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  • 1st of August: Magarac Centennial Highway dedication.[4]


  • Stilwater builds a new sewer system.[5]


  • An earthquake strikes Stilwater and drops part of the city below sea level.[6]





  • Stilwater Power begins operation.[12]


  • Stilwater is voted "Most Family-Friendly" City.[13]




  • Murderbrawl XIII takes place in Mexico, 18 years before Murderbrawl XXXI.[16]





  • Aisha releases new single.[9][10]
  • On the 3rd of February, the "Stilwater Tribute" newspaper has an article about Aisha.[9][10]



  • On the 3rd of September, the Sunday edition of the "Stilwater Tribute" newspaper has an article about an undercover cop.[9][21]








  • On the 10th of June, the Zin begin attacking Earth.[36]


  • On the 20th of August, the "Fuck Cancer" and "Let Them Eat Cake" bills are created.[37]



  • On the 31st of December, Clawz launches the next phrase of his attack on planet Earth.[40]











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