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Tobias is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[5]

Does it look I'm joking?
— Tobias[6]


Tobias' attire consists of only trousers - he never wears a shirt or shoes. He has reddish-brown hair, styled as dreadlocks. His voice is somewhat dreary and monotone, lacking emotion. In Saints Row 2, his body is noticeably more toned, and he has two tattoos; one on the left side of his chest, and another on his neck, bearing the name of his wife Laura. Although Tobias usually keeps a cool temper, he gets very angry when he's betrayed, furiously shooting his associate's corpse while shouting profanities for stealing his drugs.[7]


Saints Row[]

Tobias is the client in the Factories District Drug Trafficking Activity in Saints Row. When Playa first meets him, Tobias had a "business disagreement" with his associate, Billy, who helped him with the deals, and is shooting his body senselessly whilst yelling obscenities. It turns out that Billy had been stealing his drug supply. Playa takes the place of Tobias' associate, and the two drive around the Factories District trafficking drugs, all the while clashing with Los Carnales gang and police officers.[8]

— Tobias kills Billy in his first appearance in Saints Row

Saints Row 2[]

Between Saints Row and Saints Row 2, Tobias and fellow drug trafficker Laura get married. Laura is incarcerated at Stilwater Penitentiary until Playa rescues her.[1] Tobias later reveals himself as a helicopter pilot, and offers his services to Playa, ferrying Playa as he destroys a Sons of Samedi drug farm at Stilwater University.[9] After Playa assassinates Dane Vogel, Tobias arrives at the end of the game to pick up Pierce, Shaundi and Playa from the helipad on the Phillips Building.[10] The helicopter flies towards the horizon of Stilwater as the credits roll.

Gat out of Hell[]

While Laura was accepted into Heaven by God, Tobias instead has been cast down to Hell for his previous drug-running activities, doomed to eternal torment as a husk. While Tobias is initially accepting of his fate, he yearns for a chance for reuniting with Laura, and ends up as a client for Legal Lee in hopes of facilitating his reunion.[5]

Tobias is the playable character in the Easy instance of Torment Fraud.


  • He has a cousin called Richie who traffics drugs around the Airport District.[11]
  • His helicopter pilot helmet has a large marijuana leaf painted on the front of it.
  • Tobias' voice actor is Brandon Keener, who is well known for his work in the Mass Effect franchise as Garrus Vakarian.
  • In the extras and bonus section of the Saints Row: The Third Prima Guide, it is revealed that Tobias and Laura were to be killed in one of the original plans for The Syndicate's attack on Stilwater, which involved the destruction of the city during a Saints-themed convention called Saints Con.[12]
  • When called as a Homie, Tobias has a 50% chance of wearing his helicopter helmet.


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