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Tidal Spring Apartments
Tidal Spring Apartments stronghold
"Tidal Spring Apartments" loading screen
Story arc

Westside Rollerz

Unlocked after

"One Step Ahead"


Marked: ?. Minimum kills: ?

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Pleasant View Storage Copperton Receiving Station

"Tidal Spring Apartments" is a Stronghold in Saints Row.

Some of the Rollerz have a court date coming up, and Sharp is throwing paper and pussy at the jury to get them off. Go to the apartment building they're sequestered at and dismiss some jurors.
Tidal Spring Apartments intro
Julius Little to The Protagonist, in a phone call after starting the Stronghold.


Julius Little phones The Protagonist and briefs them on killing some corrupt jurors that are being bribed by William Sharp to go easy on some Westside Rollerz gang members that are under conviction.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Using his connections before his death, Sharp was able to pay off the jury for a trial concerning several Rollerz. Not wanting to let the Rollerz get off, Julius sent you to the apartment complex the jury was sequestered at so you could dismiss them.


Kill all the jurors that the Rollerz are protecting.

There are five different jurors to kill in two different apartment blocks; one apartment block has three jurors in while the other has two. While the jurors themselves don't provide any kind of challenge, there is heavy resistance from defending Westside Rollerz.

Killing any two of the five jurors, triggers five units of Notoriety, and SWAT units are dispatched, providing a greater challenge than the Westside Rollerz.


  • Tidal Spring neighborhood unlocked


  • Outside of this mission, FBI spawn at level five Notoriety, rather than SWAT as in this Stronghold.
  • Killing SWAT teams is a great way to gain easy AR-40 Xtnd assault rifle ammunition, which otherwise cost $2,500 cash per 80 rounds at a Friendly Fire.
  • Outside the Stronghold it is impossible to enter the apartments.
  • The apartment complex still exists in Saints Row 2.


  • Two Westside Rollerz gang members and two hookers in the introduction to the Stronghold
  • One of the apartment buildings the Stronghold takes place in
  • Tidal Spring Apartments 'Stronghold Completed' screen


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