21: Transportation. The price of vehicles in hell often bar all but the most enterprising souls to acquire one. Yes they are often stolen. Yes they have a tendency to spontaneously combust. But the thrill of driving with the windows rolled down even for a day can be worth the decades it takes to afford a new one. Oh, and we also don't offer insurance.
DSOG Tome Transportation
— Satan Tome 21

Spirit Bilge Satan 22 - Spires
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 22: The Spires. Our aerial defenses are a precious commodity and are only to be deployed upon angelic threat.
DSOG Tome Spires
— Satan Tome 22

Satan 23
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 23: Sinterpol. This privatized militia is one of two primary peace keeper groups in Hell. Obey them and they may only beat you within an inch of your life.
DSOG Tome Sinterpol
— Satan Tome 23

Stained Land Satan 24 - Cathedral
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 24: The Black Cathedral. When I was first cast into perdition my father built this chapel as an opportunity for me to repent. I leave it standing to remind him that I defy him not out of anger, but out of will. I will never bow to God again.
DSOG Tome Cathedral
— Satan Tome 24

Satan 25
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 25. The Forge. For the time being, mineral rights in hell have been granted to the Ultor Corpation, and the Forge is where they mine and process the materials that are used to build the very foundations of hell.
DSOG Tome Forge
— Satan Tome 25

The Fallen One Satan 26 - Old Hades
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 26. Old Hades. When Father cast me out of Heaven he intended Hades to be a pleasant "time out" space. But my fall shattered his gilded cage and my anger twisted Hell into the world that now spreads before you.
DSOG Tome Old Hades
— Satan Tome 26

Tenth Circle Penitentiary Satan 27 - Judgment
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 27: Judgment. The destruction of Earth has created a massive influx of souls... however, where as Hell had infrastructure in place to process the souls quickly Heaven languished under Saint Peter's watchful eye. Even now, Saint Peter is only finally processing the last batch of humanity... when the war comes we will be ready, and God will scramble to keep up.
DSOG Tome Judgment
— Satan Tome 27

Satan 28
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 28. First Aid. Periodically you may get injured and seek first aid. You may find this to be problematic as ambulances in hell get paid a premium to run people over instead of helping them.
DSOG Tome Rambulance
— Satan Tome 28

Satan 29
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 29. The Marshalling Grounds. A marvel of occult engineering, the Marshalling grounds allow my armies to travel effortlessly across hell. Developing the teleportation magic was not without it's incidents however... few can forget the screams of Trinket the bear when he was marched forward to be the first test subject...
DSOG Tome Marshaling Grounds
— Satan Tome 29

Debtors Den Satan 30 - Satan's Halo
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 30. The Halo. Forged by God himself, my Halo was a repository of great power. I spent millennia harnessing it's might, and even then I barely scratched the surface of what it was capable of.
DSOG Tome Satans Halo
— Satan Tome 30

Satan 31
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 32. Interlude. I hope you enjoyed chapter 31's step by step instructions on how to sneak your way into heaven.
DSOG Tome Satan Fuel
— Satan Tome 31

Endless Alley Satan 32 - Seven Deadly Sins
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 33. The Deadly Sins. No longer just delightful past times, Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Greed and Sloth have become personfied in the form of weapons. Only the most deserving wretched soul will be blessed with one of these treasured artifacts..
DSOG Tome Seven Deadly
— Satan Tome 32

The Fallen One Satan 33 - River Styx
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 34. The River Styx. The River Styx surrounds New Hades providing warmth and light. I recommend every soul to go for a swim in the river at least once... it's quite the experience...
DSOG Tome River Styx
— Satan Tome 33

Satan 34
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 35. The Grunts. Proof that upward mobility exists, the souls selected to be grunts of my army enjoy delights husks could only dream of.
DSOG Tome Demon Grunts
— Satan Tome 34

Satan 35
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 36. The Dark Inciters. These elder demons direct the lesser denizens of hell, summoning them to die on their behalf. It is never wise to incur their wrath.
DSOG Tome Dark Inciters
— Satan Tome 35

Satan 36
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 37. Plague Bearers. The men are just grunts with bigger weapons and a fancier title, but hey it keeps the people happy.
DSOG Tome Grenadiers
— Satan Tome 36

Teetering Hope Satan 37 - Imps
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 38. Imps. Little bundles of pure sin, these adorable mischief makers serve as perfect pets or slave labor.
DSOG Tome Imps
— Satan Tome 37

Satan 38
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 39. Legionnaires. Second only to the Arch-Dukes, the Legionnaires purposefully wear less armor so that they may embrace every aspect of pain on the battlefield.
DSOG Tome Legionnaire
— Satan Tome 38

Satan 39
A Damned Souls Orientation Guide: Chapter 40. Shadow Demons. Relentless assassins, the Shadow Demon's teleport from rooftop to rooftop, ensuring that there is no place to run to in hell.
DSOG Tome Shadow Demon
— Satan Tome 39

Vlad 1
When I arrived to hell my reputation preceded me and Satan was quick to court my aid. He promised me a new body, a fiefdom, and a castle in exchange for loyalty...I happily agreed. I trained his army, maintained the peace, and ferretted out Satan's enemies... but all of my loyalty meant nothing when I committed the unforgiveable sin of failure.
Vlad Tome 1
— Vlad Tome 1

Vlad 2
I lead Hell's army in the last war... I warned Satan that we didn't have the forces for a prolonged conflict but Satan demanded action. Ever the soldier, I obeyed... but despite my best efforts the angelic host decimated my forces, just as I said they would. Satan was outraged and blamed me for his poor judgment, and sentenced me to eternal torture...
Vlad Tome 2
— Vlad Tome 2

Vlad 3
I tried to escape that insidious prison time and time again... but it was useless. The wheels on the bus kept going round and round.... Round and round... round and round...
Vlad Tome 3
— Vlad Tome 3

Vlad 4
Returning home was not the experience I had hoped it to be. It was desecrated by lost souls that thought it would be "fun" to throw events on my property while I was away... I hope the "beer pong" games were worth it to them... because when I find them they will all beg for the mercy I will never give.
Vlad Tome 4
— Vlad Tome 4

Vlad 5
The fiefdom I control has since fallen into disrepair since my incarceration, but the land and all the souls that reside there are still my responsibility. My subjects will at first be loyal out of fear... but after they obey, they will see that I can be a magnanimous ruler and their lives will be better for my involvement.
Vlad Tome 5
— Vlad Tome 5

Blackbeard 1
The Barrens were the only place desolate enough to allow me to build the Queen Anne's Revenge in peace... before I discovered the Barrens all of my efforts would be overrun by people looking to cause me harm, but here: the energy it would require to ruin my day wasn't worth the wasteland they would have to traverse.
Blackbeard Tome 1
— Blackbeard Tome 1

Blackbeard 2
Being a pirate with no water to sail on is like... being a pirate with no water to sail on. I tried to build a craft that could weather the lava, but each time the craft and crew would erupt in flames. That's why today The Queen Anne's Revenge sails on thermal currents and arcane magic... yes, the arcane magic is doing the heavy lifting but I'd like to believe the sails are still doing something...
Blackbeard Tome 2
— Blackbeard Tome 2

Blackbeard 3
The Barrens are as good a home as any a pirate could ask for. It's remote, devoid of people, and perilous to get to. Here I can live as a pirate king for the rest of my eternal days.
Blackbeard Tome 3
— Blackbeard Tome 3

Blackbeard 4
Robbing galleons and avoiding the crown was a thrill, but it's nothing compared to robbing the denizens of Hell. Life without adventure is no life I'm fit to live. Here the stakes are beyond simple life or death... Hell is where I'm meant to be.
Blackbeard Tome 4
— Blackbeard Tome 4

Blackbeard 5
I don't know who placed those Glyphs that lead to treasure, nor do I care... the chase is all that matters. Some may question why I would bother revealing the location of missing treasure when I could find it myself, but the answer is simple. Competition. With no one else looking for the treasure there is no incentive for me to find it over robbing other demons... without another to race to find the prize, those chests just sit there dormant, and treasure is meant to found.
Blackbeard Tome 5
— Blackbeard Tome 5

Dane 1
Everyone's chasing the Stygian dream down here... a way to make hell just a little more tolerable... and when you're surrounded with that amount of desperation, believe me, it's easy to find people who'll lay it all on line for next to nothing. Some folks think I had all this handed to me and I take advantage of people, but here's the god's honest truth: in life and in death I worked for everything that I had. Opportunities mean fuck all if you do nothing with them. Most of these poor bastards down here whine about their lot in life, but are unwilling to do anything about it. That's not me.
Dane Tome 1
— Dane Tome 1

Dane 2
"Know your limits". It was the best piece of advice my father gave me and I ignored it because I was a fucking idiot. I was the director of special projects for Ultor and I pissed it all away because my ambition got the better of me. The reality is that I'm a kingmaker, not a king. I'm not going to make that same mistake twice.
Dane Tome 2
— Dane Tome 2

Dane 3
I'd be a liar if I didn't say I got a little pissed when the would-be president shot in me in the face. But after a couple years of reflection I realized something: they had the same look in their eyes that I have. They were driven. And when I realized that, I knew I wanted to prepare for the moment they would come down to Hell, because on that day I wanted to be standing with the Saints.
Dane Tome 3
— Dane Tome 3

Dane 4
I knew that when the leader of the Saints came down here he wasn't going to be interested in hearing what I had to say unless I had a pretty fucking big peace offering. The perfect opportunity came after Blackbeard robbed Satan's Palace and stole Lucifer's Halo. Blackbeard knew that he had to unload it fast before Sinterpol raided the barren's and so he was willing to put a price on an otherwise priceless artifact. It cost me a fortune but it was worth it. Satan would never suspect that I had it, and I could bide my time until the leader of the saints was hell bound. My plan was solid, but not even I could predict a shotgun wedding.
Dane Tome 4
— Dane Tome 4

Dane 5
Satan forcing Jezebel to marry The President definitely put a wrinkle in things. For one I wasn't sure if Johnny was going to let me explain the situation before he killed me... For another I was entrusting the most powerful artifact in the world to someone who had worse impulse control than teens on prom night.
Dane Tome 5
— Dane Tome 5

Shakespeare 1
I was never destined for obscurity, but no theater company would even entertain the idea of putting on my works, preferring to read plays written by lesser men. To them I was a laughing stock. A fool who only wrote base comedies. I was willing to give anything to have my works be given the credit they were due. Some may question if selling my soul was worth it... obviously those people never met Marlowe.
Shakespeare Tome 1
— Shakespeare Tome 1

Shakespeare 2
The passion plays I wrote for Satan were simple and formulaic. The context didn't matter so much as ensuring that the action was consistent and exciting. He didn't see those plays for the plot. He saw them for the spectacle of murder. That being said, the comedy about Iago and Aaron the Moor as roommates was a real hoot.
Shakespeare Tome 2
— Shakespeare Tome 2

Shakespeare 3
Jezebel. My pupil. My muse. A demon with the voice of an Angel. Oft would I sneak into her room to read scenes and wear funny hats. She would write these plays... these terrible, terrible plays. But the subject matter was happy and hope-filled, and that was enough for me. I was a fool to think that those times could have lasted.
Shakespeare Tome 3
— Shakespeare Tome 3

Shakespeare 4
When I left the palace my name carried much weight, but I knew it wouldn't for long if I didn't keep myself relevant. I spread rumors that the reason I was cast out by Satan was that my ambition rivaled his own... soon demons would come to me in secret, asking what I had planned. I adopted a persona, speaking grandly in the third person to make me larger than life... In a matter of time my cult of personality transformed into a criminal empire... The Tragedies.
Shakespeare Tome 4
— Shakespeare Tome 4

Shakespeare 5
Today my reach is great. My minions have infiltrated almost every aspect of hell... the army, the brothels, even Dane's so-called "secret" Taco's[sic] Malos branches... no secrets are hidden from me. Your lover. Your father. Your brother in arms. Anyone could be working for me.
Shakespeare Tome 5
— Shakespeare Tome 5

DeWynters 1
KiKi: "Downtown looked like a shit hole when I first got here."
Viola: "In all fairness, you were in hell."
KiKi: "True. But where others saw a status quo, I saw opportunity. I knew that if I wanted to revitalize Downtown I would need clout and capital... I just needed to find the right business venture to get started. I looked at the market and saw that Sinterpol was the only game in town for defense and law enforcement, and knew I could create a powerful alternative. Soon, Cerberus Security was founded."
DeWynters Tome 1
— DeWynters Tome 1
DeWynters 2
KiKi: "Viola and I always did everything together..."
Viola: "Played together..."
KiKi: "Went to college together..."
Viola: "travelled together..."
KiKi: "Formed a criminal empire together..."
Viola: "I always thought that we would die together."
KiKi: "Sorry V, beat you to the punch on that one."
Viola: "After you died all I had was revenge. I never thought that I'd... Feel whole again?"
KiKi: "Yeah."
Viola: "I love you sis."
KiKi: "Me you too."
DeWynters Tome 2
— DeWynters Tome 2
DeWynters 3
Viola: "By the time I showed up in hell Cerberus and Sinterpol were locked in a bitter fight for dominance of the marketplace."
KiKi: "We never would have pulled ahead if it weren't for you. You would have pulled it out."
Viola: "I'm not so sure - the strategy you put together was brilliant on both the martial and marketing side. I'm good at getting things started, but you were the one who always put the exclamation point on a plan. With us reunited, It was only a matter of time before we were on top of the world."
DeWynters Tome 3
— DeWynters Tome 3
DeWynters 4
KiKi: "Revitalizing Downtown wasn't about profit."
Viola: "It was kinda about profit."
KiKi: "A little bit."
Viola: "Like 50%."
KiKi: "The point is that it was also about making an impact. An eternity is a long time and we both wanted to carve out something beautiful in this terrible place."
Viola: "Like Dane says: "Hells what you make it.""
DeWynters Tome 4
— DeWynters Tome 4
DeWynters 5
KiKi: "Things were going perfectly. Downtown was rebuilt in our image. The money was rolling in. We had an amazing penthouse..."
Viola: "But then something happened - Sinterpol, who was long since relegated to obscurity, came back with a vengeance."
KiKi: "They had new gear, new weapons, and new purpose: destroy Cerberus."
Viola: "Someone is funding them...and we're going to find out who."
DeWynters Tome 5
— DeWynters Tome 5


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